Dream induced vs wake induced lucid dreams

One of the first decisions you may need to make when using lucid dreaming supplements is whether you will pursue wake induced or dream induced lucid dreams.  You can try both, but most likely one will work better for you than the other.  The choice may guide exactly which supplement to take and when to take it.

Wake induced lucid dreams are those that you fall into from a waking state – as your body is falling asleep you maintain consciousness until the dream state initiates.  Most people find wake-induced lucid dreaming the easiest, but it has been reported that wake induced lucid dreams are often shorter and maybe even less vivid than sleep induced dreams.  In addition, obviously, using a wake induced only method limits you to having lucid dreams shortly after falling asleep.  Wake induced dreams require you to take a supplement that works quickly, and it often means you need to take the supplement well before bed (or before a nap if that’s when you will try to have dream control)

Dream induced lucid dreams take more preparation and can be more difficult at the beginning.  These are lucid dreams that are entered during all times of the night.  Many have reported that, in the long run, this is the way to go for the reasons given above.  For these you need to make sure that the lucid dreaming supplement will l;ast long enough to have its effect later at night when you will be dreaming, so these techniques often require you to take the supplement close to bedtime.

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One way to pursue lucid dreams is to try both techniques, even at once.  However, do not give up too early on sleep induced lucid dreaming or you may be selling yourself short.  One way or another it is helpful to plan your lucid dreaming supplement routine around your choice of wake induced or dream induced lucid dreaming and dream control.

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