Aromatherapy and Lucid Dreams

While our site generally covers lucid dreaming supplements – those pills and liquids you can take to give yourself a better chance at having lucid dreams or remembering your lucid dreaming experiences, there is a highly related category of natural way to induce the best possible atmosphere within which to have lucid dreams, and that is aromatherapy. Basically, people are doing two things to try to enhance their chances at having lucid dreams. Some are just setting certain flowers and herbs close to their bed, perhaps using an infuser or some other method to help these ingredients give off the aroma that can help with the dream induction or recall process. Others are putting these herbal mixtures under their pillow or even in their pillowcase on top of their pillow so that the aroma will be close by. As with lucid dreaming supplements, these methods don’t necessarily directly induce lucid dreams, but rather they help to set the stage.

What are some of the ingredients that people are using? This is just a partial list:

– To help with a restful sleep that gives the best chance at dream experiences and recall, the old standards including Lavender and Chamomile might be used.

– To more directly create increased or more vivid dreams, the popular lucid dreaming supplement mugwort can also be used in aromatherapy. Also, Passionflower, Sage, and Geranium could be used alone or mixed in.

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– More general solutions that seem to work in several ways include Anise and Rose

You may have your own experience with certain aromatherapy ingredients that seem to help promote restful sleep, more dreams, or more vivid dreaming experiences.  And you may find that experimenting to get the right mixture of several of the above possibilities works well.  These approaches can be used in combination with lucid dreaming supplements for a truly powerful approach.

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