Easiest Way to Lucid Dream

What is the easiest way to lucid dream?  This of course is a common question that people ask when they are just starting out.  With this post we will provide three types of information regarding the easiest way to lucid dream: When, How, and with Whom

Easiest Way to Lucid Dream: When

Many lucid dreamers report that inducing lucid dreams during naps is the easiest way to lucid dream.  We agree, to some degree.  It is true that naps often offer the quickest path to REM sleep, and also can lead to easy to remember dreams.  If you are tired enough, they may be a good place to start your journey.  This kind of lucid dream induction is often called “wake-induced” since you are going almost directly from waking to dreaming.  For many beginners, naps provide the easiest way to lucid dream at first, but then they find that moving their adventures to nighttime helps them have longer and more vivid dreams.  This is because there are several drawbacks to starting your lucid dream journey with naps.  First, dreams during naps tend to be short and sometimes fleeting.  This choice may not lead to the longest and most vivid dreams.  Second, nap time lucid dreams may feel more like day dreams than true deep nighttime dreams.  Finally, the nap itself may lead to a less restful and more fitful sleep at night, interfering with lucid dream opportunities then.

In all, nap time may be a good place to start and achieve initial success, but you will likely want to move on to nighttime lucid dreaming quickly, especially if you do not have a lifestyle that allows for frequent naps, or if you find that napping creates problems with getting a full and restful  night’s sleep.

Easiest Way to Lucid Dream: How

Often when a person wants to learn the easiest way to lucid dream they wonder how they will know what to do or say in the dream to keep it going.  This is actually quite an astute question from the person who is just beginning their lucid dreaming journey, since your behavior once your lucid dreaming techniques start working is actually quite important as far as how easily you’ll be able to stay lucid and how much you can get out of the experience.  One answer to the question of how to act when lucid dreaming is to find or even create a lucid dream guide within the dream.

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Creating a lucid dreaming guide is as simple as asking for directions from someone when you are dreaming.  Work the idea that you will do this into your lucid dream techniques, for example by first asking the question “am I dreaming” and then saying to yourself, “well if I were, I would walk up to that person and ask where I should go next.  Do that over and over and it will become natural in the dream.  If you do not want to be as forward while lucid dreaming, just make sure you are quite passive and receptive when you realize you are dreaming and a guide may find you.  As we have mentioned before, the idea of being passive and receptive is a good one anyway, since while you are in the process of learning how to have lucid dreams you need to temper your excitement when you do become lucid or the affect may wake you up.

Finding lucid dream guides is something that we recommend strongly when you are just starting out – there will be plenty of time for you to learn how to lucid dream in a way that gives you complete control, so for now sit back and let the guide take control.  This could be the easiest way to lucid dream.

Easiest Way to Lucid Dream: With Whom

A common question people ask regarding the easiest way to lucid dream is whether they should approach this exciting activity with a partner, perhaps sharing ideas, techniques, and motivation.  And we say that this is a fantastic idea.  In fact, the underlying reason why sharing your lucid dreaming journal with others can work to produce more experiences is that it makes this activity more of a part of your waking life.  Remember, many lucid dreaming techniques are based on getting you to think so much about lucid dreaming while you are awake that these thoughts persist and you find yourself asking yourself whether you are dreaming in an actual dream.  So anything, including having partners with whom you talk about this, share successes, give tips, and generally help everyone stay motivated can work.

Keep in mind also that lucidity by yourself can feel somewhat solitary.  Now some people may prefer this, since dreams are so personal and unique.  And it may be fun to have adventures that feel secret and all own’s own.  And of course there may be lucid dreams you have whether on purpose of because that is where the dream took you that you don’t want to share.  But you can always set ground rules with your partners at the beginning that help protect against any of that.

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With social media giving you options to both share quickly, easily, and effectively with those you know, and also to meet new people with common interests, finding lucid dreaming partners and beginning  the journey together is easier than ever.  And beyond its own benefits such as helping you learn a new technique or tip, it can make it more likely for you to have lucidity tonight because of the increased emphasis it puts on the topic in general.  This is why we put the topic of partners squarely in this post about the easiest way to lucid dream.


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