Choline Citrate for Lucid Dreaming

Choline for Lucid Dreaming

Many take choline citrate for lucid dreaming, reporting that this lucid dreaming supplement can increase the number of dreams and perhaps how vivid they are.  How does choline for lucid dreaming work, and should you try it in supplement form or just by eating a different diet?  We go over all of that in this page.

Choline Citrate for Lucid Dreams Overview

Choline is an essential nutrient that you likely get enough of in your daily diet.  Luckily, choline is also water-soluble so it’s hard to get too much.  Choline is in the category of Vitamin B complex vitamins, and like others in that category it helps with attention, learning, and memory.  It also more generally cleans and maintains the important pathways between your cells.  These positive effects are well documented and could be a reason to take Choline Citrate anyway.   But for our purposes, it should be mentioned that choline citrate is also known to increase the vividness of dreams and also to help with lucid dreaming and dream control.  In fact, even supplementing with foods high in choline citrate has been known to help increase the chances of a great lucid dreaming experience.

Choline citrate for lucid dreaming seems to work by increasing the length of dreams when taken just before bed, and when combined with either Calea Z or Galantamine it tends to magnify each of their effects, seemingly increasing REM time and the quantity of dreams within each REM period. It also makes dreams more memorable which can be an advantage early in the lucid dreaming process when you want to make sure you don’t miss any.  Thus, like with all of the lucid dreaming supplements covered here, we cannot promise that this on will actually directly lead to lucid dreaming, but it can certainly set the stage.

Choline for lucid dreaming dose

If you are looking into supplements of choline citrate for lucid dreams, taking about 400-600mg is enough, and again ideally taken right before bed. If you are looking for a more natural approach, increase your daily intake of egg yolks, beef, and soy.  However, the more common foods that have choline, such as most cuts of beef, don’t have a lot so you may have to supplement as well.   A combination of those foods is healthy and natural and produces slightly different varieties of choline which is good.  That said, when you look at that list they may not be exactly the type of food that you plan to eat right  before you go to bed or in the middle of the night.

Like any other lucid dreaming supplement, we suggest learning how to lucid dream without choline first, and certainly before trying a mixture of choline citrate with either galantamine or calea z.  You don’t want to become reliant on a supplement to have natural lucid dreams, but it may be helpful to supplement with choline when you are stuck or to magnify your success.  And even when you do achieve success, make sure you back off the supplement a few times to be sure your confidence is high without the need for it.

Choline citrate and lucid dreaming effects

Look for positive results almost right away from choline citrate for lucid dreams, at least within the first few days of supplementation.  Keep a journal of the dose you are taking, the form and even brand of the supplement, and when you are taking it.  There is no overall guidance we can give about these, so you need to get to know your own bodies reaction to this particular lucid dreaming supplement.  We suggest starting by taking a supplement in pill form right before bed, or if you want a more natural approach have a choline citrate filled meal close to bedtime.  But if these strategies do not hit the mark venture from there and keep track, and you are certainly invited to post your own successful strategy here at lucid dreaming supplements!

Choline citrate and lucid dreams summary

Choline is amino acid that promotes the production of acetylcholine.  The latter has been linked to longer and more enhanced REM periods of sleep.  Lucid Dreaming is thought to happen during REM sleep, so this natural remedy, easily found in most health food stores, pharmacies, and even supermarkets makes a lot of sense for the lucid dreamer who wants better dream control and more vivid dreams!

While cheap and easy to find in pill form, choline can also be taken naturally by eating certain foods including bananas and potatoes. Lucid Dreamers have reported that after choline their dreams seemed longer and possibly more vivid, and their dream control was easier to maintain.  Lucid dreaming experts also felt like they could remember more details about the lucid dreaming experience.  Finally, they reported that they may have had more periods of lucid dreaming during each night after taking choline.

Please again note that you should consult your health care provider before taking any supplement, even over the counter.

There is a nice forum discussion at Longecity about choline for lucidity.

Best of luck on your dream control and lucid dreaming experience, whether you use a natural supplement or not.  If you have experience with choline for lucid dreaming, please share it in our comments section.

One thought on “Choline Citrate for Lucid Dreaming

  • January 9, 2014 at 12:56 am

    I found Choline not to have much of an effect on my own body chemistry. HTP and B-12 didn’t do much for me either. But — I got a big surprise using a higher dosage of Melatonin! Almost lucid every time I take it along with better dream recall. If I wasn’t so dam lazy I would go back and practice some of the techniques if I can recall correctly of the Argonaut – Peter Berger(?) and his excellent book on Lucid Dreaming.

    I am toying with the idea of forking over some cash and try some experimenting with Calea Z (cost too much if I have a say in anything)

    “Mugwort,” you say? Just the name sounds interesting. Just the sound of that word makes wish I could go back to some Middle Ages Countryside. Maybe I can at least figuratively in my dreams.

    I’m going to see how much Mugwort cost? (maybe they wont “mug me” on the price, ha,ha!)

    Anyway, thanks for the advice and continue to keep my name on your mailing list and have a good day.

    Perhaps I should have more appropriately said “Have A Good Night You Fellow Wanderers!


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