Lucid Dreaming Supplements and Light?

It is quite easy to tell when someone is dreaming.  If you are able to see their closed eyes you will notice that their eyes actually move during dreams – thus the name REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep.  For this reason there are technologies available that can actually signal you within the dream to notice that you are dreaming.  Basically what these lucid dreaming aids do is perceive that your eyes are in fact moving and then they flash light so that you have a signal in your dream that might help you notice you are dreaming.

While we do not advocate mixing lucid dreaming supplements, at least at first, because you really want to know which one does the trick before ingesting more chemistry than you need, you can mix various lucid dreaming aids since this is a quite harmless thing to do.  Thus if you are going to try Galantamine or Calea Z or Choline and want to give yourself an even better chance f success, try a lucid dreaming goggle or mask set as well.  All the lucid dreaming mask or goggles is doing is enhancing the techniques you are already using – e.g. instead of merely asking yourself during your waking day “am I dreaming”, you will also look to see if there is any flashing light.

All that the lucid dreaming mask or goggles is doing is enhancing your techniques, and what the lucid dreaming supplements are doing is creating physiological change that creates an excellent arena for lucid dreams.  Given that these two processes are so different, combining the two seems quite reasonable.  That said, once you start having lucid dreams you may want to cut back on the lucid dreaming supplements and perhaps only use the goggles or mask – it is a much cheaper approach and since Galantamine in particular can have negative effects it would be great not to need it.

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