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Lucid Dreaming Induction Music

Lucid Dreaming induction music can be played underneath many types of soothing music to help you have lucid dreams.  Most lucid dream induction music techniques that you will try likely have you somehow realize that you are dreaming because something does not seem right.  Using the method of “dream signs” you might notice that your hands are distorted, that someone does not look right, or that you cannot see your reflection.  And since you spent so much time during your waking life looking for these dream signs, your dreaming self followed suit and noticed that something was amiss.  And what follows is a wonderful journey and adventure – you’d induced a lucid dream!

We cover many types of lucid dreaming music here, and you should read this page and others to figure out which lucid dream music will work best for you.

Lucid Dream Induction Music

Lucid dreaming induction with music can work in two ways: The lucid dream induction music itself can be a trigger to lucidity, and there can be specific instructions played under the lucid dreaming induction music itself.  For the former method, if you routinely play a certain relaxing type of music at bedtime or when you are literally falling asleep, you may notice that this music persists in the dream state.  But when you are dreaming you notice not only the music but your dream signs as well.  The song or type of music itself becomes a trigger – each time you hear it you know to look around and ask yourself “am I dreaming”.  In addition, the lucid dreaming induction music itself becomes a constant reminder of your lucid dreaming goals, and generally the more you think about lucid dreaming in your waking state, the more likely it is that you will have a lucid dream.

Lucid Dream Induction Music Characteristics

Of course for sound induced lucid dreaming the music must not only be relaxing (you’re playing it as you fall asleep of course), but also distinct so that it becomes a specific sign and a specific memory.  Many excellent lucid dreaming music CDs provide both of these qualities, and you can also use your own homemade lucid dreaming music CD.  It’s best to invest in a CD player that will loop the CD, playing it over and over.  This will allow you to have a shorter song or set of songs that will still persist as long as you want.

The second method by which lucid dreaming induction music can work goes beyond just the soothing and recognizable music.  Some CDs also have direct induction words that play in the background but are audible.  This type of lucid dreaming induction music is designed to literally show up in the dream.  Most commonly associated with wake-induced lucid dreaming (WILD), these inductions remain audible as you enter the dream, forming a bridge of sorts that can help you attain lucidity.

Sometimes the lucid dreaming induction music CD will merely play certain words over and over so that they become integrated with the dream and a part of your entry into it.  Other times they will be longer sentences designed to instruct you in detail into the dream state.  One way or another this type of induction is meant to sooth you, relax you, and then carry you into the dream.  Soon the words might fade as you go deeper into sleep and fully into the dream, which is good of course because you don;t want the induction CD to actually wake you.

Using Lucid Dreaming Induction Music

Of course this lucid dreaming induction music can be paired with something like binaural beats for added effect.  And just like anything else to do with lucid dreaming you need to be playing the music and the induction during the day and thinking about it as much as possible throughout the day so that it becomes a part of your techniques, just like asking yourself if you are dreaming.  And you should realize that this type of lucid dreaming induction music can get just a strange and distorted in the dream as everything else, so while listening to it during the day or while falling asleep, notice how good and coherent it sounds.

Whether you actually hear the words or this music merely becomes yet another reminder that you are dreaming, we hope this works for you!

Lucid dreaming induction music instructions

Lucid dreaming induction music provides gentle and quite simple guidance as you drift off to sleep to stay aware of whether you are dreaming (and this type of direct induction does even work for some people who use dream-induced lucid dreaming (DILD) techniques too, if it is timed to go on at the correct time of night or morning).  Lucid dream induction underneath soothing music can even become its own dream sign!

Some lucid dreaming music with direct induction is actually quite simple, merely repeating certain phrases such as:

– “are you dreaming?”

– “control your dream”

– “look at the signs”

In this way you hear the phrase that you are using to trigger a fully lucid dream over and over, and it becomes fixed in your mind to the degree that you ask yourself the same question in your dream state.  This kind of direct lucid dreaming induction might also be referred to as dream sign reminders.

