How to Master Lucid Dreaming

We want to help you learn how to master lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming can be challenging and can take a while to happen.  And each morning that you wake up and you did not have a lucid dream you might be frustrated.  You may feel like you are one of those people for whom lucidity will not become a reality.  It can certainly be tempting to give up and not pursue this path anymore.  Our advice to those who are thinking any of those things is to put off that decision for now.  Keep trying the lucid dreaming techniques and tips on our site and elsewhere.  Look at it this way: lucid dreaming techniques are easy and in most cases seemless in your waking life, so it is not as though there is anything particularly hard about continuing to try.  And the payoff is huge – don’t underestimate how wonderful it is to have these experiences.

How to Master Lucid Dreaming through our website

Hopefully this website and help you learn how to master lucid dreaming, so instead of giving up, try a new technique.  And if you’ve tried everything on our site look to other websites and forums for advice and ideas.  Keep at it for a while and look for small signs that you are making progress such as mild signs of lucidity or the topic of dreaming coming up in your dreams even if you are not lucid.  Perhaps take a short break from using the techniques to build your motivation back up.  Look for lucid dreaming stories involving people who were as frustrated as you but the achieved success.  It can certainly be tempting to give up on this process since it is not easy and you have to wait 16 hours between attempts.  But again, the payoff can be immense and worthwhile, and for some people that payoff requires a lot of perseverance to attain.  We will continue to update our site often with new tips and techniques, so check back for new ways to break through often as we continue to try to help you learn how to master lucid dreaming.

Wondergressive has a great page about the art of lucid dreaming, and the dream guru presents six ways to master lucidity.

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How to Master Lucid Dreaming Tips

Here are three suggestions that relate to the process of how to learn to master lucid dreaming.  In some ways these suggestions are simple, but they may help whether you are a beginner or have already had some success.  So here goes:

1. Double or triple the number of times you do reality checks during the day, asking yourself “am I dreaming”.  This is of course the most basic and simple yet effective lucid dreaming technique there is.  And the payoff as far as more frequent lucidity is often related to the amount of times it is used.  So resolve to increase the number of times you check in, the result could be that you check in during an actual dream – a suddenly lucid dream – more frequently as well.

2. Try new lucid dreaming techniques no matter what your success with the techniques you use now.  In particular, look into dream-induced techniques if you use wake-induced techniques now.  Or use a different induction techniques such as music or binaural beats.  The more techniques you are good at, the more likely you are to avoid dips or plateaus in your journey.

3. Spread the word about lucid dreaming to friends and family who you feel will be open to it and maybe even who want to learn how to master lucid dreaming themselves.  Having a network of people who will all provide each other motivation and support can help especially when you enter a rut.  And just think about how wonderful it will be to help someone else learn how to have lucidity.  It will be mutually beneficial and quite motivating.

There are many ways to master lucid dreaming and these tips can help you organize your efforts.

How to Master Lucid Dreaming by Avoiding Mistakes

There are several mistakes many people make when they are first learning how to master lucid dreaming.  None of these mistakes usually last long, since most realize their error and correct it.  Our goal is to give some advice here so that the lucid dreamer does not make these mistakes in the first place!  Here are three of the most common mistakes people make when first learning how to master lucid dreaming:

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1. Do not try to be too active in your lucid dreams at first – too much excitement and you might wake up.  Trade the fact that your dreams will be longer and maybe more vivid for the fact that you will be more passive.  Unfortunately we are programmed to wake up when we have too much excitement and adrenaline – a good thing if there is an external emergency, but a bad thing if the reason for the excitement is a really cool lucid dream.  This takes practice.

2. Don’t stop using your dream journal after you start having success at learning how to master lucid dreaming!  Many people believe that since they are having lucidity they no longer need their dream journal, but in time you will start to forget more dreams this way.  It may take time, but what can happen is that during periods where you have fewer opportunities for dream control you will find yourself remembering less and less of your dreams.

3. Be creative with your techniques: Learning how to master lucid dreaming takes practice, and learning dream control requires a variety of techniques.  Even when something works well, perhaps there is another how to technique that would work better or produce a different result.

By following these suggestions and avoiding those missteps you can truly learn the art of dream control, and make each night a fun and exciting adventure.  Stay with it and look forward to your success.  Your efforts will be well worth it.

For the latest information and advice about techniques, please see our how to page and our information about how to lucid dream tonight.  We would also welcome your own suggestions and advice to others as far as ways to master lucid dreaming, and your own experiences along the way.  Best of luck as you learn how to master lucid dreaming!

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