How to Induce Lucid Dreaming: Lucid Dream Induction Aids

How to Induce Lucid Dreaming with Technology

How to induce lucid dreaming is the core question that people ask who come to our site.  Of course this website offers a full range of lucid dreaming induction tips and techniques for both the beginner and the more advanced practitioner.  As you browse our pages you will likely find what you are looking for if you want to attain dream control or lengthen or deepen your experiences.  However, there are some specific topics that revolve around lucid dream induction that we felt could use some more in-depth exploration, so we offer these external resources that can be a lucid dream inducer as well.


How to Induce Lucid Dreaming with Music:

Lucid Dream Induction Music covers the ways you can use music to help you learn how to induce lucid dreaming.  The website is broken down into three sections:

a. How to induce lucid dreaming using binaural beats to induce a perfect state for dream control is a common question for those who look into this method.  These beats produce a rhythm known to induce relaxation and a perfect state of mind for lucidity.  Binaural beats work very well for some people, though some find it cumbersome because headphones must be worn – the beats are designed to play at different speeds to each of your ears.

b. Lucid dream induction music that uses subconscious suggestions underneath soothing music to induce full control.  This type of lucid dream induction is probably most controversial, but some would still say worth trying.

c. Music that uses conscious suggestions and guidance for lucid dream induction of the WILD type.  These conscious suggestions are made over soothing music.  You can even make your own recording that helps you learn how to induce lucid dreaming, though some people find that they are distracted by the sound of their own voice.

d. Isochronic tones are another popular category of lucidity music.  These tones do not require you to wear headphones like binaural beats, but many people find them effective in training your brain to fall into the perfect state for lucidity.  You may be able to find isochronic tones for free on the net.

If you need a push or are stuck in a rut as you learn how to induce lucid dreaming, lucid dream music might help, and this website may be just the thing!  As with any other lucid dream induction technique, the music approach becomes its own part of your “am I dreaming” daily technique – focusing more of your attention on dream control during the day and thus furthering the possibility that you will ask the same question in your dreams.

How to Induce Lucid Dreaming with Supplements:

Lucid Dream Induction Supplements goes over each major type of supplement you can take that may increase your chances of being successfully learning to how to induce lucid dreaming.  From Galantamine and Calea Z which you’ve likely not heard of, to more popular supplements like Vitamin B and Choline, you may be surprised by how easy it is to use a supplement as a lucid dream induction aid or at least improve your chances.  This website doesn’t just cover dream control supplements like Galantamine and Calea Z, it also covers:

a. How much of these supplements to take and how and when to take them in order to learn how to induce lucid dreaming.  Some supplements may work better for wake-induced dream control, while others may work better for dream induced techniques for example.

b. What combinations of supplements may be the best for lucid dream induction.  We actually suggest that you do not combine supplements, at least at first, so that you know exactly what each supplement is doing and whether it is helping.

c. Which food approaches that will allow you to get the effect you are looking for.  For some people certain nutritional values of foods can help set the stage for lucidity.  This may provide an alternative for those who want to go a more natural route than supplements.

Supplements may not directly induce full control, but they can increase the number of dreams you have, their length, and their vividness.  This certainly sets the stage and gives you perhaps the best possible chance for learning how to induce lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dream Induction Masks

Lucid dream induction masks differ in quality and features, but they all revolve around a simple concept: Your eyes move while you are dreaming (thus the name “rapid eye movement” for that phase of sleep), and the mask picks up on that and flashes light or makes sounds or both to signal you that you are not awake.  Many people have reported that lucid dream induction masks work well and give them a signal that they have been preparing for and thus reminds them they are dreaming.  These masks have been available for quite some time, and if you are looking for one you need to carefully compare both features and price.  You also should try to find some independent reviews online at forums or at stores that publish both positive and negative reviews.

Keep in mind that merely using a mask when learning how to induce lucid dreaming is not enough.  Your techniques are still the most important thing.  But in this case you need to add to your techniques and instead of merely asking yourself if you are dreaming or looking for signs you also need to add in the features of the mask – in other words look for blinking lights or certain sounds as you ask yourself whether you are awake or while you look for signs.  These aids can help a lot while you are learning how to induce lucid dreaming but they cannot do all the work, and it’s not as simple as just putting on a mask and hoping for results.

You can combine the use of a mask with using the supplements or music listed above.

Our Store for Lucid Dream Induction Aids

Our Lucid Dream Induction Store has hand-picked products from a reputable dealer that can help magnify your techniques, including several lucid dream induction aids.  Lucidity is natural and attainable without anything you might buy in a store, but our products might just help you increase your chances a little.  Our store includes:

a. Lucid dream induction supplements such as those covered above and others, including some mixtures of different dream control herbs that can help you learn how to induce lucid dreaming

b. Books that are authoritative about dream control, many of which have been around for a while and have sold many copies

c. Lucid dream induction devices that can signal you while you are in the dream state, more expensive than the above but potentially more powerful too

Of course the most important factor in learning how to induce lucid dreaming is following solid techniques, and of course we offer tips and advice here at the site.  But this is an important point to make and consider, because even though the above lucid dreaming induction aids can help make it more likely that your techniques will work, none of them by themselves will create lucidity.  You will need to decide first whether you will pursue wake-induced or sleep induced paths, and then choose those techniques that fit the type and seem to be the ones that you can follow.  You will then need to spend some time following those techniques closely and spend the energy making them work.  Only then will the aids listed here work.

Perhaps you will spend time asking yourself if you are in a dream so many times that the question carries over into your sleep world.  Or maybe you will stop many time each day to look for signs until finally you look and realize that you are actually in a dream.  This will turn out to be the key to actual lucidity, and unless you are doing all of this the above aids will not work as well as you want.  But then again, if you do use supplements, music, or a mask in combination with excellent techniques you may find your path easier and smoother, and that will be the best of both worlds.

How to Induce Lucid Dreaming: Conclusion

These are just some resources we offer to help anyone interested in learning how to induce lucid dreaming realize that goal.  Again, the information and advice you will find here at this website should be enough to help you attain lucidity, and thus we feel that this exciting possibility can be a free hobby.  However, some people do want to increase their chances or more quickly resolve a dry spell, and the above resources regarding each lucid dream induction method might help.  We are here to give you the best chance at lucidity, and a combination approach may provide just that.  And again, we cannot mention enough the fact that solid techniques will always be the key to success.  Make sure that any of the aids listed above are only meant to augment your techniques.

Please come back and share your lucid dream induction stories if you try any of the above successfully and they helped you learn how to induce lucid dreaming.

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