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Your and Our Lucid Dreaming Stories

Lucid dreaming stories can be quite motivating and interesting, prompting a beginning lucid dreamer to try harder and a more advanced practitioner to try new things.  Lucid dream stories can also help a person sort out their own meanings – just the process of writing down one’s own lucid dreaming stories can bring new levels of understanding.  Thus we aim to present the lucid dreaming stories submitted by our readers plus our own lucid dream stories for your entertainment, motivation, and interest.  Please feel free to use the contact us form to submit your own lucid dreaming stories and be specific about what it is okay to include.  The only editing we might do is condensing your lucid dreaming stories but we will never add to them or change the content.  If we get a lot of submissions we will try to make this page representative of all the different major types of lucid dreaming stories that people tell, but even that may make for quite a long page!

About Lucid Dreaming Stories:

We will start with our own lucid dreaming stories, including our very first experience of lucidity.  One of our authors’ first experience was actually, like many others, spontaneous.  Although he knew a lot about lucid dreaming he was not actively practicing lucid dreaming techniques in earnest at the time.  Suddenly he found himself back at summer camp in a familiar spot where he had been many times but almost 15 years previous.  The scene was quite familiar, with sites that looked the same and an overall feeling that was just like back then.  But the rest of the story tells a familiar caution.  In his excitement about being lucid our dreamer started to run, wanting to see as much as possible and interact with the dream characters.  Like many lucid dreaming stories, unfortunately this one ends fairly abruptly, with the dream fading and him waking up.  Now the experience was still quite motivating, but still shorter than it could have been.

We will also be publishing the lucid dreaming stories submitted by our readers.  We look forward to hearing about your own experiences and adventures, and if you choose to submit them we will publish your lucid dreaming stories here.  We hope that others will find this motivating – to see the successes of others can help you get through the initial learning and any dips in the road going forward.  It can also be a way to learn new ways to use lucid dreams and new possibilities as far as adventures and fun.  So please feel free to submit your own exciting, scary, or crazy lucid dreaming stories, though we do need them relatively condensed (approximately 300 words or less) and appropriate for a general audience.  Also, please make sure to only put contact information you are willing for us to share – although we will never share e-mail addresses or street addresses, we will share your name as you submit it and your city/town and state unless you tell us otherwise or submit differently.  At minimum we do need a first name and state.

There are many sites that cover dream interpretation and meaning, so we will just mention the most common dreams themes that people tend to share.  The purpose is to show how dream meanings can be derived from what happens in a dream.  As many of you who have had lucid dream stories to tell know, these themes and actions are often the point where you become lucid, and therefore can be used as a jumping off point to find deeper meaning and/or reduce the associated anxiety or stress.  In addition, through lucid dreaming you can recreate these conditions and then conquer them – another good way to reduce or combat the associate real world anxiety or stress.

Here is the partial listing of themes you might find in lucid dream stories:

  • Losing Your Teeth: If you lose your teeth in your dream, you may be feeling unable to take control and address issues in your life, particularly in your social life.
  • Finding yourself naked or partially naked: When you dream that you are naked in a public place, you may be feeling afraid of being exposed as not as good or prepared or competent as you should be in the real world.
  • Flying: Flying is a good sign, signaling that you feel flexible and free, though it could also mean that you are looking for escape.  These crazy lucid dream stories are also quite fun!
  • Falling or being up too high with no way down: When you dream about falling, it can indicate fear of failure or loss of control in your life.  These can be scary lucid dream stories for some.
  • Being Chased: If you are avoiding something in the real world, or otherwise feel a problem might be catching up to you, you might dream about being chased.  These can also be scary lucid dreaming stories.
  • Being Tested, not being ready for a test: Depending on how ready you feel or how prepared you are in your dream this type of dream often suggests you do not feel prepared for something in the real world
  • There are many other sub types of scary lucid dreaming stories, crazy lucid dream stories, and everything in between!

Types of Lucid Dreaming Stories

We can categorize the types of lucid dreaming stories in several ways, leading to some conclusions about how the experience of lucidity can be different for different people and can vary even with any one individual.  Here are some examples:

  • Some lucid dreaming stories involve a person who was not trying to achieve lucidity but naturally found themselves in a state of lucidity for part or all of a dream.  The “what was that!?” reaction may lead that person to look into lucid dream techniques more carefully.
  • Some lucid dreaming involve people who are in and out of lucidity within one particular dream.  At some points they realize they have control, but then the dream falls back to being the more traditional type.  Too many of these dreams can lead to frustration in fact.
  • More advanced lucid dreamers can relate fun and crazy lucid dreaming stories that are incredibly motivating to those that are just starting out.  They may relate wonderful adventures and longer periods of full lucidity, and a wide variety of uses for their lucid dreams.  Some beginnings are lucky enough to also experience this, and that may be even more motivating.
  • Some of our favorite lucid dreaming stories are those that are people’s first lucid experiences.  It is wonderful to hear the excitement as people relate these stories, and also interesting to see what these initial lucid dreams are like.  Of course it is also interesting and helpful to hear what techniques were used.
  • Sometimes people report specific types of anecdotes, including scary lucid dreaming stories.  These can be concerning to some who are starting out but it is important to realize that scary lucid dreaming stories are normal.
  • Finally, there are crazy lucid dreaming stories that relate strange occurrences, such as dream characters that seem hostile, or dreams that seem to be out of the person’s control even if they are lucid.  These lucid dreaming stories provide worry or relief, depending on what ends up happening.

