Galantamine for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming with Galantamine

Galantamine is a lucid dreaming supplement you have likely not heard of unless you are a more advanced lucid dreamer, or unless you have followed this blog or another resource like us.  Yet galantamine can be extremely helpful in your pursuit of dram control.  Thus we decided that this particular lucid dreaming supplement deserves its own page.  Though Galantamine is powerful and many would say quite effective in setting the stage for lucid dreaming, there are some strong cautions that must be needed if you are going to use this lucid dreaming supplement.  The sellers and manufacturers may not be clear in providing those warnings, and thus it is vital that you do some independent research before starting.

Like all supplements in the “lucid dreaming supplement” class, Galantamine cannot really specifically help you ave lucid dreams.  Only your dream control techniques can help you accomplish that goal.  Instead, galantamine can make dreams longer, sharper and more vivid, and more memorable.  In other words, it can set the stage for you to have your best chances to both have and remember lucid dreams when you are faithfully using good dream control techniques.

If you are someone looking to go beyond dietary changes and the simple (but still effective!) supplements available over-the-counter, you may want to buy Galantamine for lucid dreaming as a first choice of the more powerful variety.  That said, this one comes with several cautions, so we suggest you read this whole page first.

Dream Views, a great site for lucid dreamers, has a nice review of Galantamine for Lucid dreaming

Lucidipedia also has information about this supplement and lucid dreams

What is Galantamine?

What is Galantamine for lucid dreaming anyway?  We can look to answer that question in several ways, from what is the chemical compound to why has it been used.  Many people want to know more about any potential supplement they are taking, so asking the question “what is Galantamine and how does it help with lucid dreaming?” is quite normal.  Of course there are also those of you that do not care as much exactly what this supplement is as long as you are aware of the side effects of the nutrient.  For now we provide some answers to the question here.

What is it used For

As a prescription Galantamine is used to help with some memory disorders, and in these cases the extended release version is used.  This website, however, is dedicated to the use of Galantamine for lucid dreaming.  Many have reported that this supplement sets the stage for lucid dreams by making dreams more frequent and vivid.  In both cases the mechanism of action involved is that this supplement improves the functioning of nerve cells in the brain. To do this it prevents the breakdown of a chemical called acetylcholine, thereby leaving more of this chemical around.  Having more of that chemical has been linked to having more memorable dreams.

So if we answer the question “what is Galantamine” by describing what it is used for we find a solid description of how it works and why it would be used.  This may be enough of an explanation for many people.  But some may also wonder exactly what it is, and how it is made, and that is a separate question.

What Galantamine is Made of

Many people do not just want to know what a supplement is used for since they want to know what it is made of.  Galantamine is an alkaloid that was originally used as an herbal remedy.  It comes from the plant Galanthus woronowii.  It was originally studied in the 1950s in the Soviet Union, and quickly the actual active ingredient was isolated so that it can now be made synthetically.  As with many future natural home remedies Galantamine for lucid dreaming has humble beginnings – it was not as though scientists set out to find a plant that could help set the stage for lucid dreaming, but instead they found that there was a plant that happened to have medicinal qualities and a positive side effect of the main properties was that dreams were longer and more vivid.

The Galantamine lucid dreaming supplement is very likely the synthetic kind, and this allows for dosing to be quite accurate.  Of course it is possible to try to create your Galantamine supplement from the actual plant, but that would be quite a bit more difficult.

What is it Used With

Galantamine for lucid dreaming is often mixed with other ingredients.  Of course we strongly suggest that you do not take a lucid dreaming supplement that mixes many active ingredients together, at least at first when you do not know what the effects of each ingredient are individually.  But what is Galantamine for lucid dreaming used with that can help magnify its effects?  The most common combination is with Choline which seems to help magnify the effects of the active ingredient.  This is a combination that we do promote, given that Choline alone is not a lucid dreaming supplement and in this case it simple seems to be a magnifier.

So if you do have success with this lucid dreaming supplement and you want to tell people about it, expect that a common question you will hear is “what is Galantamine?”  We hope that this post and of course all of the information on this website can help you provide an answer that will help them fully understand more about it.  And please feel free to add any additional information in our comments section if you believe that it adds more helpful detail to answer the question, “What is Galantamine?”

Galantamine for Lucid Dreaming

Galantamine is quite powerful and some would suggest that you wake yourself up after a few hours of restful sleep because it may interfere with your sleep cycles.  The supplement will start to work quickly, within an hour, so you ill still have time to enjoy the effects and benefits of this lucid dreaming supplement.  The dose varies from around 4mg to up to 12 mg, with the most common instruction being to use around 6 mg.  That said, as with most lucid dreaming supplements it is advisable to start with a low dose since many people do respond to less than 8mg.  When you first take Galantamine as a lucid dreaming supplement you may want to do so on a night where you do not need a restful sleep given that it might interfere with your sleep pattern.

One of the major caveats with galantamine is that it must only be taken once or maybe twice each week.  More than that and it can not only lose its effect, but it can lose its effect for quite a while even when you stop.  Therefore we suggest that you choose to take Galantamine on those perfectly set up nights when you’ve faithfully done your lucid dreaming techniques, you can get a very good night’s sleep, and you have time in the morning to reflect on and remember tour dreams.

Of course if you experience any side effects after taking Galantamine for lucid dreaming you should discontinue its use or, if they are mild, perhaps lower the dose you are taking.  And as with any lucid dreaming supplement make sure you talk to your doctor if side effects are moderate to severe, and also talk to him or her ahead of time if you are taking any other medications.

