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Lucid Dreaming Supplements Guide

Lucid dreaming supplements can provide a powerful way to induce lucidity when used in combination with solid techniques. Other parts of this website covers the pure ingredients involved in lucid dream pills. In others words, whether it is 5-HTP, Mugwort, Galantamine, or Calea Z we go over these ingredients individually elsewhere. Here on this page we cover lucid dreaming pills that involve combinations of ingredients that can be very effective.

Lucid Dreaming is safe, natural, and most of all incredibly exciting.  Many people find that they spontaneously have dreams where they are fully awake and aware, and in some cases even in control of what happens in the dream.  In most cases, however, without any practice these types of dreams are few and far between.  But with some simple lucid dreaming techniques, commonly broken into two categories – dream induced and wake induced – many people have been able to learn how to have frequent lucid dream experiences. Our sister site, the Lucid Dreaming Center, provides how to techniques for learning how to be fully awake and aware in your dreams.

There are certain supplements that can aid in the lucid dreaming process.  While it is debatable whether these supplements actually help produce lucid dreams, they at least create expanded REM sleep, or more vivid dreams, or somehow more memorable dream experiences.  Any or all of these effects would help ensure that if the techniques are working the resulting lucid dreams will be longer, more vivid, and remembered.  So whether or not these supplements actually help induce lucidity, they certainly augment good techniques.  The supplements we are referring to are natural, safe, and available at your local health food store or herbalist.  They may even be home remedies for other conditions, or otherwise have positive health effects.

We are here to cover the latest information about lucid dreaming supplements.  Our site is not affiliated with any distributor of any particular supplement or home remedy, so you can trust the information here to be independent and unbiased.  Our goal is to give you some ideas of how to enhance your chances with natural herbal remedies that you can find at your local herbalist or natural food store.  We cater to more advanced lucid dreamers as well as those just starting out, though we caution that it is better to learn how to lucid dream without the use of supplements and home remedies first to that you do not end up relying on them for success.  They should help increase the experience but not be required for it to begin with.

Choosing Lucid Dreaming Supplements

You need to do three things to start with if you are considering lucid dreaming pills as part of your lucid dream technique process:

1. Know what main ingredient you want. Most lucid dream pills start with one particular lucid dreaming supplement as a cornerstone – whether Galantamine, Calea Z, Mugwort, etc. Assess how much of that main ingredient is involved and make sure that it is enough to have a therapeutic effect. Review the information here and elsewhere about that ingredient and assess the lucid dreaming pills, even if they have many ingredients, first on the basis of that main active chemical.

2. Now look at the other active ingredients as well. Assess what they are and what their effect will be. Make sure that the lucid dreaming pills in question are not trying to squeeze too much in, in a way that will make it so that there is not enough of anything in particular to have an actual effect. Make sure also that the active ingredients make sense and are not just designed to make the supplement look good.

3. Finally, assess the quality of the brand by looking at as much unbiased feedback as you can find, not necessarily about that particular product but about the company in general. Look at websites that seem to be well-rounded in the feedback they provide so you know they have no stake in whether you choose a certain company or product. The best way to do this is to make sure that some products are getting lower marks than others.

Which Lucid Dream Supplements for You?

But how do you choose among the various lucid dream supplements on the market? This may be more challenging, though it is quite possible to over think this part. Sometimes you just have to choose one, even if at random, and see how it works. That said there are some pieces of advice we can give:

1. Assess what you are already good at and choose a lucid dreaming supplement that will work on your weaknesses. In other words, if you need help with recall, choose among the lucid dreaming pills for one that improves the vividness and therefore memorability of your dreams. If you are good at remembering dreams early on but not later in the nighttime, choose one that is known to work over a longer period of time.

2. Think about the general effects you get from supplements and consider that when it comes to your lucid dream pill. Are you very sensitive to strong chemicals of any kind? Then you may want to go with something more mild such as a natural vitamin supplement as opposed to something powerful like Calea Z or Galantamine.

3. Finally, are you looking for a boost or something to take all the time. If all you need is a boost after a period during which you experienced a lull, then maybe something like a night of Galantamine would help, but if you want something you can safely take every day then Choline Citrate is an example of an option.

