Lucid Dream Definition

Arriving at a lucid dream definition can be quite easy in some ways.  In fact, a simple lucid dreams definition would be something like “lucid dreams involve being completely awake and aware while asleep and dreaming”.   Note that we did not include the words “in control” in this basic definition, given that technically as long as you are dreaming and aware there is lucidity.

Despite how simple it may seem, how we define lucid dreams may depend on some context and may differ depending on why a person might ask for a definition.  In this post we go over some varieties of lucid dreams definitions that can fit many different inquiries.

Lucid Dreams Definition: Meanings

Perhaps the person asking us to define lucid dreams is looking for something a little deeper than the simple explanation we provided above.  Maybe we need to provide a lucid dream definition that incorporates aspects of the experience and goes deeper into the meaning of these experiences.  In this case we might define lucid dreams as:

  • “A state where almost anything is possible given the vastness of your imagination”
  • “A place where you can do anything you want and control your environment in ways that would be impossible while awake”
  • “A wonderful experience where you are awake yet your are not limited by the bounds of what is possible while not dreaming”

These are the types of definitions of lucid dreams that can be quite motivating to others and capture the deeper meaning a potential of this craft.

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Lucid Dream Definition: Practical

Of course some people ask us to define lucid dreams because they are looking for a practical definition.  For these purposes the simple definition of lucid dreams we used in the first paragraph may be enough.  Yet there are some details we can add, such as:

  • Lucid dreams are a state where you are asleep and in REM sleep, but you are able to know that you are dreaming and therefore interact with the dream world purposefully.
  • Lucid dreams are dreams that occur while you are fully asleep yet your conscious mind functions as it normally does while you are awake
  • Lucid dreams involve knowing you are dreaming and being able to control some aspects of the dream.

Detailed Lucid Dream Definition

Some would argue that any practical definition should include several important components without which we would not call the experience true lucid dreaming.  In this case the definition would state that you need all of the following in a fully lucid dream:

  1. You are aware that you are dreaming as opposed to being aware but thinking that everything around you is real.  The latter, of course, is typical of many normal dreams.
  2. You know you can make purposeful decisions about what you will do in the dream.  You may choose to be a passive observer of course, but as long as you know you could take action then you meet this criteria.
  3. You know you are you.  In other words, you are aware that you are dreaming, you are in the dream, and the thoughts and feeling belong to you
  4. You retain the knowledge of the difference between your current state and your waking state
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You may be able to arrive at your own definition by looking at our other information such as steps to lucid dreaming and how to have lucid dreams.

You can also look externally as well, perhaps breaking this down into its component parts.  Foe example Yahoo Answers has a nice thread answering the question “What Does The Word Lucid Mean?”

Pre-Lucid Dreams Definition

There is another definition of lucid dreams that should be mentioned here, and that is the “pre-lucid dream”.  In these instances you are not sure whether you are dreaming or not, and before the debate ends with a conclusion that you are aware and dreaming you either wake up or go back to normal dreaming.  These pre-lucid dream experiences are common and many would say are precursors to successful lucidity.

All of the definitions of lucid dreams may prove helpful as you talk to others about this art, and as you journal your own experiences.  Please feel free to use the comments section if you have other ideas and suggestions regarding a lucid dreams definition.

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