Lucid Dreaming Guide

Lucid Dreaming Guide

Our lucid dreaming guide at this site will provide a well-rounded look at the topic of learning how to have lucid dreams. Many people choose to pursue lucid dreaming for obvious reasons involving having fun and adventures and enjoying the ability to do so much more than they can in their waking life.  It does not take much consideration and thought or a lucid dream guide like ours to know what the overall and general benefits are.  That said, we decided we would create a guide to lucid dreaming that provides an overview to compliment the more general information we provide throughout the site.

Beginner’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming

We hope that we can be a guide for advanced lucid dreamers and also a trusted resource that effectively promotes how to lucid dream for beginners.  We also hope that more advanced practitioners of dream control will pass along advice and guidance using our comments section.  Again, we want to emphasize that while this blog in some ways can be a beginners guide to lucid dreaming it is truly for everyone.

Please make sure to check out our information such as How to Induce Lucid Dreaming, Easiest Way to Lucid Dream and Lucid Dreaming Techniques and others to complete your guide.

Guide to Lucid Dreaming

The following is a summary of the wonder of lucid dreaming in top ten format.  This top ten listing may provide a lucid dreaming guide that helps motivate those from beginners to experts:

10. Topping our list is the most well-known aspects of lucidity, the ability to go places that would be impossible while you are awake.  The dream experience provides an opportunity to ignore the restrictions of your waking life.  Perhaps you want to travel the globe, or maybe you have more modest goals of seeing what famous places in your country will look like in the dreamscape.  Perhaps you want to fly or even jump to a place that you’ve imagined but never been.  This first entry in our guide to lucid dreaming may be the most known and pursued.

9. Maybe the second most common of the benefits of lucid dreaming that people pursue involves meeting new people or reuniting with people from your past.  It may be that you want to find a very attractive partner, or see how your dreamscape will make an old friend appear, or see what a historical character will say in your dream.  Meeting people in your dreams can be fun, exciting, and nostalgic.  Some people try to meet the same people over and over, developing a group of lucid dream friends and acquaintances.

8. Another way that people use lucid dreams is to practice for an upcoming event.  It may be a sporting event, some sort of presentation or public speaking, or a challenging task, and the lucid dream will provide an opportunity to practice and gain confidence ahead of time.  This is one of the topics we will cover later on in our guide to lucid dreaming even though it is a little more specific – for those who want to pursue it it can be a number 1 priority.

7. In their dream control experiences people can take on a new personality such as being more assertive and confident, this practice for real life can be one of the benefits of lucid dreaming if it can be transferred to the waking state.  In other words, just like one would do in the therapist’s office, practicing personal improvements can stick.

6. Another of the aspects we will be covering in our lucid dreaming guide is the ability to do physical things that are not possible in your waking life, such as flying, jumping incredibly high, and doing sporting tasks you could not do otherwise.  Flying is particularly popular in lucid dreams, and many people actually find that they cannot even do a small jump at all – that every time they try to jump in their lucid state they go very high whether they want to or not.

5. One of the important aspects of our guide to lucid dreaming here is that you can also better understand your subconscious.  We’ve often promoted passive lucid dream techniques, where you sit back and see where the dream takes you.  These techniques involve concentrating on watching and allowing the dream to take you on an adventure.  Not only do these dreams last longer, but what you see and what happens can be clues to what you actually think.

4. A lesser known lucid dreaming benefit is how it can bring people together and be a fun activity for a couple or group to share.  Of course you cannot share your actual dreams, but entering this adventure with others, comparing notes as you go, and learning what works and does not can provide a nice social activity and can bring people closer.  Look for our blog to provide a lucid dreaming guide in this area.

3. Perhaps the most obvious but sometimes overlooked aspects of lucid dreaming is the fact that it allows you to productively use the third or so of your day that you often just sleep through.  No matter which of the above benefits of lucid dreaming you concentrate on, you are using a period of time that you usually sleep though.  You’ve probably heard numbers as far as how many total hours or days we sleep in a year, and now you can be proud that you are productively using that time.

2. Another category in our guide to lucid dreaming involves improving your mood when you wake up.  Many people have found that a good dream can help them wake up in a good mood, while a bad dream can do the opposite.  In fact, is it possible that a dream we cannot remember is the reason behind “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” in the morning.  Perhaps through lucid dreams we can control that a little and make sure we wake up on the right side of the bed.

1. Lucidity can help others on their own path – you can become a lucid dream guide for others!  It is great to give back and translate your own excitement into a motivation to help others on their own lucid dream journey.  We hope that many of you reading this will decide to do just that after you’ve become successful with this craft yourself.  It can be very fulfilling to help someone else, and thus the last on our list of the guide of lucid dreaming may be the one we hope to push most strongly.

Lucid Dreaming Categories

There is also another way to organize a lucid dreaming guide, and that is by thinking of three different categories:

Guide to lucid dreaming and waking life

This category in our lucid dream guide includes those benefits that involve your waking life.  For example, if you want to be more confident in certain real-life situations, one of the things you may search for in this lucid dreaming guide is how to try out these events safely, and then feel better about them when they really happen.  In a related way, you can challenge yourself to face certain specific fears you have in your dreams and that may help you face them for real.  And finally, the ability to practice certain things is a another positive, rehearsing for something you need to do so that when it happens you are even more ready.

Lucid dreaming guide to adventure

One of the most popular reasons people pursue a lucid dreaming guide like ours is the chance to have adventures and incredible fun during a time when you might otherwise not remember a thing.  Whether you want to fly, bounce very high, interact in some way with exciting people, or relive great experiences, you can do all of this during periods of lucidity.  Having this kind of excitement is a wonderful effect and certainly one of the benefits of lucid dreaming that cannot be replicated in any other way.

Lucid dream guide to yourself

Our lucid dreaming guide at this website is unique in that it covers one of the stronger yet often overlooked benefits of being put in direct contact with your subconscious, and this can mean that you can understand certain motivations, thoughts, and feelings on a deeper level.  You might learn a lot from what types of characters, scenes, or plot lines appear in your dreams.  This is why we recommend that every lucid dreamer take some time to do some passive techniques that allow the action to unfold without the dreamer controlling it too much.  Psychology today has a great article about Lucid Dreaming and Self Realization

Guide to Lucid Dreaming Conclusion:

As you can see, our guide to lucid dreaming provides information about the benefits in a way that shows how varied and powerful they are.  This should provide motivation to follow your techniques and stay at it.  On our lucid dream stories page you can hear more about the how this practice benefited others, and of course you can post this type of information in the form below.  If you are just learning how to lucid dream we hope you might use this skill to experience as many of the benefits as possible over time, and enjoy the fact that there is so much you can gain.

Our goal is to create a guide to lucid dreaming that is helpful and motivating to you if you are just starting out, or give you ideas if you have been doing this for some time.  If you are learning how to lucid dream with a partner you can pursue one of more of these together and compare your results, and if you are going at it alone this page can provide almost a checklist of what you need to learn and how you can benefit.  No matter what this is just more evidence for the overall wonder of lucidity.

Of course with something as wonderful as lucidity there are even more positives than we’ve listed here so this list is something you may feel should be part of any guide to lucid dreaming when you have your own adventures.  We hope that you’ll discover your own adventures that may or may not be related to the items on this list, and feel free to share new items in the comments section below that can become a collaborative lucid dream guide.  Our readers like you are an important part of our overall lucid dreaming guide!

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