Places to Get Lucid Dream Stories

You can get lucid dream stories in many places, both online and in person.  While again we hope to begin listing the lucid dreaming stories you submit here on this page, we also want to make sure you know where else to get them.  We will never lift content from anywhere else, but we do want to provide the links and other information that can help you find other resources.  Here are places external to this website where you can find lucid dreaming stories:

Family and Friends Lucid Dream Stories

1. Do not overlook the idea of asking friends and family if they’ve ever experienced lucidity.  Most people have had lucid dreams naturally and without trying, whether they remained lucid for the whole dream or just a part.  This can be a great conversation starter and the best thing is that it may lead to you having new partners with whom to share your journey and to trade techniques and experiences.  Of course it can be awkward to open up the topic to some people, but keep in mind that may also be why they are hesitating to tell you!

Lucid Dreaming Stories on the net

Forums are perhaps the best place to find people who are telling their lucid dream stories.  You may want to look into each poster to see whether you think she or he is legit – look for signs that the poster is quite involved in general and perhaps helpful to those who ask questions.  Those who have been posting at the forum for a while and post a little more often than most may be reliable.  Many forums actually have ways to tell how reliable the person is – often based on feedback they’ve received from other members of the forum.  Two of the more known and established lucid dreaming forums are LD4all, the forum at World of Lucid Dreaming, and the forum at Lucidipedia.  There are other good ones as well:

There are also many blogs where people tell their lucid dreaming stories, including ones on popular platforms like Tumblr, and more independent ones.  You might also see mentions on popular social media websites.  You may even want to interact a little with these people, submitting comments or questions when possible.  This not only will help you get an answer or two to questions you may be curious about regarding the experience of lucidity, but it might also make the person feel heard and respected.  There is even a Facebook Page where people submit their own Lucid Dream Stories, and it is well done (we are not involved with editing or maintaining that page)

Lucid Dreaming Stories about products

Sometimes in the comments that people can post about certain lucid dreaming aids such as masks, supplements, and music people will post their lucid dreaming stories as examples of how the product worked for them.  Of course you need to be careful that the person posting is not an affiliate (someone who makes money if people buy that particular aid), but in many cases the poster is merely trying to encourage others because s/he truly had success with the product.

It can be beneficial and interesting to pursue lucid dreaming stories by any of those methods, and hearing stories from others can be quite motivating.  This process may also give you new ideas as far as the all important techniques you might choose to use.  Perhaps some of you  reading this will use one of these methods to post your own stories for others to hear.

Why we Dream and How to Remember Dreams

In order to be able to report lucid dream stories you need to remember your dreams in the first place.  The is wide variation in how many dreams people remember. Most people remember dreams that are particularly vivid or carry substantial meaning. However, these types of dreams may only occur for some people once or twice each week. People also tend to remember dreams that happen close to when they wake up, or if they are awoken in the middle of the night. Finally, nap dreams are often remembered well.

The best way to train yourself to remember your dreams is through suggestion-and-action, which basically means telling yourself that you will remember your dreams and doing a ritual afterwards that reinforces that. And the best ritual by far – keeping a dream journal. Each night before you go to bed, tell yourself that you will be recording your dreams in your dream journal (it can be a book, an electronic recorder, or even a video camera if you want to act something out!). Keep the dream journal by your bed. Each morning, first thing before you rise, record all the dreams you can remember, in as much detail as you can remember.  As time goes on, you will remember more and more dreams, and you will recall more detail and depth of each dream through the use of the dream journal. If you ever feel a little stuck and can’t remember your dreams as well, try waking up a little earlier than normal (like 30 minutes or so). This can help jump-start your memory of the previous night’s dreams and perhaps lead you to be able to tell some lucid dream stories!

To enhance the meaning behind your lucid dreaming stories, it is important to understand why we dream in the first place.  What are the meanings behind what we encounter in our dream world, and why do we remember certain aspects of the dream so vividly.  Here are some theories about why we dream, though there are many more:

1. One recent theory suggests that dream content is the result of our brains interpreting external stimuli while we sleep. Noises and tactile input sets off the dream experience.

2. Dreams have also been said to have an organizational and clean-up function, where they serve to get rid of stray fragments of memory and thought in order to refresh the mind for the new day.  Similarly, another theory holds that the dream helps piece together ideas and thoughts that go together but were not associated during the day.

3. Some have suggested that dreams and dream meanings are merely a by-product of the activation of parts of our brains that hold memories, images, and emotion.  The signals from these parts of the brain are pieced together in a way that makes sense, but not always completely.

4. Freud, and then later psychoanalysts suggested that dreams are a representation of unconscious desires, feelings, and motivations. These may be impulses that are normally repressed and need an outlet.  Sometimes these repressed desires are expressed directly in the dream, while at other times they are expressed indirectly through metaphor and stand-ins.

5. There is also a model of dream interpretation that suggests that dreams are a sort of self-psychology.  A step down from the psychoanalytic view, this theory suggests that it’s not unconscious impulses but rather conscious confusion and uncertainty that is tied together in the dream world.

Perhaps you have ideas about dream meanings and theory, perhaps generated from your own lucid dreaming stories?

Lucid Dream Stories Conclusion

We hope that this page about lucid dream stories grows and becomes both exciting and motivating, and we will continue to add to it as we hear of new fun, exciting, or crazy lucid dream stories from you or we feel that our own lucid dreaming stories are a good fit to share.  There are so many possibilities and so much fun to be had, and this page will take a step back from tips and techniques and jump into the finished product.  The great thing is that with endless possibilities we can always bring you more information and interesting content here – but ideally we need your help in both submitting and then positively commenting on the lucid dreaming stories we receive.

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