Free Isochronic Tones for Lucid Dreaming

Free Isochronic Tones for lucid dreaming are available and can be a powerful ally as you learn to use dream control techniques.  In many cases people manage to have dream control after a short time without lucid dreaming music such as free isochronic tones, but sometimes a small push or a little extra help is needed.  We wanted to share some tips to using the best free isochronic tones successfully, but we first wanted to give you the advice to make sure that the product you download is as good as what you would buy.  You will probably find that this process is not too difficult, give that even if you have to pay the cost will not be too high, and you may decide that it is worth trying free isochronic tones first no matter what because you can always turn to a paid product shortly anyway.  Thus our job is to help you find the best free product to try early on and make a decision whether paying for them is worth it.

Free Isochronic Tones Overview

Even the best free Isochronic tones are not expensive, so if you are choosing to buy these at no cost you need to be sure that you are getting a high quality product.  After all, it may be worthwhile to pay even a little for them otherwise.  You need to look for a product where the tones sound very clear, and where you can vary the frequency but it comes across exactly how you need it.  You also may want to choose a product that comes with extras, such as choices in the background noise or music that plays behind the tones.  And of course you want the sound of the tones themselves to be pleasing.

Free isochronic tones may come in many types, and you want to be sure you can play them the way you want – CD player, smart phone, computer, etc.  And you want them to hold up over time because one you choose the tones and settings you want, you should be able to lock that in and use it time after time.

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So in summary you want to be sure that your free isochronic tones have the following attributes, as compared to those you have to pay for:

Free Isochronic Tones for lucid dreaming and clarity

These tones should be just as clear as their paid cousins, with excellent sound quality.  A small difference in clarity can make a huge difference, and given that even the paid products are not that expensive you may want to compare both.  Sound quality is one area you do not want to compromise to get these products for free.  Of course it may not be the sounds but instead the player that you are using to play them, so while you may get the tones for free make sure you do invest in a good player.

Free Isochronic Tones for lucid dreaming and pitch

You want some control over the pitch of the free isochronic tones you buy.  If the free versions do not give you that control but some that you pay a little for do, you may want to opt for those pay versions.  While the changes in pitch may not make a huge difference, even small differences may help you achieve your goals.  You may feel that certain tones are more comfortable to listen to, or otherwise work better, and having some degree of flexibility may be helpful.

Soothing Free Isochronic Tones

Some people find these beats hard to listen to or at least slightly unpleasant.  You may be able to find a product that either plays the tones over soothing music or white noise, or even creates music from the tones themselves.  Some may prefer this more pleasant way to listen to them, and if that’s the case and the best options you can find cost a little you may opt for that choice.  The tones may be doing the work but the degree to which you are comfortable and relaxed is important.

Free Isochronic Tones for Lucid Dreaming Process

One you have chosen the best free isochronic tones you need to be ready to use them.  There is the chance that the best free isochronic tones for you will come on a CD or otherwise be playable from a device that requires more than an internet connection.  However, this is unlikely. Many products that you can just download or steam may be free, but the ones that require them to be on a CD or other external media may cost something, yet you may prefer that route.  This ensures that if they work you can use the exact same tones and the same recording again.

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Given the above it is likely that the free isochronic tones for lucid dreaming you’ve chosen will require you to use a smartphone, tablet, or computer in order to play them.  Make sure you have an appropriate player or App that will allow you to play them without interruption.  You need to turn off other sounds, like the sound of a text or e-mail coming in for example.  Be sure that the player will not automatically shut off before you are finished with your lucid dreaming techniques.

Free Isochronic Tones and Lucid Dreaming Summary

It may very well be possible that the best isochronic tones for you are the ones that are free, but again there may not be a huge cost for paid products so the choice may not be easy.  One possibility would be to see whether a paid version can be had on a trial basis so you can truly compare and contrast.  That said you may be able to find a high quality free isochronic tones product that work well and helps you achieve lucid dreaming success.

Once again we want to remind you that any lucid dreaming music should be secondary to using solid techniques and staying with them.  You can certainly combine this approach with lucid dreaming supplements or even an aid like a mask.  But in the end we are providing this page because the increased availability of this type of lucid dreaming music may make free isochronic tones an easy choice.

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