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Lucid dream pills that combine a few lucid dreaming supplements can be very effective.  Our website about lucid dreaming supplements mostly covers pure ingredients that you would take singularly to induce lucid dreams.  In others words, whether it is 5-HTP, Mugwort, Galantamine, or Calea Z we go over these ingredients individually.  We do not cover lucid dream pills, those that involve combinations of ingredients, not because we do not think they work but instead because it is hard to accurately cover what are products that may have incredibly unique combinations of ingredients and in very unique amounts.  That said, we felt it would be helpful to cover lucid dream pills at least a little.  They can be very effective.

Choosing Lucid Dream Pills

You need to do three things to start with if you are considering lucid dream pills as part of your lucid dream technique process:

1. Know what main ingredient you want.  Most lucid dreaming pills start with one particular lucid dreaming supplement as a cornerstone – whether Galantamine, Calea Z, Mugwort, etc.  Assess how much of that main ingredient is involved and make sure that it is enough to have a therapeutic effect.  Review the information here and elsewhere about that ingredient and assess the lucid dream pills, even if they have many ingredients, first on the basis of that main active chemical.

2. Now look at the other active ingredients as well.  Assess what they are and what their effect will be.  Make sure that the lucid dream pills in question are not trying to squeeze too much in, in a way that will make it so that there is not enough of anything in particular to have an actual effect.  Make sure also that the active ingredients make sense and are not just designed to make the supplement look good.

3. Finally, assess the quality of the brand by looking at as much unbiased feedback as you can find, not necessarily about that particular product but about the company in general.  Look at websites that seem to be well-rounded in the feedback they provide so you know they have no stake in whether you choose a certain company or product.  The best way to do this is to make sure that some products are getting lower marks than others.

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Lucid Dream Pills Buyer’s Guide

But how do you choose among the various lucid dream pills on the market?  This may be more challenging, though it is quite possible to over think this part.  Sometimes you just have to choose one, even if at random, and see how it works.  That said there are some pieces of advice we can give:

1. Assess what you are already good at and choose a lucid dream pill that will work on your weaknesses.  In other words, if you need help with recall, choose among the lucid dream pills for one that improves the vividness and therefore memorability of your dreams.  If you are good at remembering dreams early on but not later in the nighttime, choose one that is known to work over a longer period of time.

2. Think about the general effects you get from supplements and consider that when it comes to your lucid dream pills.  Are you very sensitive to strong chemicals of any kind?  Then you may want to go with something more mild such as a natural vitamin supplement as opposed to something powerful like Calea Z or Galantamine.

3. Finally, are you looking for a boost or something to take all the time.  If all you need is a boost after a period during which you experienced a lull, then maybe something like a night of Galantamine would help, but if you want something you can safely take every day then Choline Citrate is an example of an option.

Prescription Lucid Dream Pills?

We understand how badly people want to have fully lucid dreams and full dream control. The experience of having a lucid dream opens many doors as far as how you can pursue exciting and self improving avenues during a time when you’ve always just been asleep. Of course it’s quite easy to do an Internet search and come to websites like this and learn how to give yourself the best chance of learning how to have a lucid dream.

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Unfortunately some people have also turned to the web for information about supplements that require a prescription have vivid and potentially lucid dreams as a side effect. We feel very strongly that those supplements that require a prescription do so for very good reason, and therefore we strongly suggest that they never be used for the primary purpose of inducing lucid dreams.

Related issues arise as well, such as when people elect to stay on certain supplements that are meant primarily for something else but only because hey seem to aid in helping the, have a lucid dreaming experience. Again, we discourage this and encourage people to be aware of this issue.

There are plenty of really good lucid dream pills that have been used safely for years and are available over he counter. These lucid dream pills, from galantamine to Calea Z are safe and natural, and they provide enough potential as to make the use of stronger supplements that may have more side effects or long-term negative effects completely unnecessary. Stick to lucid dream pills that we cover here, and save the use of what you doctor prescribes for more serious conditions and needs. These two purposes should not overlap, and they do not need to.

Choosing a lucid dreaming pill that works best for you is an exciting process, but one that often takes some patience and diligence.  We hope that the rest of this website is helpful in your pursuit of the right lucid dream pills.

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