Chosing a lucid dream pill that works best for you is an exciting process, but one that often takes some patience and diligence. We hope that the rest of this website is helpful in your pursuit.

Lucid Dreaming Supplements FAQ

Many people approach the idea of taking a home remedy that might help produce lucid dreams with some hesitation. The following are some questions lucid dreaming supplements seem to bring up:

Q: Will using lucid dreaming pills interfere with regular sleep?

A: Lucid dreaming only happen during REM sleep. Thus any supplement that interferes with REM sleep, such as prolonging it, may interfere with natural sleep by giving you less deep and restful sleep. However, those lucid dreaming pills that merely make dreams more vivid and memorable during regular REM sleep will have little or no effect.

Q: Can lucid dreaming be done by anyone, supplements or not?

A: A very large number of people are able to have lucid dreams without using supplements. Most say that lucid dream pills enhance the experience, but are not completely necessary in order to become fully awake and aware in their dreams. In fact, most people who are advanced in their lucid dreaming would suggest that you develop the ability to have lucid dreams through solid techniques before using home remedies.

Q: Can lucid dreaming pills be used for both dream-induced and wake-induced lucid dreaming?

A: While it is possible to use lucid dreaming supplements for wake induced techniques, they are more commonly used and perhaps more effective when using dream induced techniques.

Q: Should lucid dream pills be part of the routine for a beginner?

A: We strongly suggest that the beginner starts by using techniques that do not require lucid dreaming supplements and then only use them after they have become moderately proficient. You should learn how to lucid dream without any crutch at first, build you confidence, and then these supplements can be used to either add to the experience or help you when you are stuck.

Q: How long should I wait when I am in a rut before turning to lucid dreaming pills?

A: Many experienced lucid dreamers use lucid dream pills to get out of a dry period, usually about 2 weeks into a period of no lucid dreams. Some even say you should wait longer, again thinking that they want the person to build confidence in his or her lucid dreaming techniques to be the answer.

Q: What about mixing lucid dreaming pills?

A: We suggest using only one supplement at a time at first, to see what is really working and exactly what the effects are. Later on it may be possible to mix lucid dreaming pills if they have complimentary effects, but if you do it at first you may not know exactly what is working.

Q: What is the safest lucid dreaming pill?

A: There are many ways to potentially get the same effects as lucid dreaming pills provide just by eating foods rich in certain nutrients. Of course with supplements like Calea Z or Galantamine this is not possible, but for Vitamin B6 and choline it is. A great example is apple juice, which many lucid dreamers say can have a profound effect on the potential for lucid dreams when taken before bed.

Q: What about waking up and taking lucid dreaming pills?

A: There are some supplements that are worth potentially setting an alarm for, especially if you have taken them before bed with only mixed results. This is because our most promising REM periods are well after we initially fall asleep and therefore after the effect of the supplement has worn off. The most likely candidates for this are Calea Z and Galantamine.

Q: How long should I take lucid dreaming pills for?

A: Again, our overall advice is to use lucid dream pills only as an adjunct to your main techniques – see our “On Lucid Dreaming” page for more how to information. They may be effective in getting you out of a rut or as a once or twice a week boost in your dreaming experience. They may also speed your ability to assess a new technique. They should not, however, be something you depend on each and every time you want to have dream control.

These are just a few of the common questions people may have about lucid dreaming supplements. Other issues and common questions may be answered by our posts on our main page. We will continually update this page as we understand more about the common questions and concerns people have about these supplements. Another good lucidity pill FAQ can be found at the very well-regarded lucidity institute.

Lucid Dream Pills List

At Lucid Dreaming Supplements we will cover a wide variety of natural supplements that can either aid in producing lucid dreams, or at least make the dream experience longer, more memorable, and more vivid. We will continually update this page with a full listing of Lucid Dreaming Supplements that we cover. Remember that most lucid dreaming supplements make dreams more memorable, more vivid, or longer, and you will still have to do your lucid dreaming techniques to ensure that you are fully aware while dreaming.

