Easiest Way to Have a Lucid Dream

Many ask what is the easiest way to have a lucid dream.  There is no easy answer, given that different lucid dreaming techniques work differently for each individual.  That said, we thought we would bring some tips and tricks that may provide the easiest way to have a lucid dream for many.

Easiest Way to Have a Lucid Dream: Personal Item

There are two tips which we wanted to share that might prove to be the easiest way to have a lucid dream soon.  They both involve something personal, and also checking to see if that item is with you all the time.  That checking and the item itself become a lucid dream induction technique.  Here are some relatively easy ways to lucid dream:

1. Put something small but meaningful in your pocket.  It must be an object you can identify by feel and ideally is one that holds some meaning for you.  Many times during the day reach into your pocket and feel for this object, and notice that it is there.  One time you may find that the object is missing, or has changed.  Or maybe you find that your pockets are missing as well.  This can become a lucid dreaming trigger.

2. Write something short and meaningful on your palm, as short as your first initial.  Look at this writing many times during the day.  Notice it, and notice every detail about it.  Consider it and think about it and then look again.  At some point you might notice that the writing is gone, has changed, or is distorted.  Or maybe you’ll notice that your hand around the writing looks different.  These could all be lucid dreaming triggers.

3. Wear something unique and personal, like a specific type of jewelry and look at it often and notice it in your reflection as often as you can during the day.  Consider it, notice new details about it, notice how it feels.  At some point this article may be either missing or distorted, perhaps especially in reflections.  You may be having a lucid dream!

These three suggestions may be just enough to tilt you into a lucid dreaming state, especially if you’ve been close or are in a rut.  They are close to more traditional techniques that may also provide the easiest way to have a lucid dream, but these are just different enough to provide a boost.

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Easiest Way to Have a Lucid Dream: Timing

Another factor that goes into the easiest way to have a lucid dream formula is timing.  Here is one example that may provide a boost: Many people enjoy using a snooze alarm so that they do not have to get out of bed in the morning as soon as their alarm goes off.  The snooze alarm may give an extra 7 minutes or 10 minutes or some other increment before going off again.  And many people report having dreams between these snooze alarms.  Is this a good time to practice wake-induced lucid dreaming?  Possibly, but there are both benefits and drawbacks.  In all, it may be worth trying but often in concert with other lucid dreaming techniques as well.

Easiest way to have a lucid dream using WILD

The benefits of trying wake induced lucid dreaming techniques when the snooze alarm goes off is that you may be in a relaxed state that pushes you back into a light sleep very quickly.  This is a nice set up that may create the easiest way to have a lucid dream.  In addition, you may have several chances given that you may be able to press the snooze alarm several times before you actually have to wake up.  Finally, dreams can be quick and therefore can fit nicely into the small window that you have when you try this.  These advantages may be particularly strong for those who have not yet successfully used dream-induced lucid dreaming techniques, and also for those for whom wake-induced techniques have proven to be most effective.

Easiest way to have a lucid dream using DILD

But there are also disadvantages to trying to do wake-induced lucid dreaming techniques when your snooze alarm goes off.  First, you may find that your dreams go by more quickly during this time and rapidly change from one theme to another.  Also, the shorter time period until you wake up could mean that your lucid dreams get interrupted more easily.  And of course logistics can make things complicated, since you may actually have to get up and getting used to pressing the snooze alarm too much can interfere with that.  In these cases you may want to practice any one of dream-induced techniques, or DILD.

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Easiest Way to Have a Lucid Dream: Repetition

There is one central theme involved in most lucid dreaming techniques and approaches, and that is repetition.  You need to repeatedly do whatever seems comfortable and you find is beginning to work.  If you are suing dream signs as your central technique, looking for things like reflections and details that will be distorted in the dream state, you need to do this as many times as possible during your day.  If you are checking in by asking “am I dreaming” that needs to be repeated as well.  If you are doing the personal item technique mentioned above, again you need to check in a lot.  Repetition is what will bring that theme into your dream world and at some point make you realize that you are dreaming.

Many of you have likely experienced that fact that some new occurrence in your life shows up in your dreams, or that a thought you have before bed or during the day seems to spark something in your dreams.  The key to finding the easiest way to have a lucid dream is to have that same thing happen with the topic of lucid dreaming, where you find yourself thinking about lucidity while dreaming and then realize that you can take control.  Think of the repetition idea as a way to increase the chances that each singular thought or idea will make it into your dream and become a trigger.  Repetition provides an important pathway and can lead to the easiest way to have a lucid dream.

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