Jan 022014
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As of this writing we have just passed from year 2013 to year 2014, and many of you likely made New Year’s resolutions.  We wanted to suggest some resolutions that relate to lucid dreaming and learning how to have lucid dreams.  In some ways these resolutions are simple, bust the could in themselves be effective lucid dreaming techniques.  So here goes:

1. Resolve in the coming year to double or triple the number of times you do reality checks during the day, asking yourself “am I dreaming”.  This is of course the most basic and simple yet effective lucid dreaming technique there is.  And the payoff as far as more frequent lucid dreams is often related to the amount of times it is used.  So if your resolution is to increase the number of times you check in, the result could be that you check in during an actual dream – a suddenly lucid dream – more frequently as well.

2. Resolve to try new lucid dreaming techniques no matter what your success with the lucid dreaming techniques you use now.  In particular, look into dream-induced lucid dreaming techniques if you use wake-induced techniques now.  Or use a different induction techniques such as lucid dreaming music or binaural beats.  The more lucid dreaming techniques you are good at, the more likely you are to avoid dips or plateaus in your journey.

3. Resolve to spread the word about lucid dreaming to friends and family who you feel will be open to it and maybe even who want to learn how to have lucid dreams themselves.  Having a network of people who will all provide each other motivation and support can help especially when you enter a rut.  And just think about how wonderful it will be to help someone else learn how to have lucid dreams.  It will be mutually beneficial and quite motivating.

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