Acetylcholine for Lucid Dreaming

Many have reported a strong Acetylcholine lucid dreaming connectionAs you consider lucid dreaming supplements in general, and Acetylcholine for lucid dreaming specifically, you may have questions and we designed this page to answer some of the more common inquiries people might have.  Your questions might also be answered on our other pages, and there are many lucid dreaming forums where you’ll find previous questions answered and can ask new ones.  And finally some retailers provide a means for you to get your questions answered before you buy a product.

Acetylcholine and Lucid Dreaming FAQ

Here are some of the more common questions about Acetylcholine for Lucid dreaming:

What is the Acetylcholine lucid dreaming connection?

The neurotransmitter acetylcholine has an effect on the length and vividness of dreams. The exact mechanism by which this chemical process caused changes in dreaming is at best complicated and some would say not well-known.  However, it is clear that this effect is common and has been noted repeatedly.

How should I take Acetylcholine for lucid dreaming?

The best way to take Acetylcholine may be to wake yourself up 4-6 hours into your sleep at night.  It will then work well with the time of night you are often experiencing frequent REM cycles.  Some say that if you take it too early, like before you go to bed, it will interfere with early sleep cycles. All of this means that Acetylcholine is best taken when you can get a full night’s sleep.

Should I take Acetylcholine for lucid dreaming with any other supplement?

Many formulas that tap into the Acetylcholine lucid dreaming connection include other ingredients which are said to magnify its effects.  There are not other supplements that you should definitely take with it, and in fact we suggest that you only try one lucid dreaming supplement at a time so you know how it works for you.  Once you are completely clear about what this particular lucid dreaming supplement is doing and what effect it is having you might consider adding another natural supplement that could provide different effects that together will provide a combination approach, but we caution you at getting too reliant on the idea of needing aids in your quest for lucidity.

Where can I find Acetylcholine and how much should it cost?

It is unlikely that you will find this lucid dreaming supplement at your neighborhood bricks and mortar pharmacy or supplement store.  You’ll likely have to buy it online and you should expect to pay around $40-60 for 90 capsules.  Within a tight range you may not want to necessarily buy the cheapest product.  Look for online stores that have been noted positively at lucid dreaming forums or that have generally high ratings at large retailers that aggregate the products from many sources.  Make sure you ask questions if you need to about where the store gets their products and what quality control they do.

What should I do in addition to taking Acetylcholine for lucid dreams?

This question is actually backwards.  Any lucid dreaming supplement should be taken in addition to a comprehensive approach that includes maintaining solid lucid dreaming techniques, keeping a dream journal, and working very hard to ensure that you get restful sleep.  You should only take this or any supplement in order to give yourself a boost, but not as a primary path to lucidity.  Your techniques will always by primary no matter what extra steps you take, including using this lucid dreaming supplement.

Should I use WILD or DILD techniques?

Acetylcholine for lucid dreaming can work with both dream-induced and wake-induced techniques, as long as the wake-induced techniques are used long enough after taking the supplement that it is actually having an effect.  However, since it does work fairly quickly it is one of the  that can truly be used for both kinds of technique.  And as related to the question directly above, we suggest that you do not let you choice of type of technique be influenced by any lucid dreaming herb, and instead use the technique that works best for you and choose the herb that would work best secondarily.

Are there any other similar supplements?

Of course you do not have to stick with Acetylcholine for too long if you find it is not working.  There are many other supplements to try, including Calea Z which is also a popular choice.  Try one and stick with it long enough to get a clear picture of whether it is working for you, and then switch if it does not seem effective.

Please feel free to write in if there are any major questions we have not covered here, or if you want more information or clarification.  And as we mentioned before there are many places to get additional information or a second opinion about the answers you find here.  Taking any supplement is something that requires homework and preparation, and reading the information on our pages, and knowing the answers to these questions is a positive step before taking Acetylcholine for lucid dreams.

