Best Way to Lucid Dream

What is the best way to lucid dream?  Are wake induced techniques the best way to lucid dream, or dream induced techniques?  Is nap time lucid dreaming better than trying your techniques at night?  And what are the best lucid dreaming techniques to use?  The basic answer to all of these questions is that it may be different for every person, and one of the joys of learning how to dream what you want is that you can experiment and see what works best for you.  That said, there is some advice we can give that may guide you to finding the best way to lucid dream for you.

Best Way to Lucid Dream: DILD vs. WILD

The first distinction we can make when we talk about the best way to lucid dream is whether you should try dream induced techniques (where you are already dreaming and use signs and other methods to realize you are in a dream) or wake induced techniques (where you try to enter a dream directly by maintaining alertness while you fall asleep).  There may be variability between people as far as which method works best, so our advice as far as the best way to lucid dream is to try both WILD and DILD techniques.  In fact, this may be the first experiment you should try since the techniques in each case are a little different and it can help to know which one to focus on.  Also, it may not be optimal to continue to try both.  For example, wake-induced techniques that involve naps may interfere with your nighttime sleep and REM cycles which can affect your chances of dream induced dream control.

You may want to try only one of these two general methods first.  In that case think of your own preferences.  Do you like naps and take them often, and during them do you have vivid dreams?  In that case you may want to try wake-induced techniques first.

Best Way to Lucid Dream: Using Aids

Does the best way to lucid dream involve the use of lucid dreaming aids such as music, beats, masks, or supplements?  For some the answer is yes, though we suggest that you make sure you experience at least some success without using lucid dreaming aids first so you do not feel dependent on them for success.  But assuming you’ve already started to have lucid dream experiences could using any of these aids help you find the best way to lucid dream?  Let’s go over the possibilities.

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Best way to lucid dream: Music and tones

Lucid dreaming music is often soothing melodies that have instructions played just underneath them.  This aid is often used for wake-induced lucid dreaming as the soothing music in combination with the suggestions can be very helpful.  Various types of beats such as binaural beats and isochronic tones can also help you achieve dream control by relaxing you and helping your mind focus.  Could this be the key for you as far as the best way to lucid dream?

Best way to lucid dream: Supplements

Lucid dreaming supplements can help increase your chances of attaining dream control.  This approach can involve something as simple as eating certain foods in the evening or before bed, or more complicated like buying certain supplements you may not have previously heard of.  Lucid dreaming supplements are a great way to augment your desire to achieve dream control, and we cover them at

Best way to lucid dream: Masks

Finally, dream control aids like masks may provide the best way to lucid dream.  These tools do things like signaling you with lights or sounds when you are in REM sleep, thereby becoming a dream sign.  Technology may help aid your pursuit of dream control, and thereby provide the best way to lucid dream.

Best Way To Lucid Dream: Tips

What are some other tips that might help you determine the best way to lucid dream for you?  Here goes:

  • You may be more likely to lucid dream after specific types of days.  Some people find that the best way to lucid dream is after they have had a stressful day and their mind is particularly active, while others may find that the best days are those when they’ve been able to relax.  Know what your pattern is and you may be able to find your optimal times.
  • Similar to the above, you may be able to find patterns in your sleep schedule.  Do you have more success when you’ve been able to take a nap, or does that disrupt your REM sleep (this may differ depending on the length and time of day of the nap)?  How about a relationship with how much sleep you got the night before?  Again there may be patterns.
  • The best way top lucid dream for you may be to start with a passive approach rather then being too active.  Some people find that they can extend the time of the lucidity by not moving too fast and trying to do too much right away, and instead letting the dream take control.  This is also a great way to get some insight into your sub conscious.
  • The best way to lucid dream for you may also involve the position you sleep in or other aspects of your sleep comfort.  In other words, you may find that when you sleep on your back, or when you sleep curled up, or when you raise your head with pillows you’re more likely to experience dream control.  The same may hold true of how hot, cold, or covered you are.
  • Finally, the best way to lucid dream may involve having a partner, or perhaps joining a forum or other online community where you can share and receive advice and encouragement.  You might also remain motivated and confident if you are enjoying this pursuit with others
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So, could one of these methods provide you with the best way to lucid dream?  There is no standard answer for everyone, so you may need to look into a few of them before you find the best fit for you.  The bottom line is that persistence and varying your approaches can be the key to successful dream control.  Make sure to check out our pages such as How to Lucid Dream Easily for more information about techniques.

We hope you will share your own advice and experience of the best way to lucid dream!

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