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There are many lucid reaming books you can choose from that can help you learn how to have lucid dreams.  Many of the best lucid dreaming books are good for both the beginner looking for some starting techniques, and the more advanced lucid dreamer who wants to learn how to experience lucidity more often or make the experiences longer.  The books on lucid dreaming we cover here are only a small sample of what you have to choose from, and we suggest you also go to well-known online stores and look for customer reviews of these and others.  You might also go to your local library to see what lucid dreaming books they have available as well.  Remember, the more time you spend thinking about lucid dreams during the day, the more this may become a trigger in your dreams – so do not rush this process.

Lucid Dreaming Books for Beginners

The following lucid dream books are perfect for those just starting out, though they can also be good refreshers for those who have had some success with lucidity.  This is not a complete list, but it is a group of the best lucid dreaming books.

  • Lucid Dreaming for Beginners by Mark McElroy is a great place to start.  This lucid dreaming book is particularly good for those who want to have an organized approach, since it provides a 90 day plan.  Even if you do not want to stick with the 90 day program, the tips and techniques contained in the book can be very helpful.  The lucid dreaming stories that are in the book provide ongoing motivation.
  • Lucid Dreaming: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming Conscious in your dreams by Charlie Morley is also a great read for those just starting out.  This book contains an abundance of helpful tips and techniques and many stories that can be motivating.  It also has information and advice provided by more advanced lucid dreamers.
  • Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen Laberge may be the best known book on this topic and it is a great place to start for beginners.  We could really list this book in several categories given its broad reach and how packed it is with material.

Advanced Lucid Dreaming Books

The above are lucid dreaming books that are specifically written for beginners.  But for those who have already started to have success with lucidity the following are some of the best books on lucid dreaming that can help you have even more success, including more frequent lucid dreams and longer periods of lucidity.

The Best Lucid Dreaming Books

The choices above are just a few of the many excellent lucid dreaming books available.  They are all good but there are plenty of others which are also good.  So how can you choose among all the choices and pick out the best books of lucid dreaming for you?  There are three steps that we suggest, as follows:

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Books on lucid dreaming and your progress

First, think about where you are in your progress toward mastery of lucidity.  Are you a beginner who has not purposely had lucid dreams?  Are you someone who has had a little success but would like to be able to achieve lucidity more often or for longer periods of time?  Are you an expert who wants new ideas about what you can accomplish while in your dreams?  And then there are subsets of these categories: Perhaps you are a little stuck and would like to hear the stories of others which can be motivating, or maybe you have mastered one way to lucid dream like wake-induced techniques and now you want to master dream-induced techniques.  All of these questions may help you narrow down your choices to the best lucid dreaming books for you.

Lucid dreaming books reviews

Second, look for online reviews at large websites.  Make sure you find a website that appears to publish all reasonable reviews, even the negative ones.  Find the lucid dreaming books that not only have a high overall rating but perhaps also a lot of reviews.  This is a sign that the book is both popular and well liked.  You might also turn to forums to get suggestions about the best lucid dreaming books.  Use the search feature to find threads that cover the topic, and then look for suggestions made by people who have been members of the site for a long time and seem reputable.  Be a little wary of affiliate links – links to a specific book that a member seems to be promoting and perhaps making money from clicks or purchases.  These are not always a bad choice, but they often do warrant further investigation.  The affiliate links on this website, for example, do not reflect higher prices.  The stores are willing to pay a commission, but that commission is given out of the normal price for the item – you do not pay more.

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Lucid dream books that “fit”

Finally, look for lucid dreaming books that fit your style.  Do you like a book that uses bullets, lists, and charts so it is clear and well-organized, or would you rather read a longer passage to get additional detail and depth.  Do you like a workbook style book?  Would you rather a book that reads scientifically, or one that is more elegant?  In many cases websites will allow you a short preview of the book and you should take advantage of that to see whether the presentation style fits your preferences.

We hope this post will help you choose the best books on lucid dreaming for your hopes and goals.  We invite you to use our comments section below to let us and other readers know of any lucid dreaming books you have used and like.

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