How Long Until my Lucid Dreaming Supplement will Work?

When you start taking a lucid dreaming supplement, the natural question is how long it should take for the herbal remedy to work.  You don;t want to keep taking something that doesn’t work right, yet you also don’t want to give up too soon.  The great thing about the supplements we cover here is that most should work right away, even if their effects will improve over time.  More specifically, here is a rundown of how long it take some of the more common lucid dreaming supplements to work:

– Calea Z should work right away, often the first time you take it.  However, Calea Z does not work every night even for those for whom it is a great choice, so don;t give up after only one or two times taking calea Z.

– Galantamine works the first time you take it, and as we’ve repeated very often here you should not take Galantamine more than once or twice a week anyway so there is no need for experimentation.  If Galantamine does not work for you after one or two times, its worth trying something else.

– Choline Citrate is the first of our lucid dreaming supplements that may have an additive effect.  You may find that this lucid dreaming herb actually works better if you take it regularly.

– Melatonin may work a little better if you take it regularly, but many doctors have become concerned about the idea of people taking melatonin over longer periods so it may be worth checking in with her or him first.

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– 5-HTP is another lucid dreaming supplement known to have an additive effect over time for some people, so you may want to take this one for a few weeks before judging its effectiveness

These are just very general guidelines regarding how long to try each lucid dreaming supplement.  Of course your experience may vary.

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