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 Paid Lucid Dreaming Coaching and Guidance

Introduction to our new paid lucid dreaming coaching services:

For many people lucid dreaming techniques learned through a website are not nearly as powerful and helpful as having an expert successful lucid dreamer provide uniquely tailored advice and guidance.  The main benefit of having your own lucid dreaming coach is that he or she can tailor the exercises and approach to your unique needs, personality, and schedule.  The lucid dreaming technique coach can also be your biggest cheerleader, giving you support when you need it in order to keep you motivated until you have that first lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming coaches also provide a secondary benefit, since anything that you do in your waking life that has meaning and importance has the ability to transfer into the dream state, becoming a powerful sign that you are dreaming, and triggering a lucid dream experience.  Paying a little money and developing a relationship with a coach can have that exact effect, becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We do not want you to pay anything significant for our lucid dreaming coaching services unless you have a lucid dream story.  Thus we have designed a pay scale that requires only a small retainer payment up front, with a larger payment – and of course we trust our customers to be on the honor system here – only after you have had your first lucid dream.  We do absolutely no recurring billing and will always e-mail you and ask if it is okay to charge you to make sure we are in agreement.

So what exactly are the services the coaches will provide?

Our lucid dreaming coaches will first get to know you through an online chat session.  We use this method so that there is a record of the session that the coach can go back to and make sure he or she remembers all the important information and details.  This initial session will last about a half hour.  The kinds of things the coach might ask include your questions about your sleep schedule, your normal dreaming pattern, opportunities in your waking life to use lucid dreaming techniques, any repeating dreams you’ve had, and more.  If you have already tried some lucid dreaming techniques, the coach will want to know exactly what you tried and for how long.  Some people like to have already learned lucid dreaming techniques before they use a coach, while others like to start more fresh and have the lucid dream coach team them the techniques from the start.

After he or she gets to know you, the coach will map out a plan to get you to the point where you are having lucid dream stories regularly.  This plan will be uniquely tailored to what the coach knows about you and to your own style and hopes.  The plan will include specific lucid dreaming techniques, tips for using them most effectively, and ideas for increasing their effectiveness.  While being specific and detailed, your lucid dreaming plan will be something that can be changed and adapted along the way depending on your success with it.

After you begin to have lucid dream experiences the coach will look for ways to both deepen the experience and make it more frequent.  If you are able to have lucid dreams but they are too short or too infrequent, a new round of goals and matching techniques will be rolled out that can address these issues.  Some people decide to drop the lucid dream coaching at this point so they can work on these issues on their own, while others continue to work on refining their lucid dreaming techniques even further.

Follow up

After you are having lucid dream stories and no longer need the intensive services provided by a coach we will still follow-up with you, if you so choose, to see how things are going and whether we can continue to be helpful.  This follow-up is completely up to you and at no cost, but is designed to ensure that the successful lucid dreaming techniques you learned are maintained and continue to work well.  We want you to be completely satisfied with the lucid dream coach services and this follow-up provides us a way to ensure that you maintain the positive gains you made and continue to move forward in your  journey.

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  • May 8, 2017 at 8:34 am

    Hi, i am looking for a personal coach to assist me in learning lucid dreaming.


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