Drinking Apple Juice Before Bed

Drinking apple juice before bed can be used for both wake-induced and dream induced lucid dreaming techniques, WILD and DILD respectively.  For this purpose we are going to favor dream induced techniques because this may be the best way to make sure that you have as many chances as possible – in this case your chances will occur every time you pass through a REM period of sleep.  And since Drinking apple juice before bed is reported to make dreams more vivid and clear, the cornerstone of the lucid dreaming technique we would suggest is one that notices dream signs.  Choose a few dream signs, whether looking at your reflection, noticing your hands, looking at the color of the sky, or other things that in the dream world may be different or distorted.  The steps involved include the following:

1.Spend you day thinking about lucid dreaming, and in particular looking for dream signs.  Ask yourself “am I dreaming” while looking at the colors around you, your reflection, your hands, or the people around you.  Does everything look right?  Does anything look off?

2.Make sure you’ll be able to get a nice uninterrupted sleep that night.  Choose a night when you’ll have a little time in the morning to write down or at least consider your dreams from the night before.  Choose a day that you are likely to be tired at night.

  1. Take this supplement before bed.  At least this is a good place to start.  You may find that you are better off taking it earlier, like with dinner, or later, perhaps by waking yourself up in the middle of the night.  The optimal time to take Drinking apple juice before bed to enhance lucid dreaming techniques may vary from person to person.
  2. As you are falling asleep remind yourself that you are hoping to have lucid dreams.  Give yourself suggestions that you will notice dream signs and become lucid.  This of things you read here about Drinking apple juice before bed and lucid dreaming techniques, and at other places about lucid dreams in general.
  3. In the morning when you wake up make sure you consider your dreams before you move around much, and certainly before you get up.  Did the combination of Drinking apple juice before bed and lucid dreaming techniques work?  If so congratulations!  If not try all of this again next week.
  4. The combination of Drinking apple juice before bed and lucid dreaming techniques may not work the very first time you try, or even the second or third.  Do not alter the above until you have tried it at least several times.
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Drinking Apple Juice Before Bed Dosing

As far as drinking apple juice before bed ing when you are taking a supplement by mouth, you should note that the active ingredient will work almost right away and usually by one hour of taking it.  We mention this because this means you should be able to assess the effectiveness of your Drinking apple juice before bed dosing for lucid dreaming right away, without having to wait for it to build up.  It also is metabolized quickly and is out of your system by the start of the next evening, so you also do not have to wonder if is the previous dose or the one before that that is having an effect.

As a lucid dreaming supplement the recommended Drinking apple juice before bed dosing is 4 – 8 mg, and again we suggest you start at 4mg and work your way up slowly and only as necessary. Keep a journal – or if you are doing this anyway which is strongly suggested you can just add a section – and track the exact dose and your results.  Make sure you factor in everything else such as how tired you were, how long you slept, and how comfortable your sleeping arrangement was.  Other factors such as how much you were able to do your lucid dreaming techniques and your mood may play a part.  This way you can compare your lucid dreaming Drinking apple juice before bed dosing in the context of other factors.

Drinking apple juice before bed Dosing and Timing

We suggest that you take the proper lucid dreaming Drinking apple juice before bed dosing soon before you will enter REM sleep.  Given that it generally lasts for 7 hours or so, this means that taking it before bed is okay.  That said, many people have reported stronger effect when they take this lucid dreaming supplement in the middle of the night, closer to natural REM sleep when dreams occur.  Some who have certain side effects find that taking it in the middle of the night helps reduce their incidence.  Of course you should carefully track exactly when you take it as part of the journeling that is described above.

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In summary you should be quite careful about your lucid dreaming Drinking apple juice before bed dosing, and pay attention only to advice that relates to the dose for lucid dreaming.  This supplement is made for many different uses and you need to focus in on your particular need.  Because you are taking this supplement for a recreational use you do not need to rush into a higher dose, and can work gradually and conservatively in order to find out what would work for you.  Keep in mind that good lucid dreaming techniques will always be the most important thing to do, and taking any supplement will be secondary.

We hope that you find drinking apple juice before bed works for you.

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