Galantamine and Lucid Dreaming Techniques

This lucid dreaming supplement has been studied for many years, starting as early as the 1970s when researchers showed that inhibiting the uptake of acetylcholine (which is what this supplement does) was related to dreaming in a direct way.  It also seemed to have effects on memory.  So the lucid dreaming community soon took note – a potential lucid dreaming pill that could help them have more and remember their dreams?!  So if lucid dreaming techniques are faithfully practiced, this supplement can help with success by increasing REM sleep and making it easier to remember.

Recent studies, including by industry leader Stephen Laberge and his group have shown that there is a greater likelihood of someone reporting a lucid dream on Galantamine than when taking a placebo.  The results seemed most promising with wake-induced lucid dreaming techniques, especially those involving waking up in the middle of the night and then trying to transition to lucidity.

As powerful as these results sound, and as tempted as you may be to dive in with your use of Galantamine for lucid dreams, we suggest that it may be best taken only after you have had a few lucid dreams using your techniques.  First of all this ensures that you do not become reliant on this supplement to ensure success, and second so that you can make sure that your techniques are so solid that they do not need the boost provided by galantamine or any other lucid dreaming supplement for success.

But you may be wondering if Galantamine is anything more than a lucid dreaming placebo.  Of course we freely admit that to some degree anything you do during the day that gets you focused on lucid dreaming – any routine or effort – will help you induce dream control.  In fact, most lucid dreaming techniques are actually based on this theory.  But Galantamine actually has a specific mechanism of action that is known to work.

Galantamine for Lucid Dreaming MoA

Basically Galantamine has been found experimentally to inhibit cholinesterase.  This basically means that it reduces the amount of a substance called AChE which in turn leaves more of the chemical acetylcholine in your brain.  The final step is that this chemical has the effect of increasing the action of nicotine receptors.  Sound like hodge podge?  Well, given that it has been shown that these effects on nicotenic receptors can increase the vividness and memorability of dreams, we have our mechanism of

Put more scientifically, Galantamine is known as an anticholinergic agent, also called a cholinesterase inhibitor.  Basically that means that it is preventing a substance called acetylcholinesterase from breaking down and thereby removing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which itself seems to promote increased and more vivid dreams.

Galantamine Side Effects

Generally galantamine has a low side effect profile suggesting that most people will not have galantamine side effects and if they do they will be mild.  That said, there are galantamine side effects you should know about, and you should still definitely consult with your doctor first especially if you are taking any medicines or have a medical issue.  There are very uncommon galantamine side effects but we list them first because should you experience them you need to call your doctor immediately and they include:

  • Chest pain, tightness, or discomfort
  • light-headedness of any kind
  • shortness of breath or rapid breathing
  • anything that feels severe or puts you at some sort of risk
  • Blurred vision
  • confusion

There are galantamine side effects that may go away after a short while if you stop taking the supplement, but still warrant at least a quick call to your doctor’s office such as

  • light-headedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position
  • change in heart rate rhythm
  • rapid breathing
  • redness of the face or neck
  • tiredness or weakness

The following galantamine side effects may occur, and if they remain mild you may not need to call your doctor.  They should, however, go away within a few times of taking the supplement

  • decreased appetite and mild weight loss
  • mild diarrhea that goes away
  • gassiness, nausea, or heartburn
  • mild irritability
  • mild trouble concentrating or sleeping

Conclusions about Galantamine for Lucid Dreams

Again, we repeat a caveat: Nicotenic receptors can burn out if this chemical reaction repeats too often.  Basically they need time to recover before they can go through this process again.  If you take Galantamine too often you risk the possibility of burning out these receptors and having fewer memorable dreams.  No worries if you only take Galantamine once or maybe twice each week – that gives enough recovery time.

WebMD has a good overview of this supplement.

Galantamine for lucid dreaming combinations

Galantamine can be combined with other lucid dreaming supplements, and it is frequently taken with Choline.  Keep in mind that you may want to start with this one before introducing another supplement so you know exactly what its effects are alone – and you know what the effect of each individual lucid dreaming supplement is before finding out what they can do in combination.

Galanatamine is often taken by the lucid dreamer in the middle of the night so that it can have its maximum effect during REM periods of sleep.  It is often taken together with Vitamin B5 which seems to enhance its effect, especially on dream recall.  Many have reported that galantamine actually does not necessarily induce lucid dreams, but merely makes all dreams more vivid and memorable – still an important effect for the lucid dreamer.

Specific galantamine for lucid dreaming products

You will notice that we do not suggest exactly where to buy Galantamine for lucid dreaming, given that we want to remain independent and unbiased, and we do not, therefore, work directly with any seller of manufacturer of any product.  But we can give you some general advice about where to buy Galantamine for lucid dreams if the information on this page is compelling.  Look for a retailer that people on lucid dreaming forums – those who do not provide the information with affiliate links – suggest.  Also, find a well-established online store that allows both positive and negative reviews, and in a related way, go back to any retailer that you purchased another supplement from and they delivered what you were looking for.  There are plenty of reputable places to buy Galantamine, but a little homework is necessary.

Galantamine may be the most powerful supplement there is when it comes to lucid dream induction, and also the production of longer, more vivid, and highly memorable dreams in general.  Used for centuries as a supplement that is a brain-booster and memory enhancer, this natural home remedy has also been known to help people remmeber their dreams and and become self-aware while dreaming.

One caution about Galantamine: Many suggest that this supplement only be taken up to two times each week, given that your brain can build up a tolerance to its effects.  Thus galantamine may be a very powerful supplement to take on occaision to have enhanced lucid dreaming experiences, but should not take the place of techniques you would use daily to enjoy the possibility of lucid dreams every night.

Good luck if you choose Galantamine for Lucid Dreaming!

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