Vitamin B-6

There are many lucid dreaming vitamins, but the most well known is likely Vitamin B6.  Of all the vitamins for lucid dreaming, B6 may be the most natural herbal lucid dreaming promoter.  It is no surprise that Vitamin B6 for lucid dreaming is often mentioned in various forums and other lucidity resources

Vitamin B6 and Lucid Dreaming

Vitamin B6 is part of the Vitamin B complex.  B6 is a vital supplement, important for brain function and red blood cell production.  You probably get enough of this nutrient through the foods you normally eat but for more vivid and memorable lucid dreams and better dream control you want to get even more.  Vitamin B6 for lucid dreaming, in other words, requires a higher dose than you might get naturally.

One way to get more lucid dreaming vitamin B6 in order to have more vivid and memorable dreams and possibly better dream control is to take supplements, which are readily available at any drug store or pharmacy.  You can also eat more food that are rich in this vitamin such as bananas, oranges, carrots, fish, chicken, eggs, and many beans.  You should be keeping track of your attempts at dream control, so in this case you should note exactly what foods you ate of lucid dreaming vitamins you took so that you can adjust things as necessary.

Will lucid dreaming vitamin B6 definitely help you achieve dream control?  It may not be a direct effect but taking vitamin B6 for lucid dreaming should get you closer to success.

Using Lucid Dreaming Vitamins like B6

How much lucid dream, Vitamin B6 should you take to have more vivid and memorable lucid dreams and better dream control.  That is really a question for your medical practitioner, but we can say that you can never get too much from actual foods.  If you do decide to take supplements make sure to follow the instructions since there is no need to take extra in order to find the vitamin B6 lucid dreaming connection.

We would actually suggest that you start with a low dose of this lucid dream vitamin to see what works for you.  You may even want to just start by eating some foods rich in Vitamin B6 before bed to see what effect you get.  If you want to try the actually lucid dreaming vitamin supplement again start with a reasonably low dose to see what effect you get, and only increase incrementally until you get the effect you are looking for.

Before you give up on this lucid dreaming vitamin make sure you alter when you take it, how much you take, and exactly what sources of this nutrient you use.  All of these changes might affect your success.

Vitamin B6 for Lucid Dreaming Dose

The vitamin B6 dose for lucid dreaming for lucid dreaming is actually quite easy.  Of course as with any supplement you own body chemistry and metabolism may mean that you need more or less than a normal dose, so any review of lucid dreaming and Galantamine dosing is not necessarily going to lead you to the uniquely perfect dose for you.  That said, we suggest that you start with a low dose in order to see whether you might experience side effects and to see if you can save money by not having to use as much while still getting the desired effect.  You will not just be taking this supplement (or any lucid dreaming supplement) in order to achieve success, but instead using this as part of a comprehensive approach.  You don’t need to rush into a higher dose, and instead can be slow and steady in trying lower doses first.

As far as Galantamine dosing when you are taking a supplement by mouth, you should note that the active ingredient will work almost right away and usually by one hour of taking it.  We mention this because this means you should be able to assess the effectiveness of your Galantamine dosing for lucid dreaming right away, without having to wait for it to build up.  It also is metabolized quickly and is out of your system by the start of the next evening, so you also do not have to wonder if is the previous dose or the one before that that is having an effect.

As a lucid dreaming supplement the recommended Galantamine dosing is 4 – 8 mg, and again we suggest you start at 4mg and work your way up slowly and only as necessary. Keep a journal – or if you are doing this anyway which is strongly suggested you can just add a section – and track the exact dose and your results.  Make sure you factor in everything else such as how tired you were, how long you slept, and how comfortable your sleeping arrangement was.  Other factors such as how much you were able to do your lucid dreaming techniques and your mood may play a part.  This way you can compare your lucid dreaming Galantamine dosing in the context of other factors.