Galantamine: Core lucid dreaming pills

Galantamine is often referred to as the core lucid dream supplement, though its main effect is on the length, vividness, and memorabiliy of dreams. While galantamine itself may not promote lucid dreaming, it certainly can help the user find success with lucid dreaming techniques by ensuring that more dreams are remembered and that each dream is powerful and clear. Galantamine should only be taken once or twice each week however, since it has a tendency not only to have a declining effect but also potentially not work for weeks after it has been overused. Galantamine is a lucid dreaming supplement that we suggest you only use after you’ve become proficient at having lucid dreams – it is not a supplement to take to give you a jump-start.

Choline: Lucid dream pills for increased REM

Choline seems to lengthen the amount of REM sleep a person has, thereby leading to more dreams for the user. This easy to find natural supplement has been said to make lucid dreams longer and easier to maintain without either waking up or losing lucidity. Choline has other positive effects as well, so it could even be that enhancement of dreams is a mere side effect. Choline is a lucid dreaming supplement that it is okay to take from the very start – its effects are stable and it has other benefits as well.

Vitamin B6: Everyday lucid dreaming pills

Vitamin B6 is perhaps the easiest lucid dreaming supplement to obtain either in pill form or by eating healthy foods such as bananas, citrus, eggs, beans, and chicken. Vitamin B6 seems to have global effects on dreaming, making dreams more memorable and longer. Given that B6 has other health benefits as well, this lucid dreaming supplement has few drawbacks. This supplement can easily be taken merely by having foods rich in this nutrient close to bedtime, as opposed to taking it in pill form.

Calea Z: The Dream Herb

Calea Z promotes vivid and memorable dreams, and even though it is the hardest of the lucid dreaming supplements to obtain, it’s frequently used by more experienced lucid dreamers. Calea Z has been referred to as “the dream herb” and is used more generally by those who want to have dreams that are so clear that they are easy to remember. This dream control supplement is not well researched and we’d also put it in the category of better for the experienced lucid dreamer. A person setting out on the lucid dreaming journey should be wary of becoming dependent on something like Calea Z that is expensive and whose effects may wear off.

5-HTP: Lucid dreaming pills for increased vividness

5-HTP promotes vivid, long, and memorable dreams later in the nighttime. When taken on a night that you can easily get at least seven hours sleep, you will wake up remembering many dreams, hopefully, if you’ve been practicing your techniques, some of them will be lucid! Many people mix 5-HTP with Galantamine in order to induce lucid dreams. 5-HTP has other benefits as well – most notably on depression and anxiety, so it may be okay to take this nutrient every day. As with any other less common supplement, it is advisable to ask your healthcare provider if its okay to take it regularly.

Melatonin: Well-know lucid dream pill

Melatonin suppresses REM sleep leading to a later rebound, which can include more vivid and memorable dreams packed into a shorter period of time. Even a small bit of dream suppression early on will produce the desired rebound effect later in the nighttime, so you’ll need to practice dream-induced lucid dreaming how-to techniques. Some people have nightmares on melatonin, so start with a low dose. Also there has been some evidence that melatonin is not for everyone and that its effects can wear off. This is another supplement that you should check through with your healthcare provider.

Lucid Dreaming Pills: Longer, more vivid and memorable dreams

These are just a few of the most common lucid dreaming supplements that you might want to try after you’ve started to have lucid dreams. Once again, you don’t want to rely on them, but they can be used to enhance the experience, get you back on track when you are in a lull, or promote longer experiences. Don’t forget to use a dream journal or other method to remember your dreams, whether or not you choose to use lucid dreaming supplements. Also, we suggest that you only try one lucid dreaming supplement at a time in order to be sure you know what works for you. The most important piece of advice, however, is to make sure you are practicing lucid dreaming how-to techniques because these supplements alone do not produce lucid dreams, they just raise the potential for lucid dreaming. Stay tunes to our home page where we cover the latest news and information about lucid dreaming supplements

Here is another site with a dream control supplement list

Lucid Dreaming Pills Conclusion

Best of luck whether you try the individual ingredients or a combination lucid dream pill approach. For some one or the other works better and it may be worth experimenting a little. We would suggest that if you are new to lucid dreaming supplements trying the one ingredient approach may be a little better so you see exactly what works for you, but soon thereafter you may want to try the combinations that are available in lucid dream pills. Please feel free to use the comments section below either to ask questions or let us and our readers know what you’re experience was with the lucid dreaming pills you chose.

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