Best Lucid Dreaming Supplements

What are the best lucid dreaming supplements?  Of course the answer to that question may be unique to you.  Each person may respond different to the herbs and vitamins we cover, so the “best lucid dreaming supplements” for you may not be the same as the best supplements for lucid dreaming of someone else.  In this post we compare two of the top choices, and we also help you know how to choose the potential best lucid dream supplements for you.

Best Lucid Dreaming Supplements Comparisons

Galantamine and Calea Z are the two most common lucid dreaming supplements.  While other supplements may work equally well for many people, these two are specifically seen as helping people set up the perfect environment for lucidity.  Thus these are the ones often mentioned as the best lucid dreaming supplements.  Thus it makes sense that people are often comparing the two, wondering whether to try Galantamine or Calea Z first.  The short answer is that it often makes sense to choose one and try it – it’s just too hard to know whether Galantamine or Calea Z will work for you and its very unlikely that you’ve taken either for any other reason and can now think about whether they seemed to do anything related to dreaming.  But the longer answer is that there may be some reasons to try one or the other to see which one you would list as the best lucid dreaming supplement, such as:

  1. Frequency of taking them: You cannot take Galantamine more than twice each week or it could actually have a negative effect on your dreaming – especially how many dreams you have.  So this is the most important benefit of Calea Z over Galantamine, because the former can be taken every day.  Then again, Galantamine only can be taken twice a week because of how powerful it is, which is a good thing.  In addition, we suggest that you do not take supplements every day anyway do that you learn to use lucid dreaming techniques to really do the job.
  2. Calea Z may be a bit more expensive and slightly harder to get than Galantamine, which may favor it for longer term use.  The differences may not be so substantial as to change your mind about which one to use, but it could be the initial reason if you are having trouble deciding.
  3. It is not clear which of  Calea Z or Galantamine is definitely better for wake-induced vs. dream induced lucid dreaming.  It seems like the best guess is that Calea Z is a little better with wake induced lucid dreaming techniques, while Galantamine is a little better for dream induced.
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Best Supplements for Lucid Dreaming Factors

Of course there are other factors you need to keep in mind when comparing these two or any other possibilities as far as the potential best lucid dream enhancing supplements.  You need to compare any side effects of Galantamine with any your experience with Caea Z, and of course as time goes on you will assess your success.  You will be able to compare prices as well, especially if the two supplements work equally for you.  And of course you will want to assess whether either of these two supplements offers additional benefits to you during the daytime, a factor that can happen with many types of new nutrient.

It should be noted that you may not face any choice at all with regard to whether you buy Galantamine or Calea Z.  You can certainly alternate taking these two, and that is even more of an option since you cannot take Galantamine every night anyway.  So while it may be helpful to compare so you know which one to take on a given night where you have both options, you can also just alternate which of these lucid dreaming supplements you choose.  We strongly suggest that you do not take both at the same time because you will not know which one is actually doing the work, and there have also been no studies of what the interaction effects are between the two.

Choosing the Best Lucid Dreaming Supplement

Choosing the best lucid dreaming supplement does not need to be tricky or difficult.  You may have many choices, but we can help you choose.  Here is some advice that may help you choose the best lucid dreaming supplement for you:

Best lucid dreaming supplements reported by others

Look for forum reviews from people who have contributed a lot and have high scores for trustworthiness and quality of their comments if you can.  Make sure that the person does not have affiliate links in their signature that would suggest that they are there merely to promote a certain product or store.  See whether that person tends to be a trusted voice at the site, providing more than just information about certain lucid dreaming supplements.

Best Single Supplements for Lucid Dreaming

Stay away from mixtures.  There may be formulas that combine ingredients and while they may work well, it will be hard for you to know exactly what is being done by the main ingredient.  In some cases the company is trying to water down the amount of the main ingredient you are getting or otherwise give you less.  Buy one possible “best” supplement for lucid dreaming in a pure form, at least at first.  Then if you feel that you want to look into products with ingredients that may boost its effectiveness, that is fine as a second step.

Best Lucid Dreaming Supplements are Well-Established

Look to buy a lucid dream supplement that has been around for a while.  Even if you cannot find a product specifically at least look for a company that has been producing supplements for a long time.  Then don’t rely solely on general prices when comparing; instead compare price per milligram.  You want to be sure you are comparing apples to apples – the same number of pills may actually have twice as much or half as much of the actual active ingredient so number of pills or doses is not always the best way to compare.

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Best Lucid Dream Supplements Deals

Look for deals for repeat customers  Loyalty deals may be handy if you are going to buy something often.  Also, look for coupons online if you are using a large retailer.  This can help bring down your overall price of course, but it is also a measure of the confidence that the retailer has in their product – they expect you will want to return and are willing to give you a discount if you do.  Of course this can also be a positive if you buy other supplements as well.

Best Methods of Taking Lucid Dream Supplements

Change your method of taking this supplement.  You may want to buy sublingual (under the tongue) formulas, or powders that you dose at home.  You may have many choices when you buy your choice for best lucid dreaming supplement as far as the way you will take it, and it may make a difference.  Ideally you will find a store that sells this choice in many forms so that you are comparing evenly as far as quality and make-up.

Dream Studies chooses its Top Five Lucid Dreaming Supplements and The Healer’s Journal also publishes its own list of top lucid dreaming supplements.

In the end you will make your best guess as far as what the best supplement for lucid dreaming is for you, and perhaps you will want to only make a small purchase at first.  This way you can see whether there is a good fit before investing a lot, and since you can only take this particular supplement once or twice a week, you do not need a lot to begin with.  Let us know what you found to be the best lucid dreaming supplements for you.

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