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Lucid Dreaming Herbs Guide

There are many lucid dreaming herbs you can choose, each of which has a different effect on your dreams and dreaming in general.  To know which herbs for lucid dreaming are for you you need to assess what you need to accomplish through taking it.  For example, if you are looking to have more dreams each night, one particular supplement such as melatonin may work well.  If you are looking to have more vivid and memorable dreams, then either Galantamine or Calea Z may do the trick.  Most of the lucid dreaming supplements we cover here work, but they don;t all work in the exact same way or give the exact same effect.  Thus the choice of which one to try – or at least which one to try first – is quite relevant.

This section is designed to help you decide which lucid dreaming herbs to try first, what the potential effects will be, and when you might want to move on.  We might cover some interaction effects if you decide to combine them, though in general, at least at first, we suggest you only take one at a time.  We will also cover the side effects of some of the lucid dreaming supplements because if you know you are probe to one or two potential side effects, this might help you decide between various choices.

We welcome the input and advice of our readers, of course assuming that it is unbiased and not from anyone with a stake in your choice.  Our website will be completely interactive with the lucid dreaming community, without being influenced by anyone selling a product or service.

Of course the choice you make as far as what lucid dreaming herbs to try is not permanent, and you can try a new one if the first one does not work over time.  However, we wanted to give you the very best chance for success with your first purchase and use, and these pages should help.  Be patient but also realistic.  Most of these choices do have noticeable effects – you may not have a fully lucid dream on your first try with the supplement, but you should notice something such as a higher volume of dreams, more vividness or a close to lucid experience.  In our next section we go over the proper use of the lucid dreaming supplements you do purchase to give you the best chances for dream control.

How to Choose Lucid Dreaming herbs

Choosing the perfect lucid dreaming herbs is not that hard actually, and it just takes a few easy steps.  Here is the process by which we suggest you choose the right aid for you and your goals:

  1. First, know the lucid dreaming technique you will be using for now.  Is it a dream-induced lucid dreaming technique or a wake induced one.  If the former you need a supplement that works all night, but is the latter you need something that works right away.  For example, certain nutrients like Choline and some Vitamin B supplements work all night, and are therefore perfect for the person who is trying to have lucid dreams at the normal time without waking first.  On the other hand, Galantamine and Calea Z may be best taken soon before the dreaming is going to begin so if you are waking yourself up in the middle of the night or trying to attain lucidity from a nap, these may be for you.
  2. Now think of what exactly you want to improve in order to have lucid dreams.  Are you looking for a greater volume of dreams in general to give you greater chances, or are you already having lucid dreams and want them to be longer and more vivid.  Are you just looking to improve recall, or is your recall already good and you want the best chance to transform your regular dreams into lucid ones.  Refer to our pages about each specific lucid dreaming supplement so that you can see the subtle differences and match them with your goals.
  3. You can also decide which herbs for lucid dreaming to choose by looking at your past responses to certain foods or dietary changes.  For example, if you are generally someone who has changes in your sleep and dreams when you have a big meal, change your diet, or eat something you don’t normally eat, than one of the nutrients like Vitamin B or Choline might work well for you.
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Best of luck no matter what you choose, and we hope that you will be having fully lucid experiences as soon as possible – or more of them than you have ever had before!

Lucid Dreaming herbs Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to some lucid dreaming herbs, you may have a lot of choices.  For example, B vitamins can be found almost anywhere, as can melatonin.  But when it comes to the more specific and unique herbs for lucid dreaming such as Galantamine and Calea Z, your choices may be fewer and your decision where to purchase them even more difficult.  This may sound backwards but it’s not – Vitamin B for example is widely available and major companies that you probably trust manufacture it.  You can almost choose any preparation.  Calea Z, on the other hand, is only made by a few companies but since it is more expensive and because quality can vary so much, you have to choose carefully.

We wanted to provide some help to those of you who are going to purchase some of the more rare and often more expensive lucid dreaming herbs:

  1. Look for reviews in forums by people who have contributed a lot to that forum in other threads – in other words look for the advice of someone who is not just there to promote the product but truly just a community member who used it and found it helpful.
  2. Stay away from mixtures and formulas that mask how much of the main ingredient you are getting.  Some companies have preparations that involve Calea Z or Galantamine but they also have lots of other supplements in them.  The additional ingredients may or may not be helpful to you, but the problem often is that they mask the true purity and quality of the core lucid dreaming supplement.
  3. Look for a product that has been around for a while.  This may be difficult but sometimes you can look for customer reviews that are older or forum mentions that date back a few years.  You want to make sure the lucid dreaming supplement and the company itself have been able to stay in business.
  4. Compare doses not just prices.  Your chosen herbs for lucid dreaming may be more expensive than some others but that is okay if per milligram or other means of comparing dose the one you chose is actually a better deal.  One of the more obvious ways to do this is to make sure that one formula does not require you to take multiple pills to get the same effect.
  5. Look for a lucid dreaming herb distributor that offers some sort of deal for returning customers, or one for which you can often find online coupons.  You will likely want to order more of the lucid dreaming supplement that works well, so a deal for multiple purchases or the opportunity to save money here and there might be quite welcome.
  6. Try to get independent testimonials about whether the company and the supplement are reputable.  Many lucid dreaming herbs are sold on a variety of websites.  Some websites truly post all feedback about products, even the feedback that is negative.  Others only post positive feedback – and of course there are a few where the feedback looks suspiciously manufactured.  Find a site that appears to post all feedback about lucid dreaming supplements and review that feedback.
  7. You may want to find a distributor or store that offers herbs for lucid dreaming in various forms – e.g. subdermal, sublingual, pills, and powders.  This is not completely necessary, but lucid dreaming herbs like other supplements often produce different effects for different people depending on how they are taken.
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These are just a few tips for anyone looking to buy a lucid dreaming herbs.  Once you have found an online or bricks and mortar store that you trust, offers good deals, and will be around a while it can be quite a relief.  The stores that sell herbs for lucid dreaming want your business and the ones that are successful are able to offer many of the above in order to attract it.

Using Food Instead

While most of what we cover here are lucid dreaming herbs that can work to give you longer, more vivid, and more memorable dreams, there are ways to get some of the same nutrients through food.  If you want to augment your use of herbs for lucid dreaming, or you want to go a more natural route as far as how you will ingest them, this page will be helpful.  Here we will list the foods you can eat, whether during the day or literally right before you fall asleep, in order to get certain nutrients known to assist with lucid dreams.

As an example, foods high in Tryptophan, which has an essential role in the production of serotonin, can be a key ingredient in dreaming.  Tryptophan is actually no longer available as a supplement in the US due to its link, at high and concentrated doses, with a medical condition (there is still debate about whether that problem was actually caused by a bad batch of supplements, but that is neither here nor there).  Many have reported that Tryptophan does seem to generate more dreams, clearer dreams, and better recall, so obviously it is something to try in your lucid dreaming routine.  You don’t have to eat these foods right before bed – in your later meals in the day is fine.  Here are the foods you might try:

  1. Chicken gives the most tryptophan per ounce
  2. Soybeans have a lot of this supplement for those who do not eat meat
  3. Turkey is close behind chicken in the amount of this nutrient you get per ounce
  4. Tuna is a great choice for those who do not eat red meat
  5. Salmon, Halibut, and Cod are also great fish choices
  6. Pumpkin Seeds are one of the best snack foods that contain tryptophan

So whether you choose the natural route and get nutrients that help induce lucidity from foods, or you choose herbs for lucid dreaming, we wish you luck.  Solid techniques, a good amount of time and effort, and lucid dreaming herbs can be a powerful combination!

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