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A lucid dream inducer can increase you chances at lucidity, and in many cases you can do this without spending a lot of money.  On this post we go over the three most common forms of lucid dream inducer, with the goal of giving you a general overview.  Many people want to find a shortcut to their lucid dreams.  Whether they look to lucid dreaming music, lucid dreaming supplements, or a technology such as a mask, the goal is the same: Augment the strength of their techniques through the use of a lucid dream inducer.  To some degree we feel that this can be quite positive.  There are certainly ways to increase the power of your techniques and give yourself a chance at lucidity.  But before we go into a few of the options we do want to caution you that the core ways to induce lucidity are lucid dreaming techniques that are followed and modified as necessary.  You do not need to spend a lot of money to attain dream control.  Try each of these possibilities and see which one in the best lucid dream inducer for you.

Lucid Dream Inducer Types

There are several types of lucid dream inducer on the market today, and we cover all of them.  Each of these lucid dream inducers is effective for some people, so you may want to try one at a time until you find one that is uniquely suited to your needs and preferences.

Lucid Dream Inducer Masks

The most common type of lucid dream inducer is a mask that can detect when you are dreaming through your rapid eye movements.  At that point the mask flashes lights that are specially designed to not be bright enough to wake you up, but to be potentially visible in your dream state.  You can modify your techniques so that you begin to visualize seeing those lights and wondering if you are dreaming.  Some masks also use sound.  You will probably want to find a product that gives you some flexibility in the settings so that you can adjust the brightness, frequency, or type of flash, and of course the volume and type of sound.

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Lucid Dream Inducer Music

Another category of lucid dream inducer is music.  Lucid dreaming music, or in some cases tone technology, uses special beats or tones often played at specific frequencies to help induce dream control.  There are two types of lucid dream inducer products that use tones, and they are Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats.  In each case these lucid dream inducer products are designed to augment your techniques and enhance you chance at lucidity.  In short, Isochronic Tones work by playing at a specific beat that causes a deep state of relaxation and focus.  Your brain actually is trained by the tones to move to a relaxing frequency that sets the stage for lucid dreaming.  Binaural Beats similarly entrain your brain and make it go to a certain frequency, but they do it by playing different beats in each ear which your brain responds to by going to a frequency that is the average between them both.  Each of these methods does not directly induce lucidity, but these lucid dream inducers can help set the stage.

Lucid Dream Inducer Supplements

Finally we have the category of lucid dream inducers that contains lucid dreaming supplements.  These supplements also set the stage for lucid dreaming by inducing a state of relaxation, or making your dreams particularly vivid, or enhancing the REM sleep cycle.  Well-known supplements such as Choline Citrate, Mugwort, and 5-HTP, as well as lesser known products such as Galantamine and Calea Z  are on the list of this type of lucid dream inducer.  While these products cannot induce lucidity directly, many feel like they set the stage well for making you successful with your techniques.  We suggest that you have at least a little success with your lucid dreaming pursuit before trying these lucid dream inducer supplements.  That way you know that you do not have to take them each and every time you want to attain lucidity.  We also suggest that you try only one of these ingredients at a time.  While there are formulas out there the problem is that you may not know which ingredient actually worked if you try a mix.

Buying a Lucid Dream Inducer

What should you get that lucid dreamer who has everything?  How about one of the lucid dream inducers we covered above, such as a gift of a lucid dreaming music CD, or a binaural beats machine?  Or maybe you can get them a lucid dream inducer supplement of some sort.  These lucid dreaming gifts could be a great idea for that person who has experimented with this exciting process.  And what about for the person who knows little about lucid dreaming but you think might want to give it a try?  In that case a book covering lucid dreaming techniques may be just the thing, though of course you could get them a subscription to the RSS feed of this website – for absolutely no cost!

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And what about yourself?  What is the best lucid dream inducer for you?  Again, lucid dreaming music, a lucid dream induction tape, or a binaural beats machine might be just the thing for you.  Maybe one of these lucid dream inducers work and you end up having more or longer or deeper lucid dreams.  Or perhaps you will buy a more expensive lucid dream inducer, such as the mask that detects when you are in REM sleep and then flashes a light that tells you you are dreaming?  Our point in this post is that you can use a lucid dream inducer to improve your attempts at lucidity.

Lucid Dream Inducers Conclusion

We may see advances in lucid dream inducer technology in the future, and we will bring you new information as we get it.  For now the above are the main lucid dream inducer categories, each worth exploring depending on your preferences.  Please feel free to let us and other readers know how you did with any of these lucid dream inducer possibilities – which one was the best lucid dream inducer for you – by using our comments section.  And of course, best of luck no matter what lucid dream inducer you try!

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