Lucid Dreaming Tips

Lucid Dreaming Tips for Beginners

The following lucid dreaming tips are offered to both the novice and advanced practitioner.  Whether you already know how to lucid dream or are just starting out on your journey, these lucid dreaming tips and tricks might prove helpful.  Some lucid dream tips can be used if you are stuck, others if you are changing techniques, and still others if you are just trying to learn how to attain lucidity for the first time.’

Top Lucid Dreaming Tips

Use lucid dreaming supplements

We start our lucid dream tips with some information about supplements that are becoming more popular with those trying to attain lucidity.  In general, as far as lucid dreaming supplements go, beware.  There are herbs and other home remedies that can help you achieve longer and more vivid experiences, but no supplement can help you learn how to have lucid dreams.  Thus the name “lucid dreaming supplements” is actually a misnomer since in actuality these supplements are “dream enhancing” but not inducing.  It’s okay to use supplements to enhance the experience or perhaps to get you out of a rut, but not for everyday use that makes them a necessity.  So we sum up the first of our lucid dreaming tips thusly: It’s okay to use supplements to enhance your experiences with supplements or maybe to use them when you are in a particular rut.  But it is not good to come to depend on them.

Vary your techniques

It is absolutely okay to deviate from your usual techniques and routine, and in fact our next of our lucid dream tips suggest that variety  is good.  If you routinely practice wake-induced lucid dreaming techniques, it is fine to switch to dream-induced techniques (DILD) for variety or when you have a slowdown.  Learning how to have lucid dreams takes practice and patience, and this second of our lucid dreaming tips can give you the best chance for a wide variety of experiences and success.  You may be having success with one method already, but it may not work forever, and you may find even more success with something else.  And also keep in mind that a combination of WILD and DILD techniques can help you have lucidity at different times of night or even during naps as well.

Vary your dream signs

Our third of our lucid dreaming tips is similar to our second, and it involves the dream signs you will use as a trigger to know you are aware in your dream.  We suggest you switch lucid dream signs every so often, adding new ones to your repertoire.  If you routinely use the technique of looking in the mirror many times per day (because when you do this in your dream you will be distorted), use the technique of looking at your hands many times instead (since hands will usually be distorted in dreams).  Varying your dream signs can help bring new power to your routine, and new options to use during the daytime techniques to enhance your chances.  Keep in mind that you can also pursue several different dream signs at the same time – you can look for two or more of these special signs throughout your day, not focusing specifically on one but instead developing a well-rounded repertoire for yourself.

Use lucid dream music

We have a variety of lucid dreaming tips related to music.  This is because there is a variety of lucid dream music out there.  We start with the most commonly known induction music, which plays soft instructions under soothing music.  This type of thing can work to help you relax and enter a perfect state for lucidity.  Then there are some ways to induce lucidity that were designed by science, including binaural beats which can be played under music and put you in a very relaxed state.  Finally there is music with subconscious instruction under it.  What are our lucid dreaming tips with regard to all of these musical possibilities?  We suggest, as with supplements, that you try them when you already have techniques that work but you want to deepen the experience, or when you are in a rut.  It’s not advisable to get hooked on this as a necessary part of your experience.

Share lucid dreaming tips with a partner

The next of our lucid dreaming tips is to use a partner in your pursuit of lucid dreams.  It can be very motivating to have one or more people pursuing a common goal together, sharing what worked well and where they need help.  This can keep you motivated and engaged, wanting to contribute and show that you have the same motivation as everyone else.  Of course you may want to have certain rules since the dream content itself may be quite personal, but aside from that it can be helpful to share and learn your craft together with others.  Online forums provide one source of support, or you could choose people in your life who you would enjoy working with instead.  One way or another this one stands out among our lucid dreaming tips as one that may be a fit for some but not others.

Share lucid dream tips and stories

We hope that people will share their lucid dreaming stories with others, especially to those who are or they think might be interested in learning.  Our other lucid dreaming tips have to do with how to help yourself with this process, but this one is designed to help others stay motivated and focused.

Most important of these lucid dreaming tips: Do not give up

Lucid Dreaming techniques do not take much time and are quite easy to do.  They can become a part of your daily routine without subtracting at all from everything you need to do and the quality of your work, social, and family lives.  Therefore there is no reason to give up too early.  Thus the seventh in our series of lucid dream tips is to stay with it and don’t give up.  The rewards of learning how to have lucid dreams are incredible, and while some people it takes longer to achieve this goal, most will reach it with time and patience.  Stick with your lucid dreaming techniques, or vary them, but stay with it for  a long time.  You will be quite happy you did!  If any of you reading this were tempted to give up but stuck with their efforts please let others know in the contact form below – this can be quite motivating to others.

These are just a few lucid dreaming tips to enhance your techniques, get out of a rut, or learn a new way to approach in order to learn how to have lucid dreams.  Often all it takes is a renewed energy and focus on the routines you are already doing, and many times things will resolve anyway.  We will continually build this page with more lucid dreaming tips and tricks that will enhance your chances as time goes on.

Other Lucid Dream Tips

While the above are the more general lucid dreaming tips we wanted to offer, there are shorter and more concise lucid dreaming tips that we also wanted to share, such as:

  • You can try using one dream-induced and one wake induced technique at the same time as long as they do not interfere with your sleep schedule and quality of sleep.
  • Keep a food journal and see what you ate when you had close calls or maybe vivid and frequent even if not lucid dreams
  • Go to a forum or two and see what direct advice people give as far as how they managed to have their first lucid dream experience
  • Keep trying no matter what you choose – do not give up too soon and instead add to what you are trying instead of giving up

Wikihow has an excellent article on lucid dream techniques as well, and conscious dreaming has an excellent page with excellent tips for dream control.


The above are lucid dream tips that may prove helpful as you learn and incorporate lucid dreaming techniques into your day-to-day life.  They are worth trying out all at once or one by one whether you are just starting out or have had lucid dreams but are hoping to have more, longer, or more vivid experiences.  None of these lucid dreaming tips alone would take the place of solid techniques, and of course the most important tip we can give is to work hard at this craft and truly incorporate it into your day.  Learning how to lucid dream is not easy but does take perseverance and time, but the above lucid dreaming tips can help you succeed faster.   Make sure you are keeping a journal so you can track which of these ideas works best and fastest, and how long you’ve tried at each one.

We hope that our readers will also share the lucid dreaming tips that helped them, or perhaps let us know which of them worked best and helped the most (and to be fair, which did not).  We will update and add to the list of lucid dream tips as we come across new advice and ideas, just as we continually update this whole website.  Best of luck with these lucid dreaming tips!


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