Lucid Dreaming for Beginners

Lucid dreaming for beginners is not much different from lucid dreaming for those who have done this for a while.  Experiences of lucidity are natural and even common, and both beginners and those who are more advanced can learn the techniques necessary to have lucid dreams.  That said, we do want to offer some information and advice specifically designed to address lucid dreaming for beginners.  We start with what to expect and then move to a quick start idea.

The great forum site DreamViews has a great section on lucid dream induction for beginners.

Lucid Dreaming for Beginners: Expectations

It is important when you are starting out on your quest to have lucid dreams that you know what to expect in your first experiences.  For example, you should be aware that your first experiences of lucidity may be fleeting, short periods where you are lucid and in control that fade quickly.  You may only remember a small bit of the dream, or wake up with a vague feeling that you had an experience of lucidity.  In a related way, your first lucid dreams may not last – you may get so excited that you actually wake yourself up, or the experience of being lucid actually transitions you to a waking state.  In any of these cases you should still be overjoyed that you did experience lucidity, and realize that this first experience may very well lead to longer and more fruitful experiences.

Other expectations related to lucid dreaming for beginners include knowing that it may take a while to have your first lucid dream, and then it may be a little while between your first one and your second.  You need to realize that while solid techniques will pay off there is not way to guarantee a lucid dream in any particular night or during any particular nap.  Stay focused on solid preparation and eventually it should pay off.  Be careful not to get discouraged.  connect on-line at a lucid dreaming forum or with friends or family that are also lucid dreaming beginners themselves so you can enjoy the journey together and keep each other motivated.

Lucid Dreaming for Beginners: Quick Start

When it comes to lucid dreaming for beginners, our first piece of advice is to make sure you are putting the necessary time aside.  Sometimes life gets so busy that we are not able to focus enough attention on our hobbies and interests that exist outside of work and other responsibilities. This is certainly the case as things relate to lucid dreaming for beginners. While of course we always need sleep and that is when lucid dreams occur, we still sometimes do not have enough time to practice our lucid dreaming techniques and follow the tips that require a little more time. And as for lucid dreaming for beginners, extra time and effort is needed in order to get off the ground. For all these reasons we suggest something called a lucid dreaming vacation day, where just like a normal vacation day you do not go to work and you limit the amount of outside activity you have on your plate. During this day you focus solely on techniques for your new pursuit.

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Lucid Dreaming for Beginners Vacation Days

Of course a lucid dream vacation day as described above does not guarantee that you will learn to have lucidity that day and it will pay off the very next time you are sleeping. No one can guarantee that. But it can help give you a boost and as with all techniques sometimes the effects are delayed somewhat and don’t come until later. And this may be most pronounced when we are talking about lucid dreaming for beginners as this vacation day can help you learn new techniques and at least partially perfect them so that they will be easier and take less time going forward. You’ll also have a chance, even if you are a more advanced lucid dreamer, to spend time looking for new tips and techniques that you have not tried yet.

Lucid Dreaming for Beginners: Tips

Sometimes lucid dreaming for beginners includes knowing what to expect in the lucid dream itself.  There are many sites that cover dream interpretation and the meaning of dream signs, but for the beginning lucid dreamer there are some dream signs that tend to recur more often than others in lucid dreaming stories.  so we will just mention the most common themes that people tend to share.  These particular dream themes can actually act as a turning point – the point where you become lucid and in control – because they are so powerful.  In addition, since many of these signs create stress and are based on inner anxieties and vulnerabilities, lucid dreaming techniques may allow you to recreate these conditions with the purpose of gaining control over them.  This may actually work to reduce the stress in your daily life.  Once again, it can’t be said enough, make sure you are using a journal or some other method of remembering your dreams so you don’t miss any opportunities!

  • Falling or being high up with no easy way down – When you dream about falling or being high up and trapped, it can be an indication that your life feels like its out of control, or that failure could come at any moment because you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.  A lucid dreaming for beginners tip is to find a creative ways to combat this.  Try building a comfortable place in your high up perch, or regain control while falling, or fall to a trampoline that bounces you back up.
  • Finding yourself naked or in your underwear – These types of dreams where you are not clothed suggest that you feel likely to be exposed as a fraud in some way – that people will see you as less confident or competent than you really are somehow.  Some lucid dreaming stories talk about fighting this one by imagining that everyone else is in the same state, or more simply by having their dream character find newer and better clothing.
  • Being Tested, or being in school not prepared for a test – Dreams of this type suggest you feel either unprepared for something, or afraid your are not competent enough.  A lucid dreaming for beginners tip is to guide the dream toward you acing the test, or even switch your role to that of teacher!
  • Losing Your Teeth  – Losing your teeth in a dream is a sign that you feel unable to assertively tackle something that is happening in your life.  It is a sign of powerlessness, and in many cases this powerlessness relates to something you used to have power over.  A lucid dreaming tip for beginners you can try to feel yourself grow new teeth after losing them, or literally find your teeth and put them back in!
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These common themes are helpful to those just starting out, as they can show you what to expect and be ready for.  Being prepared is important and therefore listed in our lucid dreaming for beginners section so that you do not get too excited or scared and wake yourself up!

You can also check out this article from the Huffington Post that is a beginner’s guide to lucid dreaming.  Also check out our related information including the easiest way to lucid dream, how to lucid dream easily, and steps to lucid dreaming.

Best of luck, and if you do try this and have success please come back and tell us your stories and give your own tips regarding lucid dreaming for beginners!

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