Calea Z and Lucid Dreaming

Calea Z for Lucid Dreams

Calea Z is a well-known herb that has been used for centuries as a dream boosterIn short, Calea Zacatechichi promotes highly vivid and therefore memorable dreams.  You will not find it in your local pharmacy, and maybe not even your local health food store.  It is not very well-known, though it is certainly safe and effective.  It is grown in warm climates, and Mexico is particularly known for its Calea Zacatechichi since it has been used there for centuries by those who want both lucid dreams and increased creativity during the day.   Calea Z has even been referred to as ”the dream herb” because it used so specifically to promote improved dreaming experiences As with most other lucid dreaming supplements, Calea Z will not by itself create lucid dreams, but it will set up the perfect opportunity to remember any lucid dreams that do occur, and it may make them longer and more realistic.

The Calea Z and lucid dreaming connection is not well researched since it is so little known.  It is not as important to be careful about how often you take it (as with Galantamine), but we’d still suggest that it only be used after you’ve had some lucid dreaming experiences without the use of a supplement, and it still may be advisable to only use Calea Zacatechichi for lucid dreaming on some occasions as opposed to becoming dependent on it for your dream control experiences.  This is a powerful lucid dreaming supplement and you can develop a dependence to it – not a physical dependence but a psychological one where you lose confidence in your natural ability to have lucid dreams without the use of a supplement.  As we’ve said many times here, lucid dream supplements need to be an add-on and not a primary approach.

WebMD has a nice overview of Calea Zacatechichi, with side effects and dosing specifically mentioned, and dream studies has a nice detailed piece and this lucid dreaming supplement.

Buying Calea Z

Calea Z for lucid dreaming is a bit more expensive than other lucid dreaming supplements, though many would say that the expense is well worth it.  While we cannot direct you to a particular provider or manufacturer of Calea Zacatechichi for lucid dreams in order that we remain independent and unbiased, we do know that most of the reputable websites online that promote this dream herb do in fact send a proper formulation.  Look for a distributor that has positive ratings from those who have ordered, even if those ratings are for other products since the market is relatively small.  Look for a company that seems to publish both positive and negative feedback, or look externally to the website to unbiased pages that describe it.

You will want to look for a formula that contains pure Calea Z and not a mix of active ingredients.  This lucid dream supplement is powerful  on its own, and does not need a booster of any type to work better or deliver results.  And make sure the formula you choose is clearly marked  as far as the actual dose of Calea Zacatechichi for sale.  Finally, make sure that pure ingredients were used in the formula.  After you find several good products that meet all of these standards, then you can compare prices of the different formulas.

Types of Calea Zacatechichi

Calea Z may be a perfect booster for your lucid dream journey, and is perfect for those nights where you can sleep all the way through and take time in the morning to reflect.  Most people take it just before bed.  There are several ways you can take this supplement which either comes in a powder, a set of dried leaves, or a capsule you can open (you can even buy a seedling and grow your own plant).

Calea Z Capsules

 Of course this is the most popular form of ingestion of this particular lucid dreaming supplement.  You can either buy it for lucid dreaming already in Calea Z capsules, or buy empty capsules and grind dried leaves and put the powder in them.  If you are going to do this yourself, just make sure you get some guidance about how much powder to use.

Calea Z tea

You might think this would be a common way to take it, since this is a supplement you take just before bed and many people enjoy a nice warm cup of tea before bed.  But almost no matter how you make it, it tastes horrible as a tea.  You can certainly add to it to try to assuage the taste, but beware the additives that might interfere with sleep, such as honey which for some people can make them more energetic and less tired.

Smoking Calea Zacatechichi

If you have ever done such a thing before, you can roll the leaves and try smoking Calea Zacatechichi before bed.  Of course this is not as popular as other methods because of the potential health effects of this method of ingestion.  Some people do this kind of thing when they are out camping.

It is not easy to give advice about the correct dose of Calea Z because it comes in many forms and is taken in many ways.  If you have been sure to buy it from a reputable source then you should follow the instructions you get with your product, starting at the low end of the dose if a range is given.

Using Calea Z for Lucid Dreaming

As far as exactly when to take Calea Z for lucid dreams, your method of taking this lucid dreaming supplement does not matter too much.  Many people report very positive results when it is taken right before bed, though there are some who feel the effects are magnified if this herb is taken after 4-5 hours of sleep so it directly precedes REM sleep.  It may depend on whether you are using dream induced lucid dreaming techniques or wake-induced lucid dreaming techniques, but generally you will need to experiment to see exactly when to take it.  Of course you may also need to experiment with using Calea Zacatechichi in all of the above forms, especially if the more common capsule form does not work for you.

As with any lucid dream supplement we suggest taking Calea Z for at least two weeks before trying something else.  The effects may not be immediate but may come in time, and if you give up too early you may not give yourself time to know that this lucid dreaming supplement is truly working.

What to expect with Calea Zacatechichi for lucid dreams

What should you expect from taking Calea Z to enhance your chances of a lucid dreaming experience?  The following are often seen:

  • The number of dreams experienced is often significantly higher, including the number of longer and more in-depth experiences
  • The number of dreams you are able to remember and the details that come back to you when you do remember them
  • The overall intensity of the dreams (which of course is related to the number remembered)
  • The clarity and vividness of the dreams
  • Importantly for those who are using wake-induced techniques, people have reported that the vividness of their hypnagogic imagery also increased with Calea Zacatechichi

Of course all of the above does not directly mean that you will have spontaneous lucid dreaming experiences – though some reports online in forums and the like do report this.  Instead the hope is that Calea Z makes your lucid dreaming techniques more powerful and effective.  As you can see, all of the above effects do set the stage for potential experiences of lucidity.  In fact, as we’ve said before many times, we suggest that you find at least initial success with lucid dreaming techniques before you turn to any lucid dreaming supplement, and perhaps this is even more important when you are considering a supplement that is as powerful and novel as Calea Zacatechichi (vs. perhaps taking something like Choline Citrate which is more of a daily nutrient).

Calea Z summary

We have covered many lucid dreaming supplements, from those that are very specifically taken for this purpose such as Galantamine, to those that are more common nutrients that seem to promote states that are perfect for lucid dreaming such as Choline Citrate.  Galantamine falls in the former category, and while it is also taken by some for meditation and mental clarity, there is a reason that it is named the “dream herb”.  Of course the most common question associated with this lucid dreaming supplement is whether it works, and the answer, like for many of the supplements we cover, depends on what your definition of “works” is.  There is nothing you can take that will directly lead to lucidity.  You need to rely on your lucid dreaming techniques for that.  But like many of the powerful aids we cover, Calea Zacatechichi can certainly set the stage and give you the best chances.  By giving you a good shot at having more dreams, incredibly vivid dreams, and a higher intensity you may have a better chance.

So the bottom line is that you need to practice your techniques and make sure you are doing something that helps you remember as many of your dreams as possible, and you may find that you can get the boost you are looking for with the Dream Herb Calea Z for lucid dreaming!

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