How to Lucid Dream Fast

Many want to learn how to lucid dream fast and in this case it may be possible to give some tips that will help this become a reality.  That said, to have consistent high quality lucid dreams you need to put significant time and effort into your techniques.  If you’ve looked in to lucid dreaming, whether at this site or elsewhere, you’ve likely seen how the amount of energy and time you put in to asking yourself “am I dreaming?” or looking for dream signs may be directly related to your later success.  That said, we wanted to give some hints that will help you learn how to lucid dream fast.  Make sure you read the section that is titled “Should You Try to Lucid Dream Fast” which presents a bit of a counter argument to some of this advice.

Learning How to Lucid Dream Fast

There are a few different ways to learn how to lucid dream fast, such as:

1. Take a full day off from work and other obligations and spend the entire day looking for dream signs and asking yourself “Am I dreaming?”  in this way you are condensing what might have otherwise taken you a few weeks into one day.  Condensing these techniques also means that that night they are quite fresh in your mind and may have an even better chance of carrying through to your dreams.

2. Make sure you are doing everything you can to remember your dreams in the first place.  Learning how to lucid dream fast may be merely a case of making sure you can remember your dreams.  In other words, if you can remember twice as many dreams you have that much more likelihood of remembering what may have been a lucid dream.  So while you are working on your techniques do not skimp on the process of remembering as many dreams as possible.

3. Bring in as many supports as possible if you want to learn how to lucid dream fast.  Join some forums, ask family and friends whether they want to try this with you, and share your experiences.  By bringing the topic of lucidity into your life you increase your chances it will carry over and trigger actual lucid dreams.

How to Lucid Dream Fast Tips

in addition to the above, here are some additional tips you can use when learning how to lucid dream fast:

1. Use both wake induced and dream induced techniques.  Especially at the beginning you will not know which techniques work best for you.  Wake induced lucid dreaming techniques involve slowly transitioning from being awake to being aware in your dreams, and they are ideally suited to entering the dream during naps or after waking yourself up in the middle of the night.  Using these methods along with dream induced techniques may increase your chances.

2. Keep a journal that covers everything – exactly what techniques you used, what you ate, what your day was like, what you did, what your mode was like during the day, etc.  knowing as much as possible about what the optimal conditions are for you when it comes lucidity can become a way to learn how to lucid dream easily.

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3. Partner with others or at least join forum that can help you learn from others.  The advice and guidance of other who may be more experienced, as well as the motivation that comes with being part of a group, can help you achieve dream control faster.

4. Use lucid dreaming supplements and lucid dreaming music to help increase your chances.  You can also find devices designed to notice when you are in REM sleep and provide a sound or visual signal.  These methods cannot take the place of solid techniques, but they can augment them and help you learn to lucid dream fast.

Even with all of these ideas you may end up not being able to lucid dream fast, and the bottom line is that patience may be necessary and quite worthwhile.  Some people are able to lucid dream fast and for others a longer period of study and effort is necessary.  However, for both groups the end result is worthwhile.

Should You Try to Learn how to Lucid Dream Fast?

As you can see from the above there are ways to lucid dream fast, but the obvious question is whether this is a good path.  Perhaps learning how to lucid dream fast can bring immediate rewards but in the long run it may make more sense to approach dream control with a slower and more measured pace.  That way you can make sure that you are using techniques that don’t just lead to lucidity but also promise the most vivid and longest experiences of dream control possible.  Could trying to do this all fast lead to skipping steps that would have maximized the experience?

Our advice is to use a combination approach that points you toward how to lucid dream fast without skipping any steps.  Perhaps you could reframe this as “how to lucid dream reasonably fast” or “how to lucid dream as quickly as is practical”.  Even though it is tempting to rush in, your dream control adventures can be something to enjoy long term, so being patient, at least to some degree, may be the better approach.  When you find that your pursuit of having lucid dreams as quickly as possible is either not working at all or seeming to lead to dreams that are not as vivid as you’d like, take a step back and slow down.

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How to Lucid Dream Fast Next Steps

Hopefully these how to lucid dream fast tips and techniques have helped learn how to have your first lucid dreams.  But there will always be something new to work on.  While it is certainly helpful to have learned how to lucid dream fast, you may find that those initial experiences of lucidity are shorter than you’d like, do not offer the control you wanted, or are not frequent enough.  It is important then to now set new goals related to these and other factors.  You’ve been able to learn how to lucid dream fast and now you want to make sure to optimize the experiences and make them more frequent.

Use our website to learn how to lucid dream fast

Much of the information and advice on this website is designed to help you learn how to lucid dream as practically and effectively as possible.  After following the simple instructions here in this post you may have had a few experiences or real, if brief, lucid dreaming.  As soon as that happens you may want to set some goals and keep track of them in your journal.  Make them specific and set your goals high.  What would you like to improve on now that you know what the potential is?  What would make the experience even better?  You will quickly realize that learning how to lucid dream fast is just a starting off point, one that can give you confidence and motivation, but that can also lead to an increased desire to do even better.

Here are some good pages and posts here that can help: How to induce lucid dreaming, easiest way to lucid dream, and steps to lucid dreaming.

We really like this set of answers at Yahoo to the question of how to speed your lucid dreaming and there are good videos at YouTube that can help you attain lucidity fast.

We wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of lucidity and hope that this post helped you move more quickly toward seeing the potential in this exciting possibility.  If you have your own ideas or experiences with how to lucid dream fast, please share them below.

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