Buying Acetylcholine for Lucid Dreaming

If you are looking to acetylcholine for lucid dreaming you will find that you have some choices.  Do you want a supplement that has other ingredients as well, whether they are there to boost the main ingredient or to work on their own?  Do you want a formula designed specifically for lucid dreaming, or do you want just the best and purest supplement you can get?  And what dose should you buy?  We can help with some of these questions, but in the end it may be a matter or preference.  Here are some general answers to choosing which supplement to buy

Buy Acetylcholine for lucid dreaming alone

We strongly suggest that you do not choose a supplement that has other active ingredients that may be designed to promote lucid dreaming but are not related to the Acetylcholine.  In other words, you do not want to buy a product that mixes several lucid dreaming supplements together.  This would make it hard for you to know which one is actually working, might make it difficult to know which ingredient caused side effects, and might also lead you to depend on more than one powerful ingredient.  Buying a product that has a booster known to work closely with the main ingredient, something like Choline, may be a good idea however.

Start slow with Acetylcholine for lucid dreaming

It is often easier to go with a lower dose of your Acetylcholine supplement, allowing you to see whether you can get effects from a smaller amount.  This also may give you the maximum flexibility when raising your dose.  Starting with a low dose can end up saving you money and reduce the chances of side effects.  You may even find that you can vary your doses depending on factors such as how tired you are or how confident you are that you know how to induce lucid dreaming.

Look for advice about acetylcholine and lucid dreaming

Look for recommendations of where to buy Acetylcholine from lucid dreaming forums and other sites.  Be careful to avoid or at least to carefully assess any promotions from individuals that may be benefiting from your choice.  Signatures with links and links contained within posts that point to places to buy this lucid dreaming supplement may indicate that the person is benefiting from your choice.  This may not always be a problem, since some people do sign up to be affiliates for products that they themselves used and liked, but it just means that you should exercise some caution and make sure the product is top quality.

While it is likely that if you choose to purchase your Acetylcholine from a reputable distributor you will be satisfied with the product you receive, you should still adhere to the above to make sure you get the very best product.  There are likely several choices and small differences may help you choose.

Acetylcholine and Lucid Dreaming: Use

Once you have your supplement you have to be quite careful about how you will use it. There are three main instructions for using Acetylcholine for lucid dreaming:

  1. Do not use it every night, and in fact you may want to limit your usage to one or two times each week.  You may want to save it for nights where you have an optimal set-up for lucidity, such as when you can get a full night’s sleep and you are going to bed tired.  One way or another you need to optimally use this lucid dreaming aid strategically because it can also make you feel like you cannot have lucid dreams without it.
  2. Make sure you are still concentrating on solid lucid dreaming techniques.  Acetylcholine supplement alone will not somehow produce lucidity.  Your techniques are what will bring on your lucid dreams, even if the supplement helped set the stage.  You may feel that this remedy does a lot and makes your dreams more vivid and exciting, but don’t be distracted by that into thinking that you can lower your focus on solid techniques.
  3. Track you usage of this lucid dreaming supplement – what time you take it, how well it worked, how tired you were that day, and maybe even what you ate.  You need to perfect your use of Acetylcholine for lucid dreams so that you know exactly which days are optimal and exactly how and when to take it.  It may work very well the first time you try it but that does not mean you should not still experiment a little.

Other than these three guidelines, make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging you receive as far as dosage, and also make sure that your doctor is aware that you will be taking it especially if you are on other medication or have any preexisting condition.

Acetylcholine and Lucid Dreaming Summary

Acetylcholine supplement can be very helpful in setting the stage for lucid dreaming.  It can give you a boost on nights when you are optimally set up for lucidity because you are tired and can sleep all the way until morning, help you out of a rut if you find that you have not been able to achieve lucidity for some time, and help you in the beginning so you prove to yourself that you can in fact become lucid in your dreams.  It may also just make your experiences more vivid and longer, which is a positive in itself.

Livestrong has information about Acetylcholine and dreaming in general and “how to lucid dream faster” does a nice job looking into acetylcholine and related supplements.

We hope that this page was helpful if you are deciding to potentially pursue Acetylcholine for lucid dreaming.  The goal was to help you choose a product, use it optimally, and know what else you should be doing along with taking it.  As always you can get more information through our main site called Lucid Dreaming Center, and also make sure you look at our page here about side effects.  Best of luck to you if you do choose to look into the Acetylcholine Lucid Dreaming Connection!

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