Vitamin B6 and Lucid Dreams, Timing

We suggest that you take the proper lucid dreaming Galantamine dosing soon before you will enter REM sleep.  Given that it generally lasts for 7 hours or so, this means that taking it before bed is okay.  That said, many people have reported stronger effect when they take this lucid dreaming supplement in the middle of the night, closer to natural REM sleep when dreams occur.  Some who have certain side effects find that taking it in the middle of the night helps reduce their incidence.  Of course you should carefully track exactly when you take it as part of the journeling that is described above.

In summary you should be quite careful about your lucid dreaming Galantamine dosing, and pay attention only to advice that relates to the dose for lucid dreaming.  This supplement is made for many different uses and you need to focus in on your particular need.  Because you are taking this supplement for a recreational use you do not need to rush into a higher dose, and can work gradually and conservatively in order to find out what would work for you.  Keep in mind that good lucid dreaming techniques will always be the most important thing to do, and taking any supplement will be secondary.

We hope that you find this lucid dreaming supplement helps you achieve success, and that along the way you find the optimal lowest lucid dreaming Galantamine dosing.

Vitamin B6 and Lucid Dreaming Experiences

Galantamine and lucid dreaming experiences go hand in hand.  This supplement is very popular with those who are pursuing lucidity in their dreams, and it seems to set the stage well by making dreams more memorable.  Galantamine and lucid dreaming experiences are a common topic here, and we wanted to dedicate this particular post to describing the relationship and going over what others have experienced and you might expect.  Everyone’s experience will be different, but there are some things that many people typically do experience.

Galantamine and Lucid Dreaming Experiences Reported

Galantamine supplement may be a powerful way to increase your chances at lucid dreaming and to make the lucid dreams you have more vivid and longer.  The best proof of this concept would be lucid dreaming experiences reported from those who have tried this method.  We welcome the submissions of stories from our readers, including stories of dreams with and without Galantamine involved so that you can see what the effect of this particular lucid dreaming supplement was.  We also suggest that you go to forums and lucid dreaming blogs to see whether people report lucid dreaming stories when they took Galantamine.

We expect that lucid dreaming stories that are related to taking Galantamine will include longer, more vivid, and perhaps more exciting dreams.  We also expect that those who took Galantamine might have found that this supplement increased their chances of having, or at least remembering, their episodes of lucidity.  We may hear that people who had been in a rut were able to jump-start things with this supplement, and those who were just starting out and had had some close calls were able to get over the hump with its use.  We also expect that we might hear cautions from those who used it too much and found that with overuse it did not work as well.

Hearing lucid dreaming stories in general can be motivating of course, especially for those who are either just starting out or have only had short periods of success.  It can be great to hear about how different techniques and an overall motivation to work on this craft often actually pays off.  Hearing Galantamine and lucid dreaming experiences can also provide motivation about this particular method and can also give specific ideas about which techniques to pair it with and exactly how to use it moist effectively.

Your Own Galantamine and Lucid Dreaming Experiences

The information on this website, as well as the techniques and tips at our sister site The Lucid Dreaming Center may provide you enough information to know how to use Galantamine for lucid dreaming experiences.  We also invite you to look at forums and other places where advanced lucid dreamers share information and advice and see what Galantamine and lucid dreaming experiences they report.  Our goal is to help you on your path toward lucidity, and if this particular lucid dreaming supplement can help then that is a good thing.

For some this particular supplement will not be the perfect one, and you may turn to others such as Calea Z and Mugwort to help.  Others may try alternating different supplements for their attempts at lucidity.  The one thing we suggest that you do not do, at least at first, is combine different active ingredients for the same night.

We hope that those of you who use Galantamine for lucid dreaming experiences will report back through our comments section.  Or, if you’d rather send us some particular detail or information to publish, please feel free to contact us.  Our own readers may be the most motivating and best source of information for others who visit, so we hope you will share your own Galantamine and lucid dreaming experiences.

