What is Lucid Dreaming Like?

Many will ask “what is lucid dreaming like?” when you tell them that you are working on achieving dream control.  Of course the immediate and easiest answer is that the experience of having a lucid dream is wonderful and amazing, and you might list some of the adventures that are possible.  Perhaps you will tell your own lucid dreaming stories, or relate a specific feeling you had when you first learned lucidity.   Your motivation will likely be to encourage others to have the same experience, whether because you want to share the wonder or have partners to enjoy the experience with and compare notes.  One way or another you’ll probably be very excited to answer the question “what is lucid dreaming like?”

But what about a more detailed answer, perhaps the person asking what is lucid dreaming like wants details or wants to understand the experience from a feeling perspective.  In this post we cover those types of answers.

World of lucid dreaming has a great description of what lucid dreaming feels like and Quora has a nice Q&A where people thoughtfully answered about their feelings while lucid dreaming.

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What is Lucid Dreaming Like: Details

To answer “what is lucid dreaming like” objectively you will give details about your experience.  You may describe how fanciful your surrounding were, how things changed in ways that would be impossible in your waking life, and the distortions that often happen in dreams.  You might refer back to your own dream signs and describe how you could not make out your reflection, or how people kept changing into different people.  Perhaps you will describe how scenes would come and go, and how you were able to do superhuman things like jumping very high or flying.  You could even get into more detail and talk about themes that popped up repeatedly.

Many people enjoy describing the benefits of lucid dreaming and that could also lead to answers to the question “what is lucid dreaming like?”.  You might describe how you overcame a fear, or how you were able to talk about something you have trouble talking about.  On the other hand, some people will want to hear about things that may be scary or off-putting, so you could describe any negative characters you have encountered, or challenges you’ve faced.  One way or another the answer to the question might include a list of details of the experience that helps the person understand what the experience might be like.

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What is Lucid Dreaming Like: Feelings

Perhaps what the person really means is “What does lucid dreaming feel like?” and in that case the answer might be a little different.  They may want to know what the experience is from an emotional point of view, or a physical sensation perspective.  If so you could describe how you felt when you realized you were lucid in your dreams, and the emotions that followed as you progressed during the period of lucidity.  You could probably describe everything from scared feelings when dreams went that way, to excited feelings when you did something that would be impossible in your awake life.  You could talk about how you challenged your fears or helped yourself feel better about something by controlling your dreams.

You might also describe how your body felt during the dream – did you feel lighter or heavier, and did you feel more flexible and free?  You could describe each sensation and how it felt – how your vision and hearing were different perhaps.  Describing not only the details within the dream but your own sensations and feelings rounds out the answer to the question “What is lucid dreaming like?”.

What is Lucid Dreaming Planning Like

Once you have begun to see what lucidity is like you will find yourself thinking more and more about your next potential experience, what you can do to more effectively induce lucidity and stay within your dreams for longer, and how you might interest others in this art.  In other words, thinking about lucid dreaming brings on lucidity, and that in turn makes people think even more about lucidity.  This all becomes a positive cycle leading to more and more dream experiences.  In fact, excitement about lucid dreaming provides a lot of motivation and then the fact that it can directly lead to even more experiences is an added bonus.  This is one reason why we often suggest that people find lucid dream partners in their waking lives.

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What is lucid dreaming like as an interest

Many people find themselves longing for sleep and the potential to have lucid dreams as they go about their day, though in many cases this is tempered by the fact that it can be exciting and thought-provoking to wonder about the experiences and take the day times to think about how to make it better.  You might also use the days to practice new techniques, go on forums and other sites where you can share you own lucid dreaming stories and hear others, and research whether here or elsewhere new possibilities.  When people ask “what is lucid dreaming like?” they are likely expecting an answer that has to do with the nighttime experience, but you might also want to describe how this art affected your days as well!

Why your answer to “what is lucid dreaming like” is important

Of course the main reason your answer to the question “what is lucid dreaming like” is that it can motivate you to learn new techniques and find new companions that will join you in your lucid journeys.  It is a great question to ask yourself as you consider switching from wake-induced to dream-induced techniques, for example.  It is also a great question to ask if you have started your adventure with a parter or group, or you belong to an online forum.

All in all, your answer may help motivate people who are just starting out and trying lucid dreaming techniques.  They may also motivate new people to try them in the first place.  And finally, for those who are a little more experienced these conversations can be a great way to compare notes and perhaps learn a few things.  So prepare your answer, should anyone ask, to the question “What is lucid dreaming like?”

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