Vitamins for Lucid Dreaming

There are some vitamins for lucid dreaming that are quite worth trying.  As opposed to the other supplements we cover here, when we talk about vitamins for lucid dreaming we are referring to those supplements readily available at your neighborhood pharmacy and in the food you eat.

Vitamins for Lucid Dreaming Example: Choline

One example of a vitamin for lucid dreaming is Choline.  One of the core lucid dreaming supplemenyts, Galantamine Hydrobromide, can for lucid dreaming be taken by itself or used with Choline.  You should start with 4mg Galantamine Hydrobromide, and if you are going to take it mixed with Choline there should be around 200mg of the latter.  This combination is best taken in the middle of the night since it can affect sleep cycles if taken too early, at least for some people. Then again, if you are someone who finds it very hard to fall back to sleep after waking up, you may need to take it before bed and that is fine. No matter what, however, make sure you initially take this combination on nights where it is not imperative to get eight hours of restful sleep since you do not know what its effect will be on you.

Taken only one or two times a week (any more any you could actually inhibit dreaming), Galantamine Hydrobromide and our example vitamin for lucid dreaming choline can magnify the effects of your lucid dreaming techniques and help you experience lucidity.  You should try it for a few weeks or even months to see if it does in fact help you experience more chances at lucid dreams.  If it does not, there are other lucid dreaming vitamins you can try instead, with or without Galantamine.

Lucid Dreaming Vitamins Tips

We wanted to list some helpful tips to using lucid dreaming vitamins.  The following may help augment your success:

  1. Lucid dreaming vitamins can be used for both dream-induced and wake induced lucid dreaming techniques (often referred to as DILD and WILD respectively).  But you may find that some specific lucid dreaming vitamins seem to help more with one than the other, and in many cases it may be that dream induced techniques work better.
  2. If you experience side effects from lucid dreaming vitamins there are many other supplements to try.  You might stick with one if they are mild and transient, but it is not necessary to do so if they are moderate of do not go away.
  3. Choose a product that has only that specific vitamin for lucid dreaming because buying mixed formulas can prevent you from knowing exactly what is working, and can prevent you from knowing whether you need to stop taking something specific if you have side effects.
  4. Choose when to use lucid dreaming vitamins wisely.  We suggest only using it once or twice each week, so you should choose which days carefully.  Maybe you did a great job using your techniques that day, or maybe you will be able to get a full night’s sleep.  One way or another choose the most optimal night and this might mean not planning too far ahead.
  5. It can help to keep a journal of what you ate, how tired you were, what techniques you used, etc.  This way you can narrow down what the effect from the lucid dreaming vitamin was and what the effect of other factors were.
  6. Make sure that you also do your lucid dreaming techniques even when you will not be taking this supplement.  Lucid dreaming vitamins can work very well, but remember that there will be many nights you will not take it, and you’ll want to develop techniques that work then as well.

Best of luck in using Lucid Dreaming Vitamins!

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