Lucid Dream Tea: Recipes and Information

A Lucid Dream Tea, like other lucid dreaming supplements, is a bit of a misnomer.  There is nothing you can take to directly induce lucidity.  A lucid dreaming tea and other supplements can help set the stage for lucid dreams by making your dreams more frequent, longer, or more vivid, thereby clearing a path to magnify your chances when using solid lucid dreaming techniques.  In this post we explore the topic of lucid dream teas, and give some advice about how you can make one.  We are not here to advertise any particular brand or product, however.

Lucid Dream Tea Ingredients

There are many ingredients that you might choose from in order to make a lucid dream tea yourself.  Please note that you should get guidance about any of these ingredients unless you are buying something pre-made.  Make sure you know how much to use and what would be too much, and also what ingredients can be mixed together.  An herbalist should be able to give you that information, and you may be able to find it at herbal websites as well.  Here are four of the more popular ingredients that can be used for lucid dream tea:

  • Valerian Root may be the best known of the ingredients used to help promote lucid dreaming.  It has been used for that purpose for many years.  Valerian root has been reported to help your dreams become more vivid and memorable.
  • Calea Z is less known than Valerian but in some parts of the world it is actually known as “the Dream Herb”.  Calea Z (full name Calea Zachatechi) has been reported to increase the frequency of dreaming and also the vividness of them.
  • Peppermint is the simplest of lucid dream tea ingredients but it has been reported to help make dreams more memorable
  • Silene Capensis is known as a lucid dreaming aid.  Its roots in particular can be used to make a tea that has been reported to make dreams more vivid and colorful, and therefore more memorable.

How to Make Lucid Dreaming Tea

So you may have chosen the ingredients you are going to use, but how do you actually make the lucid dream tea itself.  Here is a sample lucid dream tea recipe approach using Mugwort, though of course you will have to modify this depending on the ingredients you will be using.

  • Start by combining the Mugwort and an ingredient to make the taste better in a small cup and shake the ingredients together.  When you are making this lucid dream tea for the first time, we suggest only using perhaps a teaspoon of each ingredient – you’ll want to start with a low dose.  (In fact, when you buy the dried ingredients ask the herbalist how much would be in one “dose” and start there or even with a little less.)
  • Put this mixture in a material that acts similarly to a teabag and tie it up so that the ingredients will be released into the water but without any solid parts that might not be pleasant.  You could decide not to use a teabag if you’d like and don’t mind that solid parts of the herbal ingredients.  While perhaps not as pleasant this approach does ensure that you get the dose you are looking for.
  • Boil water without the ingredients in it, and then pour it over the teabag or ingredients that are loose in the cup.  Wait at least 5 minutes and perhaps closer to 10 not only for the ingredients to be released into the water, but also so that the lucid dreaming tea is not too hot to drink.
  • You can now add other ingredients to make the lucid dream tea taste better, anything from honey to sugar.
  • Drink the lucid dreaming tea before bed – or perhaps experimenting with exactly when you take it – some lucid dreaming supplements are best taken a few hours before bed, while others are best taken right before.  There are even some that act fast and should be taken after you wake yourself up in the middle of the night.
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Lucid Dream Tea Use

When should you have your lucid dream tea, and how much should you have?  These of course are common questions related to the use of lucid dream tea to increase your chances at lucidity.  The answer may not always be obvious, and you may need to experiment a little before you find the optimal way to use it.  That said, we can give you some pointers.

When to take Lucid Dream Tea

The most common time to have lucid dream tea is right before bed.  This may have as much to do with effectiveness as it does practicality.  You may not want to wake yourself up in the middle of the night and then have to go make tea because all of that action may make it hard to get back to sleep afterwards.

There are other possibilities as far as when to take lucid dream tea, and despite the above there may be certain ingredients and mixtures that are best taken in the middle of the night.  So you should experiment a little if the lucid dream tea you choose does not work at first.

Lucid Dreaming Tea Use

As with any lucid dreaming supplement, start with a low dose of lucid dream tea.  You may not even want to take a full dose – in this case a full cup that was brewed with the full amount of each ingredient – at first, and rather you may want to start slow.  You may get the effect you need from just a little.

You may want to make your own tea with individual ingredients, instead of buying a full formula all at once.  This way you can control which ingredients you use and see what exact combination gives you the best effect – and also eliminate ingredients that give you a bad reaction.

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Here is a tea for lucid dreaming that you can buy, and here are some plants that may make for excellent lucidity teas.

Best of luck in your pursuit of lucid dreams, and always remember that beyond any supplement such as a lucid dreaming tea your techniques will always be the key.  Let us know how you do with any lucid dream tea you try.

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