Galantamine and Choline for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming and Galantamine and Choline is a great combination.  Many formulas designed to enhance your chances at having lucid dreams contain this combination of Galantamine and Choline.  You’ve learned a lot about Galantamine on this website and perhaps other places, but this post will describe the powerful combination approach.

Galantamine and Choline Mechanisms of Action

As you know, Galantamine inhibits the loss of the chemical acetylcholine, thereby meaning that you have more of this chemical retained. This chemical is key to REM sleep so Galantamine makes REM sleep longer and the dreams produced more vivid. Some have reported that it also makes REM come on more quickly at night.

But what about Choline? This essential nutrient is actually found in many foods you likely eat regularly. It is in egg yolks, beef, and chicken, for example, but not in high enough doses to help with lucid dreaming so you will likely want to supplement. Choline is a B complex vitamin that helps strengthen the communication pathways in your brain. Without Galantamine Choline would be doing its thing in a way that would be healthy and productive, but you would not know. The combination of Galantamine and Choline for lucid dreaming is what makes the difference.

Galantamine and Choline for Lucid Dreaming

It is the combination of Galantamine and Choline that has been reported to do the trick for those looking to promote lucid dreams. In short, the Choline magnifies the effect of the Galantamine. You would want to augment your regular dose of Galantamine with 400-800mg of Choline, though many formulas come with both ingredients anyway. There is no need to add even more Choline than that.

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Keep in mind that you do not need to take the Choline to feel the effects of Galantamine, and some of you may decide to try the latter first to get an idea of its effects without the other.  You may want to also make sure that if you are going to experience side effects that you know exactly what caused them, and whenever you start two supplements at the same time that can be difficult.

Taking Choline and Galantamine for Lucid Dreams

The best way to take your choline and galantamine is to set an alarm and wake yourself up after a couple of hours of sleep.  They should then work by the time you would normally be having REM sleep.  That said, you could also take the Choline earlier and only take the Galantamine at that time when you wake yourself up, since Choline stays in your system much longer.  In fact, some of you may want to just try to get more Choline naturally by adding foods high in this nutrient to your diet, and in that case you will already have this ingredient by the time you go to bed anyway.

If you are not comfortable waking yourself up to take a lucid dreaming supplement – perhaps you have trouble falling back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night or maybe you feel you might sleep through the alarm anyway – it is okay to take it before bed.  Some have reported increased effects if you wake yourself up to take it, but many have also reported good effects if it is taken before bed.  You may even want to experiment a little with when you take this combination.

Please keep in mind that adding Choline to your Galantamine does not change all of the precautions we’ve mentioned, including first and foremost the strong suggestion that you only use this lucid dreaming supplement, and in this case the lucid dreaming combo, twice per week at most.  There should ideally be two nights in between your use of Galantamine and Choline.

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Best of luck if you choose the powerful combination of Galantamine and Choline for lucid dreaming!

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