Supplements for Vivid Dreams

Supplements for vivid dreams can increase the chances that you will remember the dream itself, and may also directly promote lucidity.  The following three examples are supplements for vivid dreams that may be a great addition to your daily lucid dream routine.

Supplements for Vivid Dreams Listing

The following are supplements for vivid dreams that you can easily find in your neighborhood pharmacy or you can order online from places like Amazon.  Of course as always you should check with your medical practitioner before trying any supplement, and you should follow the instructions carefully.

Supplements for Vivid Dreams: 5-HTP

Our first of our supplements for vivid dreams is 5-HTP.  5-HTP is a supplement most commonly associated with a reduction in depression and anxiety.  It has been used for years for these and other purposes, but recently people have started to use it in the lucid dreaming community.  The reports are that 5-HTP seems to suppress dreaming, or REM sleep, early in the night, only to unleash many vivid and long dreams later on.  The reason may be that 5-HTP is giving you such a deep and restful sleep early that your more shallow REM sleep later on will end up making up for lost time!

Of course in order to experience these long, potentially lucid, and vivid dreams you have to make sure to take 5-HTP on a night where you will be able to sleep a full 7-8 hours in order to get the maximum effect.  In addition, 5-HTP may not work well with methods that involve waking your self up in the early morning and then lying back down to try to induce REM sleep and possible lucid dreams.  Finally, 5-HTP is an ideal supplement to take if you have used a dream journal or other method and now have great dream recall.

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Mixing 5-HTP with another one of our supplements for vivid dreams, Galantamine (see below), has been mentioned as a potent combination that can help induce lucid dreams and also increase the length and vividness of all dreams, though we suggest taking only one of these supplements at a time, at least at first, so you really know what is working.

Supplements for Vivid Dreams: Calea-Z

Calea zacatechichi is more commonly known as Calea Z and is a powerful “dream herb”.  This supplement is found mainly in Mexica, where shamans have been using it to induce altered states and visions for centuries.  Calea Z seems to make dreams more vivid and clear, and also may promote more dream states each night for the lucid dreamer.

One particular effect of Calea Z is that it increases dream recall, likely because it somehow makes the lucid dreamer wake up soon after having the dream, which works as a great recall enhancer.  Calea Z also promotes more periods during which lucid dreaming can occur, including earlier in the night, though the exact mechanism for that is unclear.

Drawbacks to Calea Z include leg-cramping and frequent awakenings.  Also, some people report that after using Calea Z they feel like they had many dreams but find themselves unable to remember any.  One positive about Calea Z is that unlike Galantamine, this member of our supplements for vivid dreams list can be taken with more regularity.

Supplements for Vivid Dreams: Galantamine

Galantamine may be the most powerful supplement there is when it comes to our supplements for vivid dreams, and also the production of longer and highly memorable dreams in general.  Used for centuries as a supplement that is a brain-booster and memory enhancer, this natural home remedy has also been known to help people remember their dreams and become self-aware while dreaming.

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Galanatamine is often taken by the lucid dreamer in the middle of the night so that it can have its maximum effect during REM periods of sleep.  It is often taken together with Vitamin B5 which seems to enhance its effect, especially on dream recall.  Many have reported that galantamine actually does not necessarily induce lucid dreams, but merely makes all dreams more vivid and memorable – still an important effect for the lucid dreamer.

One caution about Galantamine: Many suggest that this supplement only be taken up to two times each week, given that your brain can build up a tolerance to its effects.  Thus galantamine may be a very powerful supplement to take on occasion to have enhanced vivid dreaming experiences, but should not take the place of techniques you would use daily to enjoy the possibility of lucid dreams every night.

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Supplements for Vivid Dreams Summary

We have listed three potential supplements for vivid dreams above, and there may be others that would work for you.  As we mentioned, supplements for vivid dreams can increase your chances at having and maybe more importantly remembering your lucid dream experiences.  We hope you will use our comments form to describe your own experience with these or any other supplements for vivid dreams.

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