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Lucid dreaming drugs can work well, but you don’t actually need this lucid dreaming supplement in order to achieve lucidity.  What’s most important is that you use solid lucid dreaming techniques and stick to them.  Any lucid dreaming drug may be able to increase your chances however, and may make the lucid dreams you do have more vivid and memorable.  You may also find that drugs for lucid dreaming increase the number of dreams you remember overall.  This page takes a step back and is written to make sure you are taking these supplements optimally.  While we want to be your trusted source of information about drugs for lucid dreams, we do not expect that everyone will read every but of content available here, so we bring you this overview to sum everything up.  We hope this review proves helpful, and also guides you to which sections of the website you may find interesting.

Lucid Dreaming Drugs Overview

We start our lucid dreaming drugs overview by describing these supplements’ effects on dreams.  In short, most lucid dreaming drugs make dreams longer and more vivid, and they may increase the number of dreams you have in a given night.  As we’ve mentioned many times here, any supplement alone will not necessarily spark lucid dreaming, but they can magnify the effects of your techniques so that you have more and better chances at lucidity.  For example, Galantamine inhibits a chemical called cholinesterase which in turn means that you will have more of a chemical called acetylcholine available.  That latter chemical has been linked to people having more dreams and more vivid dream experiences.

Lucid Dreaming Drugs Use

In order to use lucid dreaming drugs to enhance dream control, you want to go through the following steps:

1. Think about your success to date with using techniques only, and then set your goals.  Will you use drugs for lucid dreams to create dreams that are longer than the ones you’ve had, more frequent, or more vivid?  Maybe the answer is all three, but which one is your core goal?  Are you hoping that lucid dreaming drugs will lead to your first lucid dreams ever? This initial goal setting is helpful because it may guide exactly how you will take this supplement and use lucid dreaming techniques with it.

2. Make a short-term realistic goal.  Decide what you want to happen with lucid dreaming drugs in the next month.  Focus on one thing, perhaps a desire to remember more dreams while taking the supplement.  Assess your current techniques and decide whether you want to change anything

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3. Now keep close track of your reaction to the supplement – keep a journal where you write down when you take it, how much you take, and then its affect on your dreams.  Are they longer?  Do you remember a higher volume?  Rate them on a scale of 1-10 and are they more vivid now than before?

These are the three major steps to using drugs for lucid dreams – and again, while any supplement will not directly induce lucidity, if you follow these general guidelines you will give yourself a boost in your chances.

Lucid Dreaming Drugs and Your Techniques

So which techniques might work best with lucid dreaming drugs?  The short answer is that any technique that you have used and seems to work well for you may be a good fit, and in fact we would not want the supplement to guide your choice too much if something is already working.  However, if you have had equal success with multiple techniques, or you are just starting out, we can give you some advice.  Here are three techniques that may work well for lucid dreaming drugs, and the reasons why:

  1. A technique that uses dream signs may work well, given that people have reported that Galantamine Hydrobromide makes dreams longer, more vivid, and easier to remember.  This means that you will notice more detail in your dreams when using this lucid dreaming supplement, and those details, of course, may include any number of dream signs.  So spend your days looking at your reflection, or your hand, or look for colors changing unexpectedly – whatever your favorite dream sign to look for, use that technique with Galantamine for lucid dreaming success.
  2. Similarly, ask yourself if you are dreaming a lot during the day.  Wonder about it and then see whether you are right.  Again, since Galantamine Hydrobromide for lucid dreaming can make your dreams longer and more vivid you will have more dream time to end up asking this question and realizing that you have achieved lucidity.  Thus the method of using daytime questioning to induce nighttime success may work well with this particular supplement.
  3. Galantamine Hydrobromide can be great for lucid dreaming techniques that involve passive lucid dreams.  This is where you do not try to control things, at least at first.  This type of technique can lead to longer experiences and some would say can help you learn a lot about your subconscious.  Galantamine for lucid dreaming works well with this type of lucidity because of how vivid and exciting it can make things.
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Again, these three lucid dreaming techniques make sense with the use of this particular supplement, but in general you should just continue to use those techniques that you like and seem to work in general.  You will not be taking this supplement every night so you do not want to alter your routine too much.

Lucid Dreaming Drugs Price

Our Galantamine Hydrobromide and lucid dreaming overview moves along to cost information regarding this lucid dreaming supplement.  In short, Galantamine is not expensive and we provide a buyer’s guide that covers this more comprehensively.  In summary, expect to pay anywhere from $20-$80 for this supplement, depending on its potency and dose.  Given that there is not a huge difference in price between different formulas do your homework and do not base everything on cost.  In addition, look for the quality of the supplier as well – things such as customer service and return policy, to shipping and handling costs.  Finally make sure you are looking at the price per dose.  For example, buying 8mg tablets that you can cut in half can sometimes save you money per 4mg dose.


Galantamine Hydrobromide for lucid dreaming can be an effective way to give your episodes of lucidity a boost, perhaps increase your chances to have lucid dreams on a night where you will have a good night’s sleep, and maybe help you have your first lucid experience.  Of course your techniques will still be the cornerstone of your approach, and as much as we like this supplement we encourage you not to become too reliant on it and only use it as adjunct.  Given that you will not be using it all the time, we hope that the tips and advice on this page points you toward the most effective usage when you do.

The most common side effects of taking Galantamine Hydrobromide for lucid dreaming are mild gastrointestinal upset. Some people suggest taking a bland snack with each dose such as crackers. Decreased appetite and some irritability may occur as well. We provide a list of the common and not so common side effects on our Galantamine Hydrobromide for lucid dreaming side effects page.

Best of luck as you use Lucid Dreaming Drugs.

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