Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis

Lucid Dreaming hypnosis can help speed your path to lucidity in your dreams.  Dream control is something that can be learned by almost anyone through effort and practice, but as we discuss here in many places there are certain types of music that can make the process faster and easier. Hopefully this page will help you learn to hypnotize yourself to lucid dream.  Don’t forget to tell us how you did.

How Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis Works

On this page we go over hypnosis for lucid dreaming that can work directly on your subconscious and work on three different levels:

  1. The messages during lucid dream hypnosis work to reduce doubt and increase confidence that you can and will have a lucid dream that night. Sometimes the lucid dreaming hypnosis will involve a set of two CDs where one is designed to be played before bed and one while you are falling asleep and afterwards. The one being played before bed is designed to set the stage and maximise confidence.
  2. The hypnosis for lucid dreaming is also designed to remind you to notice that you are dreaming and thereby attain dream control. They may be very specific if these messages have been custom tailored to your own techniques, or a bit more general if they are just reminding you to check if you are dreaming.
  3. The lucid dreaming hypnosis messages are also designed to encourage you to remember your dreams, and often overlooked but incredibly vital part of the lucid dream process. You need to be sure that you have every bit of assistance remembering each and every dream that you have so that you don’t miss out any potential moment of lucidity.

These are the three major types of lucid dreaming hypnosis. Some programs you can buy use all three, perhaps divided into different CDs, while other focus on one because you may only need one type more than the others.

You can find more information at Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques about how to effectively use hypnosis for lucidity, and of course World of Lucid Dreaming has excellent information of how a hypnotics state can help with dream control.

What is Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis

The use of lucid dreaming hypnosis is probably the most controversial of all of the lucid dreaming techniques. For example, where there is proven science behind the effect of binaural beats, and direct induction works by more obvious processes, lucid dreaming hypnosis pulls for strong opinions in all directions. We are not here to state an opinion about the effectiveness of lucid dream hypnosis, and we welcome your own comments about whether it did or did not work, but we can give instructions on how to use this method of dream control induction.

Lucid dream hypnosis is played often under music close to and during the time you will be dreaming. Thus if you are using wake-induced lucid dreaming techniques you might play the hypnosis for lucid dreaming CD as soon as you wake yourself up late at night or as you drift off to your nap. And if you are using lucid dreaming hypnosis as part of a dream-induced lucid dreaming technique you would set the music to be played at a predetermined time at night or in the early morning.

 Make sure that you follow any instructions about exactly how loud to play the lucid dreaming hypnosis CD, because this can be a key to success. In addition, make sure other noises are kept to a minimum – a loud air conditioner could negate the effects of the tape

Hypnosis for lucid dreaming may also work particularly well on certain nights – when you are particularly tired perhaps and fall into a deeper sleep more quickly, or for some maybe the opposite, when you are less tired and stay in a shallow sleep for longer. They may work better for some during a nap, rather than at night, and of course the difference between waking yourself up late at night and just playing the lucid dreaming hypnosis under music all night may be significant. In all, we suggest keeping a detailed journal when using lucid dreaming hypnosis, and include every factor you can think of, from diet, to caffeine, to level of tiredness, to volume the lucid dreaming music is played at.

One last tip we make about self hypnosis lucid dreaming: The reason for all the controversy about whether this type of lucid dreaming technique works is that it may be something that truly works well for some and does not work well for others. In other words, the two sides of the lucid dream hypnosis debate may be arriving at their positions quite honestly, with one side truly believing in this method of induction because it unquestionably worked for them, and the other feeling the opposite because it did nothing. Try lucid dreaming hypnosis if you want and give it your bet shot, but don’t stay with it too long if it does not seem to help.

Effects of Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming

So does lucid dreaming hypnosis actually work? There are strong opinions on both sides. Some people are skeptical in general about hypnosis, including those who wonder about whether the subconscious mind actually listens to these kinds of commands, and scientific inquiry has had mixed results. On the other hand, some people feel that this kind of messaging works even if they admin that it does not work for everyone, the quality of various recording are so different, and it may not be perfect but works sometimes.

