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Lucid dreams provide a wonderful way to have adventures and do things that are not possible while awake.  This blog will cover the very latest tips and tricks when it comes to lucid dreams, including how to techniques and new ways to enjoy dream control experiences. Our aim is to be a comprehensive website that remains completely free and will allow our readers to attain natural lucid dreams as soon as possible.  Learning how to have lucid dreams is not complicated, but there are certain specific tips and ideas that can help have lucid dreams sooner, or can make them last longer or be more vivid.

We hope that you will use our comprehensive pages to study lucid dreaming techniques and tips that will assist you on your journey. This blog will augment our pages by providing up-to-date new lucid dreaming techniques and news from the dream control world. We will also be sure to update our pages as major new advancements are made.  We might provide information and reviews of certain aids that can help promote lucid dreams, or relay information about new research that has been done regarding lucid dreams.

Lucid Dreams Topics

While our main site will provide more general topics in-depth, this lucid dreams blog will explore more detailed and specific topics.  Here are just a few examples of the more specific information and advice you can find in this blog:

  • Lucid Dreaming Mask provides information about a device that can detect when you are in REM sleep and signal you with a light or sound.  This has been reported to help trigger lucid dreams and can work well with many of the techniques you have learned.
  • Lucid dreams research explores some of the research that has gone into lucid dreams from the earliest pioneers to the latest experiments.  You may find this post motivating because it explores the science behind lucid dreams.
  • Lucid Dreams To Do List this post goes over some of the activities and adventures that you may not have thought of when you achieve lucidity.  This is great for the more advanced lucid dreamer but also motivating to those just starting out.
  • Lucid Dreaming Advice gives specific hints to those who are looking to improve their experiences or have lucid dreams for the first time.  These are posts where we hope others will add their own advice in the comments section

Our goal with this blog section is to provide in depth coverage of specific topics and ideas that relate to lucid dreams and lucid dreaming.  The overall goal of this website is to bring you practical and easy advice that can help you learn how to lucid dream, and we will use this blog format to fill in the details in a way that augments the information on  our pages.

Lucid Dreams Sharing

We hope you will participate on our blog about lucid dreams.  Reading stories from lucid dreamers like themselves can be very motivating when people are just learning this ability.  Also, we cannot possibly cover all the details and all of the possibilities when it comes to lucid dreams, so if you want to share a tip that others might find helpful we hope you will do so.  And we also welcome questions or suggestions for topics in this section.  What do you want to hear more about, or what topic have we left out?

At times we will use our blog to allow guest posts from experienced practitioners who want to share the lucid dreaming techniques that worked for them.  We may also allow guest posts in our blog from less experienced practitioners who want to share what worked in getting them started and their lucid dreaming stories.  Like the rest of our site, however, this blog will be fully independent and will not promote any product or paid service.

Lucid Dreams Categories

Our blog about lucid dreams is comprehensive so we have organized it into the following searchable categories:

  • Lucid Dreaming Aids: Supplements and products that have been found to enhance or promote dream control experiences.  We are not an affiliate site so we do not provide specific links to these products.
  • Lucid Dreams Basics: General information about the field of dream control, including tips and techniques that we explore in more detail her in this blog
  • Lucid Dreaming Techniques: Specific methods that can be followed to attain lucid dreams, and once you have been successful at that, these tips might help you have longer and more vivid lucidity.
  • Lucid Dreaming Advice: These posts give specific advice of some aspect of the techniques and methods used to have lucid dreams.
  • Lucid Dreaming: This category is more general than the others and covers lucid dreams and the experience of lucidity in a more basic way

Of course we also welcome you to browse the posts and check back often.  Again, the overall goal of our blog is to bring you more detail and specific information that may be exactly what you were looking for when it comes to your pursuit of lucid dreams.

We wish you the best of luck as you learn how to have lucid dreams, and we hope you will check in using our comments sections if you have advice for others or just want to relate your own story.  As we mentioned we are happy to hear about topics that you think we should cover in this blog as well.  Even after you begin to have lucid dreams we hope you will return to see whether the information and advice here can help you improve the experience of have them more often.

We will be updating this blog often so stay tuned!  Thanks for visiting our blog on lucid dreams!

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