Using different kinds of lucid dreaming music

However, other lucid dreaming induction music takes you through a few steps, for example having you relax, drift off, notice you are dreaming, and then having you look for a chosen dream sign.  These are the steps that lead into lucid dreaming so this type of induction, even though brief and simple, can work very well for those who want an internal boost to the instructions they are giving themselves.  If you do well with hearing instruction out loud – like having a coach by your side – but you do not feel like having anything too complicated playing under the music, then this type of simple induction os for you.

And still other types of lucid dreaming induction with music is more detailed and somewhat like a long relaxation tape, designed to put you in the most relaxed state possible so as to set up the perfect atmosphere for a potential lucid dream.  The instructions may read like an old-fashioned self-hypnosis tape, guiding you through a variety of steps until you are in the dream state, and then guiding you through specific steps to get you to become lucid.  These longer lucid dream induction tapes are favored by those who want the entire process to be external so they can just relax and listen.

You should use direct dream induction music as often as you’d like, and experiment with everything from the different types of music covered above, the volume it’s played at, and the time of night it’s used. Again, you could either start with the dream induction music playing right away, have it timed to start at some point in the night when you normally experience your longest REM periods, or set an alarm so that you wake up briefly to turn it on.

DIY Lucid dreaming induction music

Many people ask about making their own direct dream induction lucid dreaming music and this is definitely a possibility.  Just think of the steps in any good lucid dreaming technique – perhaps visit our parent site at The Lucid Dreaming Center – and use your own voice to guide you through.  You may find that you have to re-record a few times to get the volume, timing, and overall details perfect, but some people find that the best lucid dreaming induction music tape there is is the one they designed and produced themselves.

Lucid dream induction tips

Lucid dreaming induction with music is the most straightforward means of inducing the perfect state for lucidity.  Basically, with direct induction you play music that behind it has audible instructions that help you relax, fall asleep, and hopefully transition to a lucid state.  Direct induction lucid dreaming music is so straightforward that the tips we will provide here may be somewhat obvious, but if you do use this method and are not seeing quick results, you may want to try one or more of these suggestions:

1. Vary the volume of the music and of the direct induction instructions separately if you can.  In other words, you may want to play the music a little louder while leaving the voice instructions the same, or vice versa.  For some the best settings have the voice instructions only slightly audible behind soothing music, while for others the music is quite secondary to the voice instruction.  And of course for some having them relatively the same volume works best – and this is where we would suggest you start.

2. Vary the actual music that plays in the background.  It’s quite easy to overlook this idea because those who use direct induction lucid dreaming music often – and rightly so – focus on the script they are using, what the direct induction instructions are.  Don’t overlook changing the music a but as well.  For some this helps a lot.  And for a few, eliminating the music altogether is the way to go.  Again, be aware that it’s often the combination of music and the voice being played over it that makes this all work, not one or the other.

3. Of course varying the instructions may be important as well.  This may be as simple as allowing a longer time between steps toward the lucid state, or literally changing what is said and the steps themselves.  Buying a ready-made lucid dreaming induction tape will leave little room for change, though it will help you start with a fully complete script.  When you do change the instructions it should be to either give yourself longer at each step or be more specific about the instructions you give.

4. Try lucid dreaming induction dream-induced and wake-induced experiences.  Direct induction must be played at the time you are falling asleep and entering the dream state.  Some people use it in the middle of the night while others use it when they are going to take a daytime nap.  These are both possibilities for lucid dream induction with music, and if you have minimal or no success at one make sure to try the other as well – in fact, even if you have a little success it still might be worth trying the other.

5. If you’ve only used a pre-made tape, try making your own lucid dreaming induction with your own voice.  You may find that your own voice is most soothing and you feel most connected to it, so it might actually work better.  On the other hand, if you start with your own homemade lucid dreaming induction tape you may want to switch to a pre-made one if you find your own voice distracting in some way.  You could even try having a friend or family member make one for you.

These are just a few tips for using direct induction lucid dreaming tapes as an aide to promote lucid dreams.  In all, it is worth experimenting with all of these tips and the techniques elsewhere on this site since this method is the most known and has been around the longest.

Of course please see our sister site The Lucid Dreaming Center for lucid dream induction techniques, and of course forums are always a good place to get advice about inducing lucid dreams.

Please let us know how lucid dream induction music worked for you.  Best of luck if lucid dreaming induction music is for you!

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