So could self hypnosis lucid dreaming actually work for you? We remain optimistic for a couple of reasons: First, anything you do as far as a ritual can help bring lucid dreaming to the forefront of your waking thinking which is of course what underlies most techniques; and second, it absolutely could work and it is not expensive to buy a lucid dreaming music CD that has lucid dreaming hypnosis underneath it.

Of course another reason to buy a lucid dreaming hypnosis CD is for the music itself. Many people feel that regardless of the technology – lucid dream hypnosis, binaural beats, or conscious suggestions – that thing that is actually doing the trick is the music itself. The music which is quite unique to the lucid dreaming CD becomes a trigger in the dream, or helps you maintain awareness as you enter a dream. If that is the case it really doesn’t matter which type of technology you invest in.

Our bottom line advice is that people should not obsess too much about which type of hypnosis for lucid dreaming CD to buy. These CDs are not expensive and the payoff is great, so try one and see if it works. Or try a CD that has several technologies on it.  Hopefully you will find the one that helps you learn how to hypnotize yourself to lucid dream.

Tips For Using Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming hypnosis is clearly the most controversial type of method. While with binaural beats and direct induction most people would admit that they likely at least help a little, possible set the stage for lucidity, and maybe just maybe directly lead to lucid dreams, lucid dreaming hypnosis is thought by some to not work at all. That said, lucid dreaming hypnosis methods for relaxation and sleep promotion, and of course lucid dreaming, has been around for a long time. We want to give you some tips if you are trying this method of to help you hypnotize yourself to lucid dream.

Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis may not work

Given its controversial nature, we suggest that you do not give hypnosis for lucid dreaming a ton of time if you don’t see results. We are not here to say whether or not it works – some people say it does while others say it doesn’t. But we do wonder whether this type of lucid dreaming music only works for some people and not others, and that is why we suggest that not everyone should pursue this path if it does not work at first. Give it a try, but try another method if you do not see any results in a couple of weeks of daily use.

Vary your lucid dreaming hypnosis techniques

Try lucid dream hypnosis with both wake-induced lucid dreaming (WILD) and dream-induced lucid dreaming techniques. Given that this form of lucid dream induction is not as well-known or studied as other methods, its worth a little experimentation as far as when it works best. You may find that when you are transitioning directly from wake to dream, as with napping WILD techniques it works better than nighttime dream induced techniques or vice versa.

Get hypnosis for lucid dreaming quality recordings

As paradoxical as it sounds, given that hypnosis for lucid dreaming is generally not as trusted for effectiveness as other types, you do need to make sure you go for quality when you buy it. In other words, since we suggest that you give lucid dreaming music with lucid dreaming hypnosis a shorter leash than other types, make sure you give this method its best chance from the start. And since this type of induction involves the most science and technological skill to produce, it is important that you look for quality.

Vary the volume of your recordings

Try different volumes of lucid dreaming hypnosis since that can be key to success using this method. Again, it’s hard to know what might work because there is too little science behind this process, so we can’t tell you exactly what the right volume should be of both the suggestions and the music. Obviously the suggestions cannot be loud enough to be heard through the music, but besides that you should experiment a little bit.

Vary the music under your lucid dreaming hypnosis

It is also worthwhile to try different types of music if you are playing the lucid dreaming hypnosis and the music separately. Some types of music might work better than others, so try a relaxing instrumental one night and a fully symphony the next. It’s even possible to mix hypnosis for lucid dreaming with binaural beats, but we’d suggest only doing this is you’ve already tried both independently so you know how each one affects you.

These ideas should help you choose the best lucid dream hypnosis so that you can see whether it does in fact help produce lucid dreaming. And again, the underlying key is that through all of this – and no matter what induction you use – you must practice solid techniques and stick to them.

Best of luck if you do try hypnosis for lucid dreaming, and please feel free to share the specific procedure and technique you used if you are successful, especially if it is something we did not cover here regarding lucid dreaming hypnosis.

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