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A lucid dreaming mask is a popular type of lucid dream aid.  There are actually several types of lucid dreaming mask, the most popular of which flashes lights when it detects that your eyes are moving while you sleep – rapid eye movement while sleeping is a sign of dreaming during the stage we call REM sleep.  By training yourself to ask yourself “am I dreaming” when you see those flashing lights you may be able to induce lucidity.  Lucid Dreaming masks have been around for a while and they do work in that they really do flash when people are in REM sleep.  A lucid dream mask is just one your many choices as far as lucid dreaming aids, and it is certainly one of the most popular.  The technology behind a lucid dream mask is actually quite simple, yet it has the potential to be quite effective for many lucid dreamers.  And unlike lucid dreaming supplements and other aids, there is no harm in using a lucid dream mask as much as you’d like.

Lucid Dreaming Mask Basics

The most common lucid dreaming mask uses a technology mentioned above that knows when you are dreaming and flashes light or emits a sound to notify you.  These lucid dreaming masks are based on the simple fact that when you dream your eyes move around, and thus that part of the sleep cycle is called “rapid eye movement”.  Some people report that they are able to train themselves to use a lucid dream mask successfully by training themselves to recognize that when they see a flashing light or hear a certain tone they will ask themselves “am I dreaming?” and the answer might sometimes be yes!

Cost of a Lucid Dream Mask

There is wide variability in the cost of a lucid dreaming mask, and while you do not have to buy the most expensive one out there, you may want to be sure you get one that is high enough quality to be comfortable and work well.  You may also face the choice of a lucid dreaming mask that uses light, vs. one that uses tones, and this may be a matter of preference (though you could also choose one that does both!  Look for a reputable online store that seems to provide unbiased customer feedback, or look for independent review sites when choosing a lucid dream mask.  You can also go to any number of lucid dreaming forums such as Dream Views and look for feedback about these devices (but watch for feedback from those who have a stake in what you choose – those whose advice comes with a link to purchase.

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A lucid dream mask alone will not create lucid dreams, but it certainly can help you make your lucid dreaming techniques more effective, and you can tailor your lucid dreaming techniques to the device.  You may find that you are having more frequent experiences as well.

Choosing a Lucid Dream Mask

We may provide more specific reviews of the most popular lucid dreaming masks on the market today as soon as we collect enough information, but for now we can provide some helpful hints that may help you choose.

Lucid Dream Mask Technology

Decide what underlying technology you want the lucid dreaming mask to be based on.  Some products can measure when your eyes are moving and you are therefore in REM sleep, while others just use simple timing to flash lights or play sounds when it is a time of night you are likely to be dreaming.  Some more expensive lucid dreaming masks even measure your brainwaves in a simple way that helps determine when you may be dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming mask Functionality

Decide how programmable you want you lucid dream mask to be. Do you want to be able to program specific patterns in the way the lights flash, for example, or is it okay if there are just a few settings for that. Or do you want the lucid dreaming mask to delay flashing until you are further into REM, or just flash right away. All of these aspects and more may be programmable on some models.

Features are important and may differ among the products you look at.  Here is a quick guide to lucid dreaming mask features you might want to look in to:

  • You may want to be able to adjust brightness – some people are sensitive to lights that flash too brightly while others find that if the lights are not bright enough they do not sense them in their dreams.
  • The pattern you choose can be adjustable as well – how quickly the flashes happen, and in what pattern.  For some reason some patterns may work better than others for people.
  • A feature you may not think of is the delay before the lucid dreaming mask begins flashing lights – some people find that it is best for the lights not to flash for a small amount of time after they enter REM
  • How long the lights flash is also a feature you may want – you don;t want flashing lights in your dream after you’ve become lucid, but then again you don’t want the duration to be too short either
  • Colors may be helpful as far as how your lucid dreaming mask works – colored lights may be equally effective yet soothing
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Lucid Dreaming Mask Comfort

You also want to be sure that this mask, which you will be wearing when you sleep, is comfortable.  Do not underestimate this need, given that you still want a comfortable sleep.  Not only is it important to generally be comfortable sleeping, remember that dreams come when you are in your lightest period of sleep.

Lucid dreaming masks may help trigger your awareness that you are dreaming, and when used in conjunction with solid techniques may help you achieve success.  We also cover other lucid dreaming devices that use music:  Look for a product that has the right technology and features for you and try it out.  We wish you the best of luck if you do try a lucid dreaming mask.

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