Free Binauaral Beats for Lucid Dreaming

Free Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming

Free binaural beats are available that produce a pulse at a frequency that is perfect for lucid dream induction. These free binaural beats, either alone or played under some sort of lucid dreaming music, are quite popular. But what is the best way to use this method of lucid dream induction? On this page we go over the use of free binaural beats to induce lucid dreams, even though that may be a bit of a misnomer – since free binaural beats themselves do not produce lucidity, but instead create the perfect state for having lucid dreams. At the end of this page we will provide links to where you can get binaural beats free, but we suggest you read up on them first.

Before we get into the details of how to use free binaural beats to help induce lucid dreaming we offer a few suggestions that are quite important. First of all, just because you will not pay for these products, do not skimp on quality. The products that you’d pay for are actually not hat expensive so if you find yourself not finding a high quality product for free, you may just want to pay a little. In the same way, make sure you are getting all the features you need. You should not have to sacrifice features to get these lucid dreaming aids for free. And finally, do not give up too soon. As we’ve said before, none of the types of lucid dreaming music we cover here directly induce lucid dreams. Instead they set the stage to give you the best chance at lucid dreaming. Concentrate on your techniques and give free binaural beats a chance to work over time.

Free Binaural Beats and Lucid Dreaming

In assessing the effects of free binaural beats and lucid dreaming we need to first distinguish between wake induced lucid dreaming, also known as WILD, and dream induced lucid dreaming, also known as DILD. Free binaural beats are more commonly used for WILD, given that this lucid dreaming music is easier to set up when the dream state will be happening sooner than later. But this method can in fact be used all night and become either a combination method or even a DILD method alone. In either case, what you want to do is two things. First, you want to choose a soothing music that will be played over the beats and pair that music with your current lucid dreaming technique. For example, if you are using a method such as asking yourself “am I dreaming”, then do so with this exact music playing and notice the music when ask yourself the question. Regardless of the free binaural beats that will be played underneath, you want the music itself to become part of your lucid dreaming technique.

Now you want to play the free binaural beats at a level that they shine through the music, but not so loud that they drown it out and possibly wake you up. The exact volume likely depends on your tolerance for noise while sleeping or trying to get to sleep, since although this background noise can resemble white noise, for some it can become a distraction that wakes them up. The beats must be perceptible, but do not have to be loud.

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Free binaural beats and lucid dreaming techniques

Here is where WILD and DILD techniques diverge, however, With dream induced lucid dreaming techniques you will need to play the free binaural beats all night, or set an alarm to have them come on when you might be dreaming. You’ll likely need to play the music and the beats at a low volume so you maintain your normal sleep cycle. Setting an alarm is necessary for those who have trouble falling asleep with this added noise, but of course it has the risk of waking you up when it comes on. One way or another with dream induced lucid dreaming techniques you cannot be precise about when you will be in REM sleep so you have to leave the beats and the music on.

For those using wake induced lucid dreaming techniques things are a little easier since you will definitely play the free binaural beats right away, while you are trying to go to sleep. It is okay therefore for the music and the beats to be played louder in this case, and you can experiment a little with the perfect volume. Like anything else going on around you the beats even if played loud can get worked into your dream. You may have experienced this kind of thing with other noises in your environment.

One last note about using free binaural beats: While many people incorporate them into music or play music over them, this is not necessary and they can certainly be used alone. It’s really a matter of preference. For some the music itself adds a nice soothing touch, while for others the purity of the binaural beats is preferred. It is not likely that either group will be more or less successful.

Why Not Free Binaural Beats

While in many cases free binaural beats will be very helpful with little or no drop-off from those you can buy, there may still be compelling reasons you will not want to use them. For example:

Free binaural beats and consumer protection

When you get free binaural beats you have little recourse if they are not high quality or otherwise do not work well for you. You still may be the customer but since you did not pay for them you don’t really have much leverage to complain or ask for change. Again, while they may be fine as is, if they are not you’ll just have to go to a different website and try again as opposed to asking for some sort of change.

Free binaural beats and consumer protection

You may find that free binaural beats do not have the flexibility or range that the ones you pay for have. In other words, they may just be what they are as opposed to allowing you to change things like frequency or pitch. So they ones you do get may turn out to be fine, you do run the risk that they will not have the flexibility you need.

Free binaural beats realistic goals

In a general sense be careful that you are not using this lucid dreaming aid, or any of the lucid dreaming music we cover for that matter, at the expense of focusing on solid lucid dreaming techniques. These lucid dreaming aids can up your chances of having lucid dreams but they by themself will not induce them.

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Getting Binaural beats free: The catch

Finally, free binaural beats may come with a catch. They may be free but still require you to sign up for something or view advertisements. Maybe they are free for a while but only for a certain period of time. Look carefully at any free offer and make sure there are truly no strings attached.

It may merely be that since you know the potential drawbacks and limitations to free binaural beats you can now just find the ones that do not have these potential problems. There are many options out there and the number is increasing. You may be able to find a few options that you can use without paying.

Free Binaural Beats Links

Now that you have some basic information and advice about pairing free binaural beats with your regular lucid dreaming techniques, and you know a little about how they work, we wanted to provide a few links to sites where you can download or play them. This is not an exhaustive list, and there are plenty of other high quality and effective sites out there. Please feel free to let us know where else you have been able to download free binaural beats that work. (Please note that my site is not an affiliate site so I am not profiting in any way from your clicks to these sites) Here is our listing:

One of the best and most comprehensive websites we have found. Don’t hesitate to make a small donation if they do work for you:

This website is neat – it allows you to get your binaural beats free by creating your own. This is a great concept – let me know if it works:

One of many videos that contain binaural beats can be found here, and this one lasts a good hour:

Once again, this is not a complete list and just a list of a few possibilities to get you started and to give you an idea of what is out there. If you find other quality links, let us know and we might add to this listing (and you can aslo provide feedback about these if you do try them).


As with our other forms of lucid dreaming music, free binaural beats can help promote the perfect state for having lucidity. They will not work for everyone, and of course practicing your lucid dreaming techniques diligently remains key. Using the methods on this page may help put you over the top in attaining lucidity, or help you have more or longer experiences if you are already having them. We hope that this page proved helpful if you are looking for free binaural beats.

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