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Lucid dreaming is natural and many people are able to achieve lucidity without much effort or through the use of certain tried and true techniques.  Yet even the most avid lucid dreamers can run into a rut at times, and for some the achievement of lucidity does not come quite as easily.  Enter lucid dreaming supplements which can be taken to enhance your chances at being successful.  It should be noted up front that even the best of the lucid dream supplements does not directly induce lucidity, but rather sets the stage for success by helping to create longer, more vivid, or more memorable dream states.

Some lucid dreaming supplements are products you know and can buy over the counter at your nearest pharmacy, such as choline, vitamin B, and 5-HTP.  Some lucid dream supplements are easier to get than ever because of internet shopping, but you may not have heard of them such as Calea Z and Galantamine.  And in still other cases you may be able to eat certain foods either during the day or before bed to get certain lucid dreaming supplements naturally.  There is no perfect lucid dreaming supplement – one that works better than all the rest – but rather each person responds differently and uniquely to each of the ones we cover.  You may need to try a few out to see which one works best for you.

You should be patient with your choices in lucid dream supplement.  Do not try a certain type and give up too soon.  In some cases you need to get used to things and there may be a positive but delayed effect.  And in other cases you may find that a certain lucid dream supplement has something of a delayed effect, somehow taking time to build up in your system before working well.  Also, we do not suggest combining your lucid dreaming supplements except perhaps through dietary approaches – you can change our diet to get certain nutrients, but we would suggest not taking a combination of actual supplements.

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About Us:

We hope to provide you with the latest information and advice about lucid dreaming supplements available to help you have and remember long and vivid lucid dreams.  An offshoot of the Lucid Dreaming Center, this site provides specific information about natural ways to enhance your chances at achieving lucidity.  Like our parent site, we are fully unbiased and independent, not here to sell you anything and we are not directly linked to any provider of lucid dream supplements.  We are truly here to help you have a lucid dream and enhance your dream control.

We provide this information about lucid dreaming supplements for free because we are hoping that more people will enjoy the wonder of dream control.  Often we get questions about where people can buy lucid dreaming supplements, especially the less common ones (Calea Z and Galantamine for example), but to stay independent we cannot help with this.  We also welcome the feedback of more experienced lucid dreamers or anyone who has tried any supplement and wants to report on how well it worked.

About Our Lucid Dreaming Supplements Website:

Our site contains the following pages about lucid dreaming supplements (navigation to the left or at the top of this page):

Buyer’s Guide gives you the information you need to buy the more rare lucid dreaming supplements such as Calea Z and Galantamine.  There are many different formulas and the quality of different preparations can vary widely.  In order to stay unbiased and independent we do not recommend any particular brand or store, but we do provide the information necessary to help you make the choice.

On Lucid Dreaming provides a general overview about dream control techniques whether or not you use lucid dreaming supplements.  Taking one of the supplements alone will not do the trick, unless you also follow any number of tried and true techniques.

– Our FAQ page has questions that people often ask about the use of lucid dreaming supplements, from the more common such as Vitamin B and Choline, to less common like Calea Z and Galantamine.  We want to proactively answer your questions, though that does not mean we won’t answer the ones submitted through the contact forms!

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The Complete List page provides a listing of the most common lucid dreaming supplements and a few that are a little less common.  Many people are surprised by the number of choices they have, and how common and easy to get some of them are.

Tips and Tricks provides helpful information on using these dream control aids for best results.

Disclaimer about lucid dreaming supplements:

It is important to always talk to your health care provider before taking any lucid dreaming supplements.  While all lucid dreaming supplements covered here are readily available at your local pharmacy or health food store, you should find out about any interactions these lucid dreaming herbal supplements might have with current medications you are on, allergies you have, and/or medical conditions you have.  This is true whether you are merely upping your intake of a common nutrient such as Vitamin B or Choline, or starting to take something less common like Galantamine or Calea Z.

Also, please keep in mind that it is better to begin to have lucid dreams using regular techniques before trying supplements.  You do not want to wonder if you need the supplement to have the lucid dream, or whether you would have dream control anyway.  Supplements are more likely to heighten or lengthen the dream control experience than create it.

Thanks again for visiting.  We will be adding content regularly, but only after thorough review of its effects on dream control.  Please also visit our parent site the Lucid Dreaming Center if you are generally looking to learn dream control techniques.  We wish you the best of luck in your journey, and hope we can be helpful.

Thanks for visiting!

In addition to our website, you can often find forums with actual lucid dreamers talking about lucid dreaming supplements.

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