How to Lucid Dream in One Night

Can you learn how to lucid dream in one night?  It likely depends on why you are asking, and what your experience is.  If you have not yet had an experience of lucidity or dream control then there may be little we can say that would ensure that tonight would be your start to lucid dreaming.  But if by asking “how to lucid dream in one night” because you have some experience and success and you want to maximize your chances, then we can provide some advice.  Actually, even if you have not yet had success we can at least maximize your chances at learning how to control dreams tonight but we do not want to give false hope.

How To Lucid Dream in One Night: The Day Before

We start with an exploration of what you can do during the day to give yourself the best chances of learning how to lucid dream in one night.  You’ll need to choose a day where you do not have too much planned so you can focus all of your energy on lucid dreaming.  Go around looking for dream signs, looking at your reflection to see if it is distorted, or your fingers to see if they transform, or other people to see if they change.  While doing this, ask yourself if you are dreaming.  Continually do this throughout all of your activities during the day.  Maybe even joke with friends by asking “am I dreaming?” whether they know why you’d ask that or not.  Text the question to a few people.  Ask the question at lucid dream forums.

While doing all of the above think about how you seem to have the most dreams or perhaps the closet experiences to dream control.  Were you particularly tired?  Then stay quite active.  Did you eat a lot, or a little, or particularly healthy?

How to Lucid Dream in One Night: That Evening

So now you have done a lot of things during the day, what should you do as bedtime approaches?  There are basically two things you should do: Accelerate your use of techniques, and prepare yourself for a restful sleep.  As far as the first idea, again look for dream signs in everything you do, many times during the evening.  As you do that ask yourself if you are dreaming.  However often you did that during the day do it more often in the evening, constantly asking the question and doing a wide variety of looking for dream signs.  At the same time think about how you can set yourself up for the most restful deep sleep you can.  What can you eat for dinner and have for snack that helps you relax and allows you to sleep well?  Do you like to take a brisk walk in the early evening so that you can relax later on, or are you best off just progressively relaxing throughout the evening?  Do you like to read, watch TV, spend time in conversation, etc. in order to relax?

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How to lucid dream in one night by using your supports

As you try to learn how to lucid dream in one night the evening is also a great time to check in with others if you have lucid dreaming partners.  Even if you do not have lucid dreaming partners are there people with whom you feel comfortable discussing your hope to learn how to lucid dream in one night?  Maybe you could check in at a lucid dreaming forum, or send a comment in to a website like this one (maybe on this post!).  If you are using a book or a website like this, re-read some of it.  Everything you do this evening should have something to do with lucid dreaming so that when you are asleep this theme carries through.

How to Lucid Dream in One Night: That Night

So now you have prepared yourself well during the day and the evening to attempt to have a lucid dream in one night.  What can you do at bedtime and while asleep to give yourself the best chances?  Put simply you need to make sure you have set things up so that you will get an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep.  You want to have the right temperature, bedding that keeps you cool and comfortable, and whatever lighting you prefer.  Make sure that devices and other household objects that can make noise are off.  You need to set things up so that you can have a solid night’s sleep with normal and predicable REM periods.

You may want to add some specific aids to your attempts.  Perhaps you will use binaural beats, isochronic tones, or just soothing music in the background.  These lucid dreaming aids can help some people reach a state of relaxation and focus that can give you a good chance of knowing how to lucid dream in one night.   You could also use certain technologies such as lucid dreaming pillows, lucid dream masks, and other aids.  The former allows you to get as comfortable as possible while the latter detects when you are in REM sleep and sends a signal.

Finally, in order to give yourself the best chance at knowing how to lucid dream in one night you may want you eat certain foods right before bed.  Some have reported that a food as simple as an apple can help increase you chances.  Your journal may guide you as far as the best choices for a late snack to improve your chances.  The same goes for drinks, though you should stay away from more than one serving of alcohol.

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How to lucid dream in one night, conclusion

All of the above can not only scientifically increase your chances of learning how to have a lucid dream in one night, they also become part of your ritual that focuses your days on lucid dreaming so that you are more likely to have that theme carry over to nighttime in your dreams.  You may find yourself doing on of these steps with the goal of learning how to control dreams tonight but at the same time you notice a dream sign of some sort – you are dreaming!

Please share other information and advice you have to help other know how to lucid dream in one night.

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