Mugwort and Lucid Dreaming

Mugwort for Lucid Dreaming

Mugwort for lucid dreaming is lesser known than others but perhaps an up-and-coming lucid dreaming supplement.   Mugwort and lucid dreaming are frequently connected.  This plant started in Europe, Asia, Africa and Alaska, but has now spread to almost everywhere including the Unites States.  Mugwort is a very common plant, even considered invasive by many.  The plant seems  to favor less poor soils such as are found on the sides of roads and where there are many weeds.  You have probably seen mugwort at some point without knowing what it was and certainly without knowing how it could help induce lucid dreams.  We are here to help you use it to achieve dream control and to help you choose how to take it (smoking mugwort for lucid dreams may be the most common means, but there are other ways as well).

Mugwort and Lucid Dreaming

Mugwort has been used for centuries to induce lucid dreams and visualizations.  In fact, this particular lucid dreaming supplement was used almost worldwide in various festivals and rituals.  Mugwort for lucid dreaming is known to work quickly and effectively when taken before bed or before a nap.  Its main effect is inducing relaxation, making dreams more vivid and intense, and enhancing dream recall.  All of these factors line this plant up to be an effective promoter of lucid dreams.  As with the other plant we cover, wormwood herb does not directly induce dream, control, but it certainly sets the stage.  Use your regular lucid dreaming techniques and augment them with this plant and you may have a lucid dreams tonight!

The mechanism of action involved with Mugwort for lucid dreaming involves the active ingredient called thujone.  This ingredient is also called an aromatic oil.  Basically whether you are smoking mugwort for lucid dreaming and inhaling the thujone, using the oil as an inhaler, or taking a supplement, this ingredient has been said to improve dream recall and make dreams more vivid.  It is not an active ingredient that lasts very long, however, so you should take it in whatever form you want right before bed, or you might even wake up and begin smoking mugwort for lucid dreaming or having some wormwood tea.

How to Take Mugwort for lucid dreaming

The most common way people take this herbal remedy is by smoking mugwort for lucid dreams, but it can also be used in an herbal tea form or a carefully prepared capsule.  Mugwort for lucid dreaming as used in a tea is relatively easy to make on your own, though as with other lucid dreaming supplements we suggest that you have an herbalist help you the first time so you get the right dose. It is not commonly known whether it is okay to use it daily, though unlike other lucid dreaming supplements we cover it does not seem that any harm can come of that.  Whether you are going to be smoking mugwort or taking it as a tea, you should experience more vivid and memorable dreams.  You can also take Mugwort fro lucid dreams by wrapping the fresh ingredient in a pillow.  Some say that inhaling the scent can help you as much as if you were smoking mugwort for lucid dreaming or taking a supplement.

Combinations with Mugwort for lucid dreams?

As we’ve said with other lucid dreaming supplements we cover, we suggest that you do not take Mugwort for lucid dreaming in combination either with other of the supplements we list here, or in formulations that include other ingredients.  It is highly preferable to know exactly what any one lucid dreaming supplement will do for you before mixing it with something else.  After you have used it for a period of time and you know its exact effects, then you might add a complimentary lucid dreaming supplement if you’d like, but only if you are also very aware of the effects of that one.

There are also few side effects or interaction effects noted for Mugwort for lucid dreaming, and it is generally believed that you cannot get addicted to this particular plant. That said, you should note that if you decide that you will be smoking mugwort you should get advice about the effects of smoking the plant that may have more to do with the smoke than with the active ingredients in the plant.

This website covers a really interesting and promising way to use Wormwood – a “Mugwort Pillow

Cautions about Mugwort for lucid dreaming

Mugwort and lucid dreaming is not well-studied scientifically, so unless you are taking a pre-prepared supplement manufactured by a reputable company, you should be very cautious about its use.  If you are expert at growing and using your own herbal remedies that is one thing, but Mugwort is not something to just start growing and making your own supplements, tea, or herbal mixture for smoking.  There is just not enough guidance available to make this a DIY project unless you are quite expert at this type of thing.

The above caution also holds for using products in a way that is different from how they were designed, such as taking apart a capsule and making tea, or smoking tea leaves.  The safest way to use wormwood herb is to buy it pre-made and only use it in the way(s) that that mixture was intended.  And even then, we suggest you start taking mugwort for lucid dreams in the smallest dose listed, given that you want to be sure you are not sensitive to this herbal, and you want to see if you can get your desired effect with only a little of this active ingredient.

And of course, since there are plenty of choices as far as lucid dreaming supplements beyond just this one, do not continue with this one if it interferes with your sleep too much, or you experience any side effects at all.  Make sure your doctor has cleared you to take this lucid dreaming supplement, especially if you are on any prescription medications or have any pre-existing medical conditions.  Mugwort for lucid dreams is not known to have too many side effects, but any medication or medical condition can react negatively to a new supplement, even a safe and natural one like this.  Also, as we mentioned above, if you are going top be smoking mugwort for lucid dreaming make sure you get advice about how the smoke will affect you beyond the active ingredient effects.

Mugwort for lucid dreaming conclusions

Mugwort is very commonly listed as a lucid dreaming supplement and is worth a try if you are looking for something that is a little better known than some of the other lucid dreaming supplements we cover here.  This one is a little different because of all the possible ways to take it, which can add to the degree you must do your homework before trying it – how will you take and what are the potential effects and side effects of that method?  We look forward to hearing from you – please check back if you try mugwort for lucid dreams, our newest entry in our listing of lucid dreaming supplements.  While it is not as well-known as Calea Z or Galantamine, it is often easier to get and may be the answer for those who want to spend a little less.  We will continue to update this page and our blog with information about Mugwort and Lucid Dreaming.

Please let us and others know if you have been successful with Mugwort for lucid dreaming.

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