Sep 142013
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Is there a perfect age to try lucid dreaming?  Will it be easier or harder during certain times in your life?  The answers to these questions can be simple of complicated, depending on how much information you are looking for.  The easiest answer is that lucid dreaming is possible and exciting at any age.  Most anyone can benefit from the potential of lucid dreams to help you solve problems, reduce anxiety, and have adventures.  And also, most anyone can learn to have lucid dreams.  But there are some subtle differences in the ease of learning lucid dreaming, for example:

1. Our overall number of dreams, aside from any influence of medications or diet, is higher when we are younger because we have more REM sleep when we are younger.  So for overall number of dreams where lucid dreaming will be impossible, younger people may have an advantage.

2. Despite #1, as we get older the themes in our dreams get deeper and often coalesce, so it may be easier to know what recurring dreams can become lucid dreaming triggers, and there may be more opportunity within the dream for lucid dreaming states to enter.

3. We also may get better at remembering our dreams as we get older, or at the very least we get better at focusing our efforts on remembering our dreams the longer we are at it.  In this way, our ability to remember our lucid dreams may improve as we age, even if we are having fewer dreams overall.

4. Our motivation to enter the world of lucid dreaming may also go up as we age.  We may want to work more deeply on issues we are experiencing, or we may want to consolidate life experiences.  Our motivation to overcome challenges generally increases.  So while a younger person may enjoy the adventure of lucid dreaming, and older person may have more uses for the skill.

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