The Problem of Waking Up During the Dream

If there is one question that constantly comes up for usit is how to keep from waking up as soon as the excitement of being lucid in a dream hits.  Some feel that lucid dreaming supplements, by addind vividness to the dream, also make the possibility of waking up more likely.  There is no easy answer to correcting this problem, but one technique that seems to work is to mentally rehearse (and even use verbal affirmations) not getting too excited when you realize you are lucid in a dream.  Relatedly, it is good to practice moving slowly (not literally, but as far as what to do first) when you first realize you are lucid, as opposed to trying to run into an adventure right away.

Basically the problem of waking up during a lucid dream stems from our tendency to wake up when in a state of heightened arousal – it is a natural and protective reaction that would ensure that we would wake up if something urgent was going on around us.  Unfortunately for the novice just learning how to lucid dream, there is no easy way, beyond practice, to try to shut down our natural tendency to wake up when overly aroused emotionally while asleep.

The Lucid Dreaming Center coined the term “passive lucid dreaming” to describe the idea that a person can be fully lucid but still let their unconscious drive the content of the dream.  Given that there can be powerful and interesting meanings behind our dreams, being aware yet passive can be a way to learn more about your deep-seated hopes, fears, and desires.  Passive lucid dreaming can also be beneficial to the lucid dreamer who is just starting out on their adventure, since many have reported that when they get too excited and try to do too much too soon in their lucid dreams they invariably wake up much sooner than they would have liked.  It can also be good for those taking lucid dreaming supplements which make dreams very vivid and real.

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A passive lucid dream may feel a little like being Dorothy in Oz.  You are fully aware as you walk down a path, drive in a car, fly around, etc., but you have no idea what or who you will see or what adventures await.  Make sure you have your dream journal ready so that you can write down every detail!  The passive lucid dream experience can have many emotions – it may be scary, happy, or sad.  It may lead to strange things, or unexpected twists and turns.  But the passive lucid dream should accomplish two things: For the novice lucid dreamer the passive lucid dream should extend the lucid dreaming experience by correcting this problem of waking up, and for the more advanced lucid dreamer the passive lucid dream can unlock deeper meanings from their waking world.

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