5-HTP for Lucid Dreaming

5-HTP and Lucid Dreaming: Powerful Connection

5-HTP for lucid dreaming can be a safe and natural approach.  This supplement is a natural home remedy that is often taken by people who want to reduce depression or anxiety or lose weight.  It is quite popular, therefore, and it’s not surprising that people have reported other effects as well.  In this case we focus on an the 5-HTP lucid dreaming connection, since it seems to promote more vivid dreams, a longer REM cycle, and a greater ability to remember each dream.  As with most lucid dreaming supplements, none of this necessarily directly leads to lucid dreams, but all of these do increase the likelihood of achieving dream control.  Can this one be your best lucid dream supplement?  It may be worth a try.

5-HTP and Lucid Dreaming Overview

5-HTP’s longer name is 5-Hydroxytryptophan.  It is derived from the seeds of a tree called Griffonia simplicifolia that most commonly grows in Africa.  The active ingredient in  5-Hydroxytryptophan is a precursor to the brain chemical called  serotonin which not surprisingly has been linked to mood, sleep and appetite – and thus the usual uses listed above.  What people believe that 5-HTP for lucid dreaming does is create the right chemistry in your head to make more serotonin – though some would argue that all it does is make sure those with a deficit in serotonin have as much as they should.

5-HTP Lucid Dreaming Effects

With regard to dreams, serotonin levels have long been linked with dream vividness and length.  One theory holds that the reason for this is that serotonin inhibits dreams in the early sleep cycle, thus increasing dreaming later in the night.  Of course this also helps explain why those who take 5-HTP for lucid dreaming also seem to remember more dreams – not only are they more vivid but they are also taking place closer to the time the person is waking up.  If you lack serotonin you may be having fewer dreams during this prime time, and perhaps even if you have enough serotonin 5 HTP for lucid dreaming can help you have even more and an even greater effect.

Of course the major question on the mind of anyone who is thinking of lucid dreaming supplements is whether 5-Hydroxytryptophan has any direct effect on the ability and chances to have dream control.  Some have said that it actually does have an effect that makes a person much more directly prone to lucid dreams, somehow setting up the perfect dream environment to produce awareness.  This potential is hard to quantify and the most we are willing to conclude is that 5-HTP for lucid dreaming effectively sets the scene to give you the best chance for dream control if you follow good lucid dreaming techniques and are patient and diligent.

Using 5-HTP for Lucid Dreaming

In order to find out whether there might be a 5-HTP lucid dreaming connection for you we suggest that you start with a low dose and work your way up by only changing the dose every two weeks.  This likely means starting with 200mg.  Your 5-HTP bottle may suggest you divide the daily dose in two or three equal doses.  That is a good idea if you tend to experience nausea.  Just make sure at least one of your doses each day is in the evening.

While you should always check with your doctor before taking and of the lucid dreaming supplements we cover here, we do want to mention a specific interaction effect with  5-Hydroxytryptophan – do not take this supplement if you are on a prescription medication that is designed to give you more serotonin.

5-HTP and Lucid Dreaming Cautions

One caution about 5-HTP for lucid dreaming is that some people have reported that the effects of this supplement fade after a while and eventually it stops changing your dreams.  Some do not have this problem, however, so it is unclear whether this is universal or not.  It is certainly possible that with almost any supplement we eventually adapt and side effects – even positive ones – fade, so this could certainly be the case.  It is likely that if 5-HTP for lucid dreaming does stop working for you you could merely take a break and come back to it.  Perhaps this would open the door for other possibilities such as Calea-Z and Galantamine.

What cannot be debated is that this herbal remedy seems to set the stage for many people’s best chance at dream control.  It has been used long enough for other reasons to be thought of as safe for a wide variety of people.  Like many other supplements, you should definitely check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions, are on prescription medication of any kind, are pregnant, or are nursing.  And in particular you should not take 5-Hydroxytryptophan if you are on any other supplement or prescription medication that affects serotonin.

5-HTP and Dreams

Some people have reported a 5-HTP nightmares along with all of the positive effects we’ve previously listed.  Whether 5-HTP nightmares are produced because of the supplement, or whether they are just a product of remembering more dreams and having them be more vivid is unclear.  If you are prone to nightmares you may want to be a little cautious.  Of course at The Lucid Dreaming Center we talk a lot about “passive lucid dreams” where you purposely choose to stay passive and just watch what unfolds.  This can be a great strategy even for scary dreams – you can learn about yourself from all kind of dream experiences.

You can find more information about 5-HTP at rxlist, and Dream Studies goes over 5-HTP’s effects on dreams.  Also, don’t forget to look at our more general pages when trying to find the best lucid dreaming supplement for you, including our lucid dreaming pills overview and our blog.

5-HTP and Lucid Dreaming: Your feedback

Please let us know if you have tried 5-HTP for lucid dreaming and what your results were.  We are curious to hear from experienced lucid dreamers who can describe the 5-HTP lucid dreaming connection in comparison with other supplements and methods.

5-HTP and lucid dreaming seems to be a great fit!

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