Lucid Dreaming Herbs

Lucid dreaming herbs are increasing in popularity.  Many people look into lucid dreaming herbs for a variety of reasons.  For some it is because they are stuck and have not had a lucid dream for a while.  For others the lucid dreaming herbs are used merely to deepen the experience of lucidity.  And there is also a group that begins using lucid dreaming herbs at the start – to try to kick-start things.  We are a bit wary of suggesting that these aids be used in the latter category, but that is a topic for another day.  For now we go over the science of lucidity as it relates to supplements.

Lesser Known Lucid Dreaming Herbs

One of the more popular lucid dreaming herbs that people turn to is galantamine, which certainly does make dreams more vivid and powerful.  Many report that galantamine also makes dreams easier to remember, though it may be that that effect is merely due to the increased vividness.  There is a catch with galantamine however: this lucid dreaming supplement cannot be used more than once every four days, and many people suggest that it not be used more than once each week.  Using this particular supplement is definitely in the category of being good for a quick boost when you are in a rut or when you really want to increase your chances on a particular night.

Galantamine is not easy to get since it is not widely known or used.  It has in fact been used for centuries as an herb known to stimulate vivid dreams and powerful visions, but it is not a supplement you are likely to find at a pharmacy or even health food store.  You should be able to order Galantamine on-line, however.  Try taking it before you go to bed, and if you do not get the effect you are looking for, try waking up in the middle of the night and taking it.  One way or another you are likely to experience an improvement in lucidity and thus we include it as part of our lucid dreaming science inquiry.

Calea Z, actually called Calea zacatechichi is often referred to as “the dream herb” and it has earned that title well.  Calea Z is from a specific region of Mexico and has been used for many years by shamans in that region because it heightens imagery and visualizations.  Of course as a lucid dreaming herb this ingredient also has utility as it affects sleep cycles in a way that can promote longer and more vivid dreams.  Calea Z is not difficult to obtain and you should know fairly quickly whether it has the potential to help you.  Among lucid dreaming herbs Calea Z stands out as an ingredient you are unlikely to otherwise get in your daily diet

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There are many other lucid dreaming herbs available that will help make your dreams longer, more vivid, and potentially lucid.  As we explore further on our site that covers these lucid dreaming herbals, many of them require caution because overuse can end up either negating their effects or interfering with the quality of `sleep.  In addition, some of them, although available over the counter, have not been studied in relation to long-term daily use.

Common Lucid Dreaming Herbs

One lucid dreaming supplement, however, is safe and okay to take every day at the recommended dose.  And this particular supplement is readily available at any pharmacy.  It is Vitamin B6.  This vitamin has been suggested in the treatment of PMS, depression, and preventing heart disease.  Deficiencies of this vitamin have been linked to many medical issues.  So taking vitamin B6 each day, again at the recommended dose, may give you longer and more vivid and memorable dreams.  And taken within daily recommendations is not only safe but potentially healthy.  We suggest that you take your vitamin B6 right before bed if you are practicing dream-induced techniques, and therefore the increase in dreams, and the fact that they will be more memorable, will help you with the overall experience and chances of success.

Choline is another is another common lucid dreaming herb that you my find in your daily diet and therefore could get a good amount of just by eating certain foods each day and perhaps especially before bed.  This amino acid promotes the production of the chemical acetylcholine, which itself is known to enhance the duration of REM sleep. Aside from buying the supplement, which is actually not very expensive, you can get choline from eating bananas and potatoes.  Choline is often combined with Galantamine in lucid dreaming supplements.

As you can see, diet can play a key role in lucid dreaming, and as an aside here we want to re-state the importance of keeping a thorough and detailed dream journal.  This way you can determine which foods may be contributing to your lucid dreaming success.  It may be that the lucid dreaming herbs listed here help, or it could be other combinations that you find useful.

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There are many lucid dreaming supplements available that can help make your dreams longer, more vivid, and easier to remember.  Some say that the herbs can actually help produce a lucid dream, but we think it may just make them easier to remember and more dynamic when they do happen.  Anyway, many of the lucid dreaming herbs are safe, natural and easy to take.  Some are even the kind you can take by eating certain foods before bed.

Taking Lucid Dreaming Herbs

What you should be aware of, however, is that some lucid dreaming herbs can lose their effect of taken too often.  In fact, some even can have the opposite effect if the become relied upon.  You can check out the various supplements at our sister site, but the point to be made is that taking these aids should always be in conjunction with doing all necessary techniques you would do without them, with the same diligence and effort.  You do not want to become reliant on these lucid dream aids, no matter how much effect they give, to help you learn how to lucid dream.

Another point should be made that lucid dreaming herbs can sometimes have unwanted effects such as interfering with the amount of deeper sleep you get, or causing you to wake up after particularly vivid dreams.  As much as lucidity can be exciting and an incredible experience, be careful if using supplements that you do not let your dream adventure interfere with your waking life.

Best of luck if you do decide to take lucid dreaming herbs!

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