Galantamine and Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Galantamine and lucid dreaming techniques go hand in hand, which is the premise of this website.  This lucid dreaming supplement can set the stage for lucid dreaming by making your dreams more memorable, vivid, and perhaps longer.  People have been combining Galantamine and lucid dreaming techniques for some time now, and many feel it works well either as a boost when you have not had any lucid dreams for a little time, or to just have a night where you increase your chances.  An obvious question emerges when we discuss Galantamine and lucid dreaming and that is what the best technique is to pair with the use of this lucid dreaming supplement.  The short answer is that any technique that has worked for you or is comfortable and has shown promise is a good one to try.  The technique will be more important than the supplement anyway, and that is where your focus should be.  But we still want to give a little advice to those who may not have a favorite lucid dreaming technique.


Monitoring Glantamine

A thorough Galantamine review will help you understand how this lucid dreaming supplement can be beneficial to you.  If you are a practitioner of lucid dreaming you likely keep a dream journal of some sort, or at least you did until you were able to regularly remember your dreams.  Now that you are considering the addition of Galantamine to your lucid dreaming techniques, you should know how to do a Galantamine review that tracks your use of this supplement along with other factors; you need to know what changes and hopefully improvements this lucid dreaming supplement led to, and which ones were due to other factors.  This can both help you see whether this supplement is the right one for you, and also exactly how to use it most optimally.  The kinds of things to track when doing a thorough Galantamine review.  More specifically you should track

1. When did you take the supplement exactly, what time of day and how close to bedtime?  You will want to change this around unless you get an optimal effect your first time.  You might also want to try waking yourself up in the middle of the night or during the early morning hours and taking it.  But make sure you carefully track this in relation to how many dreams you could record, their length, and their vividness (the latter two are often easier to measure by rating them on a 1-10 scale)

2. What other supplements did you take.  This can include regular vitamins or other supplements you always take that have nothing to do with lucid dreaming, or specific lucid dreaming supplements (even though we do encourage you to only take one lucid dreaming supplement at a time, at least at first).

3. Add some notes about your diet, just the highlights that might point you toward other nutrients that ma have had an effect on your dreaming, or may have combined with your Galantamine to have an effect.  Dietary highlights might include noting what fruit and vegetables you had, what you ate the most of that day, and anything out of the ordinary about your diet.

4. What kind of day did you have?  Did you go to bed tired after a long difficult day, or did you have an easy day with little activity?  How stressful was your day that day?  These types of questions can generally be helpful in any lucid dreaming journal, but particularly when you are trying to track this lucid dreaming supplement.

5. Finally, make sure you track the length of sleep, time you went to bed, and other aspects of that particular night’s sleep.  This can also be helpful as you try to frame your sleep habits around lucid dreaming in general and perhaps Galantamine specifically.

These are the general things to track as part of your Galantamine review, or when taking any lucid dreaming supplement.  And if you decide that you will alternate Galantamine with another supplement, or perhaps that you will try very different techniques such as wake-induced and dream-induced, you need to very specifically track those changes too.  The goal is not just to see if this lucid dreaming supplement works for you, but how to maximize its effectiveness and make sure you are using it optimally.  You may also need to see whether it loses any effectiveness and may need a tweak or two to get back on track.

If you so choose it would be great to hear what conclusions your dream journals led you too when it comes to your own Galantamine review  in the comments section.  That may provide a short cut to others who are also trying this lucid dreaming supplement as far as using it effectively, or it may at least give others ideas as far as what to track.  Best of luck as you use a journal or other similar method for your own Galantamine review.

Vitamin B6 and lucid dreaming conclusion

Vitamin B6 is just one other way for you to make your lucid dreams more vivid, memorable, and exciting – just what you want as you embark on your lucid dreaming journey.

Thanks again for visiting and best of luck if you try B6 or any vitamins for lucid dreaming!  We will continue to publish more information about lucid dreaming vitamins that work, with a focus on Vitamin B6 for lucid dreams, so please check back.

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