Galantamine Side Effects

Side Effects of Galantamine

Galantamine side effects are reasonably rare, so for most people if they do have some unwanted effects they will either be mild of transient.  That said, you do need to be aware of certain galantamine side effects, and particularly if you are on prescription medication or have medical issues you should talk to your primary care doctor before taking this lucid dreaming supplement.  You may not have any difficulties with this one, but as with any new medication or supplement it is important to be aware of the untoward effects you might feel.  We are almost tempted not to have this page at all, given that with any supplement there can be idiosyncratic reactions that you should still report, so the bottom line is that if you have any reactions while taking galantamine, whether they are listed here or not, you need to call your doctor and confer.

We have arranged these galantamine side effects into categories depending on whether the effects are serious, medium, or mild.  That said, even the ones listed in the last category can be serious if they persist, become worse, or have higher intensity.  We suggest that if you have any mild issues that last more than a few hours that you check with your physician, and if you have any of the moderate or serious ones that you discontinue with this supplement until you check in with him or her.  Remember that there are plenty of other lucid dreaming supplements available that may do for you everything that this one does, so you may just need to try something else and your success may be the same.

Here are the side effects of galantamine:

Serious galantamine side effects

It may be rare to have serious side effects of this lucid dreaming supplement, but call you doctor right away if you experience any of the following side effects of Galantamine:

  • Any form of chest pain or discomfort or shortness of breath whether tight after you take it or delayed
  • light-headedness or blurry vision that lasts more than a few seconds, and again maybe right after you take it or perhaps a few hours later
  • Any mental changes such as confusion that are out of the ordinary
  • Rapid breathing that persists longer than a few seconds

Make sure that you judge any reactions like this conservatively.  In other words, do not pass off serious side effects as having been caused by something else, and do not assume that they will go away with time.  If the only major change in your dietary and supplement routine was taking this new supplement, then any side effects are likely due to it.  And if what you are experiencing falls on this serious list then it’s not something you should just assume will go away with time or may otherwise be transient.  There are other lucid dreaming supplements you can take and get the same effects, and if you experience any of the above then a switch may be prudent.

Moderate Galantamine Side Effects

These Galantamine side effects are a little more common and may not be severe.

  • light-headedness that occurs when you suddenly stand from a sitting or laying position
  • rapid breathing that goes away fairly quickly
  • red blotches that appear on your face of neck
  • Tiredness that is beyond mild or expected

Experiencing these issues may not necessitate stopping this lucid dreaming supplement, but it may mean you need to lower your dose or consider trying something else to see if you can get the same effect anyway.  These problems could become worse if you continue to take it, and you don’t want to play around with that possibility.  In fact, as you assess any reactions make sure you are not minimizing them in order to try to be able to continue taking it.  Remember, as we said above, there are other lucid dreaming supplements out there and these types of reactions may be enough to push you to see if there is something else, like Calea Z or Choline, that will work just as well.  You may want to call your doctor unless they are quite mild and go away reasonably fast.  Many of these effects may move into the category below or above depending on how severe they are and how long they last.  These effects are still worth discussing with your doctor, and if you have any per-existing condition or are on any medication it is particularly important that you check in if you have any of these.

Mild Galantamine Side Effects

These usually do not require a call to the doctor unless they don’t go away fairly quickly or progress to more serious symptoms.  That said, anyone with any medical predisposition, or who is on any prescription medications may want to be conservative and call the doctor anyway.  If any of these recur more than once or twice you should call your PCP.

  • Decreased appetite that leads to mild weight loss but does not occur with other symptoms
  • Mild diarrhea that does not persist and is not severe even at first
  • A gassy or nauseous feeling, or perhaps heartburn
  • Slight irritability that does not last too long
  • Mild difficulties concentrating or attending to tasks.

If you experience any of these effects you may be able to stuck with galantamine for lucid dreaming, but make sure you keep track of whether they worsen.  These effects may end p being transient as you get used to this supplement, and just changing the actual formula or brand you use may help as well.  You could also experiment with things such as having some food with your supplement or taking it at slightly different times.

Side Effects of Galantamine Frequency

You may be wondering what the frequency is of Galantamine side effects, just to get an idea of what to expect.  Of course you need to keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to this or any supplement, and that just because a specific effect does not happen often does not mean it will not happen to you.  Also, the frequency does not mean anything in relation to severity.  In other words, a more common effect is not necessarily not to be concerned about, while a less common one is not necessarily a problem.  We are including this section as information that may be interesting and helpful but is not designed to help you make decisions about whether to continue or not, or when to check in with the doctor.

Here are the frequencies of some side effects – this is not a comprehensive listing:

  • Anemia: Common (1% to 10%) *
  • Blurred vision: Uncommon (0.1% to 1%)
  • Bradycardia (low heart rate): Common (1% to 10%)
  • Decreased appetite: Common (1% to 10%)
  • Depression: Common (1% to 10%) *
  • Diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea: Common (1% to 10%)
  • Dizziness, headache, sleepiness: Common (1% to 10%)
  • Muscle spasms: Common (1% to 10%) *
  • Nausea, vomiting: Very common (10% or more)
  • Palpitations, flushing: Uncommon (0.1% to 1%)
  • Stuffy, Runny nose: Common (1% to 10%)
  • Sweating: Common (1% to 10%)
  • Urinary tract infection: Common (1% to 10%) *

* These effects may be more likely for those taking galantamine as a medication every day, as opposed to those taking it much less frequently for the purpose of helping with lucid dreaming.  Given that we recommend only using this supplement one or two times each week, it may be less likely that you experience some of these effects than the percentages listed, especially the ones we listed with an asterisk.  That said, it may not be impossible so you should track any issue, whether it is listed here or not, and whether it is considered serious or mild.  Once again, there are other lucid dreaming supplements to choose from so it may be both easy and prudent to change if you experience any side effects of Galantamine.


As we mentioned, you may have other issues that are unique to your own physical makeup and medical condition.  Do not overlook any potential reactions, and particularly if the reaction is severe or persists.  There are other lucid dreaming supplements you can turn to if this one is not for you, and of course you can certainly have success with lucid dreaming without the aid of a supplement at all.  We suggest that you start with the lowest recommended dose to begin with and work your way up if that doesn’t work.  See whether you will tolerate this supplement before worrying about how strong the effects are.  Keep a log of your reactions to it so you don’t forget, and make sure that even the mild galantamine side effects seem to get better with time and don’t persist for very long.

Please let us and other readers know using the comments section below if you experience any other problems or issues with this supplement.  If you can. please include what you did about it and whether the issues went away.  We will certainly publish more on the list above if we hear about another issue a few times.  We will also pay attention to other reports and add to this list (and potentially subtract as well) as we hear more information.

For now, the listing on this page are the main Galantamine Side Effects.

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