Best Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming

Best Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming Success

The best Binaural Beats are both scientifically and anecdotally proven to induce a relaxed state that is conducive to lucid dreaming. Whether they have a more direct effect on promoting lucid dreams is open for debate, but at the very least the best binaural beats set the stage. It is quite inexpensive to use this method of lucid dream induction, but it is not always as simple as you might think. Using this type of lucid dreaming music does require patience and attention to detail, and below we offer some tips that might help if you are just getting started or have not found success yet with this method. In general however, you want to search out the best Binaural Beats that are available whether for free or at a small price so that you can take advantage of this wonderful lucid dream aid that may help your quest for lucidity.

We hope this guide helps you in your search, given how many choices are out there.

Best Binaural Beats: Optimal Use

Choosing the best binaural beats goes beyond looking for the quality of the recording and of the beats themselves. We offer the following tips so that you can have the best experience and know that you have the best chance to achieve lucid dreaming:

Best binaural beats volume

The best Binaural beats must be played at a perfect volume when compared to the music you will play at the same time. Even if they are integrated into the music, the best binaural beats are audible but not overwhelming. Practice with different volume levels when compared to the underlying music until you get the perfect comparative volumes. Use a journal to keep track. It may be best to buy separate recordings – one of the music to be played under the binaural beats, and one of the beats themselves, or you can use an electronic beat box if it has that degree of sensitivity.

In a related way, you have to be sure that the overall volume of lucid dreaming music + the beats is not so loud as to wake you up, and not so soft as to not be effective. Playing any type of lucid dreaming music requires knowing what your own unique optimal volume level is, and like the above you should keep track using a journal. It is not possible for us to give advice that would cover everyone, since the specific volume that might be optimal for you may be quite different from others.

Best binaural beats tones

You can experiment with different sounding tones until you find the best binaural beats for you – lower or higher or created by different instruments. It may seem like it should not make a difference, but it is possible that you will respond differently depending on the sound and not the beat. Start with something plain and standard and work your way into less common sounds and pitches. For many, quite obvious and louder binaural beats are the best method, while others react more strongly to beats that are more hidden and subtle.

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Best binaural beats techniques

Try both dream induced lucid dreaming techniques (DILD) and wake induced lucid dreaming techniques (WILD) with these beats. One type of technique or the other may work better for you when using this type of lucid dreaming music. For many, it makes sense to start with wake induced techniques because otherwise playing them throughout the whole night could interfere with normal sleep. This may just mean waking yourself up in the very early morning.

Don’t mix the use of the best binaural beats with other lucid dreaming aids, at least at first. For example, if you also take a lucid dreaming supplement you may not be sure which one actually worked to promote a lucid dream that night, and then you will need to keep doing both. That said, if you’ve tried two different kinds of lucid dreaming aid with moderate success, combining them to see if you can get a more powerful response is fine.

Bottom line

Do not give up too quickly and keep looking for the best binaural beats, since they may take a few nights to work. This is especially true if you get a small effect at first, like a more relaxing sleep, more dreams, or more vivid dreaming experiences. There is no magic trick to having lucid dreams, and even with the use of aids such as this it can take some time and effort. Invest that time in this method, and use the tips above.

This short article goes over how to use these beats most effectively

Best Binaural Beats Properties

Obviously the point of the above is to show that the best binaural beats may not be the ones with the best tones or the ones that offer the best overall control. Really what becomes important if you are going to enjoy the best binaural beats experience is that you use them perfectly and know when to persevere and when to try something new. All of that said, there are aspects of product quality that you should pay attention to if you are going to make sure you are getting the best binaural beats for your needs and hopes, and we offer the following tips and guidance:

1. Make sure the tones themselves are crisp and clear. This may be especially true for those that may not be of quite the same quality as those you would buy, and it may also be true of those you need to record from the computer because the recording process may lower their quality. The best binaural beats are unquestionably clear.

2. Flexibility may be important as well. You may want to look for a product that allows for the most flexibility as far as the production of beats so that you can vary things and find the best fit for you. Free beats may not offer this feature, but paid ones should.

2. The best binaural beats have a quality that does not change. In other words all of the beats themselves sound exactly the same, with no difference between the beginning and the end of the program. Do not skimp and buy or download a product where the quality of the beats is variable.

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3. The best binaural beats for you are the ones that are on the medium that you want to listen to them on – if you want to use your smartphone, a CD player, or a MP3 player, you’ll want your product to be recorded on that player originally. You do not want to have to re-record them because you could lose the crispness of the beats.

4. Finally, the best binaural beats should not necessarily be expensive but they may not be free. It is very possible that you can find a high quality free product, but be sure that you would not be better off paying just a little for a higher quality product. That might be worthwhile.

Best Binaural Beats Conclusion

We are an independent and unbiased website covering lucid dreaming music, so we are careful not to promote a particular brand or distributor of the best binaural beats. We suggest that you look for a store that gives a lot of information related to the four factors in the section above. We also suggest that you make sure that this distributor has garnered positive feedback if you can by looking at forums and other places where people just like you leave unbiased feedback. Distributors and stores who are generally proud of their products and their customer service will make sure that they only carry the best binaural beats.

After you are fairly sure that you have chosen a generally good store or distributor, you should then use the above section as a checklist when looking for a product. If one of the above factors is not fully explained, see if you can write to the manufacturer to find out, or alternately post in a forum to see if anyone has any experience with that particular product.


The best binaural beats available now have the properties listed above and still do not cost that much. It should not be too difficult or time-consuming to find them, but you should compare and contrast and put some time in to make sure you have the ones that will work best and suit your needs. Do not assume that the first ones you try are the ones you will stay with, but then again if you do your homework and read the above it is possible that you will have chosen the right ones. Keep in mind that these and other forms of lucid dreaming music may not work immediately so do not confuse the fact that you do not have success with the idea that the quality of the beats is poor. Stick with it and you may find that your top choice end up working eventually if you’ve done your homework.

These are the basics when it comes to choosing the best binaural beats.

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